Ecommerce Solutions & Options

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Ecommerce Solutions & Options

E-commerce businesses have seen a huge boom in recent years and have proved to be a profitable option. If you, too, want to take your business online and reach potential buyers, then switch to e-commerce platform. You can opt for the best e-commerce development software and see how your business gets established on the online platform successfully.

This article shall provide comprehensive knowledge on some of the popular e-commerce platforms which we use most often for ecommerce website development. You can take a look at them and judge which one can be beneficial for your business.


The software named WooCommerce is prevalent amongst the users as it is very user-friendly. It has got a plugin for WordPress, which is, of course, free and open source. But you can also opt for the paid plugins as they are designed with a large number of added features. The added features come with a set of advantages and can help you to a major extent.

WooCommerce can only be used with and not This means that you need to have self-hosted WordPress that has a web-hosted provider. You can choose this web provider according to your convenience.

WooCommerce is highly recommended for e-commerce development for those planning to set up their business over the internet. If your website is already running on WordPress, then you can add the plugin of WooCommerce to it. You can accommodate any e-commerce store you want into the plugins of WooCommerce, which is a great option. Besides, WordPress is easy to use, and the plugins of WooCommerce shall make your job smoother.

The foremost thing you need to do is install WordPress on a server and learn how to work on it. Then you will have to install the plugins of WooCommerce, and you are great to go. There is the detailed information about How To Give Your eCommerce Site A Master Stroke With WooCommerce.

You can add Woocommerce plugin via admin panel to use ecommerce functions on your WordPress site

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The next in the list is the easy to use e-commerce development software Shopify. If you do not have a great deal of technical knowledge, then this software is the go-to option for you. It has got a user-friendly interface that can be operated easily by a not-technical user also.

Shopify comes for three paid plans, and each one of them have got various useful features. The plans start with the basic idea that is priced the lowest and then the mid-tier one and finally, the advanced plan. You can get the advanced plan of Shopify for your business if your budget permits you to do so. It has got plenty of useful features that will take your business to a new height.

Shopify also offers e-commerce development plans for businesses that are huge in magnitude. If your business is already running on a larger scale, then you can try out those plans from Shopify and see the difference in the results.

This software has the most relieving factor of providing hosting of the business on its server. This can be a blessing for those businesses whose owners are clueless about how to set up a server and get the required configurations.

You can opt for this software if you are novice and have no pre-set ideas working on your mind. Shopify will take care of everything with the help of the experts sitting at the backend.

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PrestaShop is a standalone e-commerce development solution that is open source and free to use. This software can be directly downloaded from the website of PrestaShop and then uploaded to the web server you are using. The developers have made it completely ready to set up and configure on your device.

However, standalone software demands detailed knowledge in it for smooth operation. So, you need to understand its function very well so that you can use the software without any hassle. You can also hire a specialist who has a great deal of technical knowledge if you have a bigger budget.

PrestaShop has a third-party marketplace that provides a large number of modules. These modules can help in expanding the platforms beyond a specific limit. The e-commerce development solution has got all the fundamental features that any e-commerce software should possess.

You can use PrestaShop for your business without worrying about its usage. The software shall become friendly once you start using it, and a professional can also help you in the process. You should, however, stay safe with some specific third-party plugins as they may have bugs in them.


OpenCart is another standalone e-commerce development solution that you will find in this blog. It is quite similar to PrestaShop as it is free to use and fully open source. You can download the software form the developer’s website and upload it on your server for no price. It is also easy to set up and configure and thus can be used without putting in much effort.

If you want to use OpenCart like a pro, then you will have to get some technical knowledge. You can, however, hire an expert any given day and learn the basics of using this software for your e-commerce business. It is essential to configure the software nicely to ensure its smooth performance, and this can only be done with accurate technical knowledge.

OpenCart is highly recommended to you if you want an e-commerce development solution that comes with no limits. This software can be customized as per your requirements and you can also enjoy plenty of useful features with it. If you need some added customizations, then there is always an option for visiting the OpenCart marketplace with a wide range of third-party modules.

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Magento 2

Magento 2 is one of the most potent e-commerce development solutions that have made a mark of itself across the globe. This e-commerce platform attracts a right amount of budget and is ideally meant for large scale e-commerce businesses. Magento 2 is the latest development from the company after the considerable success of Magento 1 and has got all types of support from the developers.

If you are using Magento 1 for your e-commerce business, then think of switching to Magento 2. The support for the former version shall be stopped by the developers very soon, and that can give rise to various difficulties for the users.

Magento 2 is open source software, and strong technical knowledge is required for handling it. This e-commerce development solution is recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy the advanced features.

Many other e-commerce solutions can help you build your e-store, but these five are exceptionally popular amongst the users. But before opting for a suitable e-commerce development solution, you need to gain technical knowledge for operating these solutions seamlessly.

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