How much does ecommerce website development cost?

By Roman Berezhnoi April 21, 2020 1.58K views

How much does ecommerce website development cost?

E-commerce platforms have recorded great popularity in growth over the last decade. With this increasing pace, online sale is expected to jump only higher without looking back. An e-commerce site is an essential technology that would capitalize on the sales growth for online retailers.

How to choose right budget for ecommerce development team to get quality e-shop? First, you should know about a website development agency‘s process and approaches. it is really important information, because these things a significantly influence the cost of website development, maintenance, SEO and marketing.

Budget and Payment

E-commerce development pricing is the first and foremost thing that no business can afford to miss. Whether you run an already established business or you are beginning with a small business, the right information about the pricing and payment must be known to you.

Some platforms charge a fair amount of monthly cost and you can weigh the pros and cons to decide the platform that fits your needs. You must also consider the payment options available to your customers. However, if any such platform denies the payment via the third party, your customers might end up abandoning you for the severe inconvenience caused.

Many popular ecommerce platforms are free. But you need to pay for web development, customizations, plugins, extensions. You can learn about top ecommerce platforms from F5 Studio web specialists view. Do you plan to start from small e-shop? You can learn more about WooCommerce benefits for startups.

Basic needs of a website

Before we reach the approximate cost for an e-commerce site rightfully, it is important to understand your business terms and your expectations or demands from a new website.

If your industry boasts greater requirements, e-commerce website development will take more time to finish the work and thus, the price will be higher.
In many cases business owners have no expectations because they have the  insufficient knowledge about the technical side of ecommerce websites and platforms. It is difficult to get the information on ecommerce platform from forums or social media groups. That is why we recommend to contact experts because they have the experience.
You can start from the estimate of your business volume:

  • Small business. If you plan a limited range of products, a small customer base, and no intention to expand in the near future, it’s better to keep things simple. There are many possibilities to design your e-store investing not so much.
  • Mid-size business. If you plan a decent range, an average customer base and you consider increasing your sales in the future, it’s better to search for solutions that can help you to reach your goals. You will need to have robust features and advanced functionalities and might require implementing a few plugins or extensions. Also you have to take into account the cost needed for custom web development.
  • Enterprise business. If you plan a wide range of products, a large customer base and you’re well-established in the market you need to choose a perfect solution. This solution should provide scalability, manage large inventories, unlimited categories, multiple sales channels, and product attributes. Enterprise store development requires a considerable budget and professional developers.

A man is using the laptop to create ecommerce website that based on readymade template

A view on cheap websites

A cheap website will always be an option for someone but don’t fool yourself by making it your choice. The cheap tag of the site itself is sufficient to reflect the resources, time, and effort put into its development. It is experienced that a cheaper website moreover fails to engage the visitors and fails to turn them into a list of paying customers. The poor effectiveness of the website makes the business look cheap eventually.

Some DIY platforms are great for a small business or any individual running the business but its downsides cannot be avoided by a glance.

However, professional e-commerce website development meets the goal ultimately and succeeds in attracting a good number of visitors and converting them into potential customers by a great deal. In result you will save money and reduce the cost to market your business.

So, in many cases, spending a bit more money means saving yor money.

Essential addressing of a website

Before we dive into the development part, let us learn about some of the essential addressing for a website.

  • If your site doesn’t have any domain name currently, you can visit registers like GoDaddy, etc.
  • A dedicated hosting environment is a necessary requirement for your website so that it can be accessed by others. You would need to pay something between $700 to $2,000 per annum which promises an inclusive service of server maintenance and site backups.

The cost of the ecommerce development

F5 Studio website development agency provide ecommerce development services, so we gathered some useful information to share with you.

Website Designing

It is important to focus on web designs because it grabs the attention of your visitors and engages as well as encourage them to convert into clients. The color palettes, graphic design, layout, navigation, etc. make the website fully responsive from the user’s end. It contributes a great way to the overall e-commerce website development cost.

Of course, you can choose ready-made themes to save money. But these themes don’t take into account the characteristics of your business. So, it is better to invest money in customization. But it is better to choose professional UI/UX design services. Is it very expensive? No, it isn’t.

The cost can range from $250 to $25,000 depending on the design’s complexity and your requirements. Also, web designers can use special approaches to lead the customers’ loyalty and boost sales.

The image symbolizes a bunch of products before checkout page on the ecommerce wensite

Ecommerce functionality development cost

Usually, ecommerce functionality makes the greatest cost of an online store. An ecommerce website should provide the latest, efficient, interactive functionalities to navigate and interact with the website easily.

