Why Vue.js the right application development framework for your next project?

By Roman Berezhnoi July 2, 2020 958 views

Why Vue.js the right application development framework for your next project?

Vue.js is undoubtedly the best progressive JavaScript framework that helps build user interfaces while designing an app.
It is a flexible technology that web app developers can use to build the web application without using a lot of resources.
It is easily adaptable to web app development that allows F5 Studio specialists create the great solutions for businesses.

An interesting fact about Vue.js is, it’s not backed by any high-tech company but is created and maintained by the community. The core library of Vue.js focuses the view layer by default. But Vue.js can be used with a different architectural approach like the Component Based Architecture (CBA) used in React. The view layer technology makes it easy to integrate into all the existing projects. That is why Vue.js is an ideal choice if you are building both SPAs (single-page applications) and server-rendered (multi-page) applications. It works well when combined with modern tools.
Let’s have a look at Vue.js

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Why should you consider Vue.js in your next project?

  • Supports flexibility. Vue.js framework is highly flexible and scalable. This means that the app developers can use it for huge projects, modular single-page applications, and also for small projects. In simple words, it can be anything the developers want it to be. When developers include animations in their apps, Vue.js offers flexible API, with seamless transitions between views. Vue 2.0 brings a lot more flexibility with transitions, as transition and animation enhance user experience.
  • Allows seamless integration with multiple apps. Vue.js is ideal for building single page application and also ideal for integrating with existing multi-page applications that are server-rendered. It can be easily “dropped in” to the pages of the apps for seamless integration. Along with integration, Vue.js offers a platform of modern features such as code-splitting, bundling, and also tree-shaking. Developers can also use Vue for sprinkling some interactivity on top of the existing pages.
  • Enables prototyping without any advanced skills. With Vue.js, developers can easily start writing components in pure CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. For less experienced developers, such an approach makes it easier to write code and prepare some simple working prototypes. Vue.js also offers an out of the box amazing graphical user interface known as Vue UI. Using it, developers can easily set up an app and configure it with various popular features. It offers various plugin technology, which allows developers to integrate libraries as easily as it could be.
  • Provides handy conventions. Developers imply a lot of time and resources while writing boilerplate code. Vue.js avoids this kind of hefty and time taking work. It provides developers with a lot of built-in solutions and various effort-saving conventions. All these conventions help support animations, composing components, and state management and do the entire job quickly.
  • Provides future proof solutions. Modern web apps require huge maintenance costs after they have been deployed. But Vue.js makes it easy; it makes the app updating process simpler and easy. With Vue.js, after the developers have built and deployed apps, they need not worry about bug fixation, updating new features, and staying up-to-date with other improvements. Additionally, Vue-based projects will not need refractor quickly, which may freeze the precious resource of the apps.
  • It is developer-friendly technology. Vue.js was built keeping in mind the requirements of developers. It imbibes various tools and technologies that make building apps and software easy and simple. Vue-CLI is a living example of it. CLI stands for Command Line Interface, it is a handy tool, and it makes starting a new project easy by using a developer’s choice of tools. It also makes it easy to configure, run, test, and analyze a new project easily. Vue-GUI (Graphical User Interface) is an awesome tool that helps developers get started with any new project without going deeper into typing hefty cryptic commands into the terminal.
  • Vue.js is performant and size efficient. The apps developed under Vue are smaller in size; therefore, they are very quick to load and use comparatively lower bandwidth. Such apps are typically more performant in comparison to other apps built in other frameworks. Vue.js, on its own, takes care of various optimizations; it, therefore, makes tweaking an app a lot more simpler. With Vue, developers no longer need to worry about bringing changes in the deployed application as it grows. This simply means that Vue is scalable.
  • Progressive in nature. When developers are stuck with an app for the need of a performance boost, they can rewrite it in Vue to boost its performance. This can only be done due to Vue’s progressive nature. Its framework can be stepwise introduced into the codebase. It eliminates the need to rework the whole thing in one go. Developers can proceed with the component by component to make the whole endeavor easily manageable with Vue.
  • Compact ecosystem. Vue.js is a framework maintained by a community. It is not owned by biggies such as React and Angular. React was built by Facebook and Angular by Google. Vue.js, therefore, does not have a large community as compared to them. Vue.js itself comes with major packages, such as, Vuex and VueRouter, these packages are deeply integrated with Vue and without which it is impossible to build a major project.
On the big monitor on table we can see how web developer use JS code and icons to create UI of web development

Vue.js vs. Angular.js vs. React.js Stats Comparison

React.js is widely popular, all thanks to its creator “Facebook,” but on the contrary, in the past three years, Vue.js has seen the biggest leap in its number of fans, or say, users. The percentage has tremendously increased by 20% in the past 3 years, and it seems like the users are never going to quit using it. All because of its high user interface satisfaction rate. Among the top three frameworks, the number of users who do not want to continue using it is the lowest. Also, the number of developers who have heard about it and want to use it is the highest amongst all three frameworks. Undoubtedly, React has the largest number of users, but if you look at the basic stats, the entire scenario gets different. At Github, the repository of Vue.js has more than 146000 stars, Angular has more than 50000 stars, and React has more than 134000 stars. Stars indicate the number of people who are satisfied deeply with the functioning of these frameworks. Vue.js is just at the initials of its expansion, and yet many big companies such as GitLab, Adobe, and IBM have already adopted Vue.js for their products and app development.

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Final words for Vue.js

Vue.js framework is developing very dynamically and aggressively. It has suppressed React’s growth and is on the path of success by overpowering Angular as well. It has certainly gained devotees for long-term relationships, all thanks to its easy and simple framework and usability. The framework is extremely simple and flexible, hence meets everyone’s requirements. It is much wider in scope as compared to other frameworks. Vue 3.0 version is soon to be launched in the market that ensures several gifts for the developers and project owners.

In the end, to sum up, everything, let’s do a brief recap. Vue.js is a developer-friendly framework. It makes deploying an app quickly, which is seamless, with no glitches and smooth functioning. It has a ton of useful tools and libraries, a rock-solid community of devotees and an out of the world toolset. It is not based on the same technology as its counterparts and is meant only for developers’ satisfaction.
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