Web technologies every web developer must be aware of in 2020

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Web technologies every web developer must be aware of in 2020

Web Development is not an easy task as it contains numerous techniques and rules that every professional web development team and web development agency should be aware of before even start working on any project. Nowadays, developing any website or application is done with 3 primary languages – CSS, Javascript, and HTML. And although they may seem complicated, a clear realization of the procedures and web technologies, it becomes very simple.

So read this article to know about the latest web technologies that can make your understanding of these things a little easy.

Web Technology

Web technologies are the markup languages and other multimedia packages that are required by computers to communicate. And as of now, these are one of the most important aspects of modern technological developments.


Browsers are the solution for internet users to quench their thirst for knowledge. The browser takes the necessary information to initiate a search from the user and shows all the relevant results present on the internet. Some popular browsers are

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox


Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is the language of the documents that are meant to be viewed through the internet. This language is what the browsers use to start an online search and show results.
Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is used for styling an HTML page through elements like text effects; image hover effects, page transitions, and many more.

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Web Development Frameworks

These frameworks are the initial items that developers use to get rid of the simple tasks so that they can concentrate on the main work.

Angular – It is a newer framework that aimed at developing dynamic web apps. With this, a professional web development team can make a front-end based application very easily without involving any other framework or plugin. It contains features like MVC architecture, code generation, code splitting, and many others.
YII – It is an open-source performance-optimized framework created in PHP5. Compared to other frameworks, it is relatively easy to use and contains some excellent tools for app testing and debugging.
Ruby on Rails – This is a server-side website technology for easy and fast web development. It has some great features like code-reusability and is used by many popular websites like Ask.fm, 500px, Basecamp, etc.
Meteor JS – Written in Node.js, it allows the creation of real-time web applications. It is an isomorphic open-source JavaScript framework that results in shorter loading time for webpages and uses fewer lines of codes than usual.
Zend – Another PHP based open-source framework. Although still under development, it is used for creating reliable and secured web services and applications by professional web development teams.
Express.js – A Node.js developed framework is used by those opting for faster app and API development. These are done with great features along with several plugins and are a favorite of any professional web development agency.
Django – Written in Python, it is one of the most well-known frameworks following MVC architecture. Simpler than other frameworks, it allows easy app development with tools like ORM, Models, templates, etc.
Lavarel – Another PHP developed framework is used for small websites and includes great features like MVC support, Artisan, database migration, etc.

What to choose for website development: a framework or CMS? Read the article about the advantages and disadvantages of frameworks and CMS.

Programming Languages

These languages are used in computer systems to produce the desired outputs. Some of the most known languages are:

Python – It is a high level interpreted language that focuses on code readability. It is easy for programmers to use Python because it is garbage-collected and dynamically typed. Several types of programs like structured, functional, and object-oriented can be created through this language.
JavaScript – It is one of the core languages of the internet sector as it is a part of interacting web pages and is used in many internet applications. It has features like dynamic typing, prototype-based object-orientation, first-class functions, and curly-bracket syntax.
Ruby – A user-friendly and easy language; it uses readable shortcodes resulting in high productivity than other languages. Good for amateurs, to begin with, it is mainly popular for its amazing framework and is used by every other new web development agency.
PHP – Short for Personal Home Page, it is a scripting language mainly used for web development. Used by internet biggies like Wikipedia and Facebook, it is also used by WordPress for WYSIWYG editors.
Elixir – Inspired by Erlang, Elixir started in 2011 and became an instant hit. Running on BEAM, it is used by companies like Discord, Pinterest, and Bleacher Report and any other reputed web development agency.
Go – Designed at Google; it is a new language that is statically typed. It is a fast language with features like garbage collection, memory safety, and structural typing.
Scala – Short for Scalable Language, it is a take on rewriting Java and is compiled to run on the JVM or Java Virtual Machine. A complex language, it is used by Twitter, LinkedIn, and The Guardian.

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They are the instructions to make information transfer smooth between devices and computers are called protocols. Some important protocols are:

HTTP – This protocol enables a website to reach the browsers. It asks for the sites from Google servers and then looks for a response regarding the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS of those websites.
REST – Generally used for API, this protocol helps the exchange of information between devices with methods like POST, PUT, and GET.
DDP – It is responsible for website updates without refreshing a browser by using WebSockets to establish a stable connection between the server and the client.


Application Programming Interface or API‘s function is to let developers use the functionalities of some applications without code-sharing.  A professional web development team exposes the endpoints while API uses an API key to control access. Websites like Google and Facebook have good APIs. 

Data Format

Data format refers to the stored data in a structure. Some data formats are:

XML – Extensible Markup Language or XML, it is mainly used by the systems of Microsoft and was one of the most reputed data format recommended by any reputed web development agency.
JSON – JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is used for exchanging or storing data and is the most famous data format nowadays.
CSV – CSV or Comma-Separated Values is another data format where commas are used to format data.

Client (or Client-side)

The user of an application is referred to as the client. They can also be mobile, laptops or computers. Generally, an app stored in a server is used by many clients at the same time.

Server (or Server-side)

Servers are used for storing application codes. Whenever a client requests a server for these codes, the server collects information regarding these requests before delivering the outputs.


Web technologies are evolving rapidly, and therefore learning new things for staying on the same tracks with this fast development is important. Although this may be a little hectic or hard adapting to these internet development processes, with the right kind of web technological tutorial, it becomes easy. And so every professional web development team must take full advantage of these modern technological advances at every instance possible.
The knowledge about web technologies are important also for business owners who use modern web technologies for business purposes.

We hope this article will help you to understand web better. To get qualified assistance for your web project you may contact F5 Studio experts.

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