These functionalities demand extensive programming and thus only bigger budgets can sustain the design and development of these features. That is why it is cost-effective to use an ecommerce platform.

Professional web development agencies help business owners to choose the right platform.

Ecommerce platforms offer various solutions and can be applied to your online store. But, in any case, you will need additional functions. That is why development companies create extensions or modules for ecommerce platforms and sell these modules. It allows you to implement functions for a much lower price than you could build on your own.

You need to check what extensions are available before you hire a web developer to write custom code. Quite often extensions are incompatible with certain online stores.

Professional web development agencies always evaluate extensions for effectiveness, security, features, and integration before advising them to our clients.

The cost of functionality development can range from $1,000 to $70,000 without the cost of 3d party plugins or extensions.

Ecommerce fulfillment cost

Ecommerce fulfillment cost is a part of a total ownership cost. They include basic expenses such as inventory receiving, order picking and packing, storage, shipping, and returns. Fulfillment services can be outsourced or done via self-fulfillment.

In any case, you need to pay for the integration of these services on your ecommerce website.

The cost of integrations depends on an ecommerce platform and partners. For example, some ecommerce platforms use built-in payment systems like PayPal.
Usually, the cost of fulfillment integration can be from $100 to $4,000.

Analytics tools integration

Web tracking tools allow you to understand better how visitors interact with your ecommerce site. It helps you to improve a website to get more conversions. Many ecommerce platforms provide basic integrations for the most popular analytics tool, like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. But you will need to use the advanced functions of the analytics tools. So, it is better to hire specialists who can help you make it the right way.

The cost of analytics tool integration is from $50 to $1,500 without cost of plugins or extensions.

Ecommerce marketing cost

Ecommerce marketing is a specific thing that includes marketing strategy creation, SEO, PPC or online advertising, content marketing, and marketing events creation.

The success of an ecommerce project depends on the marketing strategy and how this strategy was implemented in website design, and functionality. A strong marketing strategy will help you to reduce the marketing cost.

Content is King! A website without any content is an empty page. Though images and texts are undoubted, the critical components of any site but the ones who have found the engaging content are the topmost appealing websites in the world.

The ecommerce marketing cost can vary between $1,000-$10,000 at an early stage and you can spend from $6,000 to $300,000 per year.

Ecommerce site maintenance cost

Ecommerce maintenance is important because it is all about your visitors. The support and maintenance package includes new feature development, systems integration, troubleshooting, bug fixing, performance optimization, extension updates, security patches installation, website audit, quality assurance, and server setup.

The budget of e-commerce development from a website size

Out of the many aspects required for budgeting an e-commerce site, we narrow down our considerations to available resources, time, and future maintenance. Usually, the cost of ecommerce development depends on a website size.

Small-sized ecommerce website

A small-sized ecommerce website is determined by a few aspects: a small product catalog (100-250 products), some custom programming light traffic, and basic design. Small websites have under 25 pages and out-of-the-box functionality. Estimated small business e-commerce website cost: $2,000 to $10,000.

We provide a fixed price model for ecommerce websites, so you can choose an ecommerce business package The fixed price is only $4,000 for your online store.

Medium-sized ecommerce website

A medium-sized ecommerce website is built using an average product catalog, medium traffic, customized template-based design themes, unique functionality, design, and development of “pro” features. Medium-sized online stores usually have less than 100 pages and a content management system. Estimated medium business ecommerce website cost: starting with $10,000 – $30,000.

Custom e-commerce website

A custom ecommerce website is built from scratch and usually has a large product catalog, high traffic, custom layouts, and imagery. In addition, it has a custom design, custom programming, system integration, a great variety of payment methods, multiple shipping options, a content management system, unique functionality, order tracking, refund processing, and other advanced features.

The estimated custom e-commerce website development cost starts from $50,000.

Also, it can be an enterprise ecommerce website but it is too expensive. For example, the cost of Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition can range from $22,000 to 125,000 per year without the cost of development.

So the ecommerce website cost can be from $4,000 to $70,000 and even more.


The requirements of each business are different from the others. It takes an intellectual mind to gather the requirements altogether during the discovery phase so as to be able to outline the business goals of your e-commerce collaboration.

Depending upon the size, strategy, status, and deadlines of your business, you may lead your way to pretty numbers i.e., budget. So in precise words, there is no one-stop solution whenever it comes to talking about costs. Therefore, if you want your online business to run ahead of time, don’t expect things for free as it will definitely cost you a good amount of money.

Professionals know how to convert your expenses into the success of an online store. You can read more detailed info about our ecommerce website development service to hire our web specialists.

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