Benefits of using WordPress with React.js

By Roman Berezhnoi July 23, 2020 4.3K views

Benefits of using WordPress with React.js

React.js is is an open-source JavaScript library that comes in handy when we have to develop user interfaces. React.js is ideal for both the web and mobile applications. Another advantage of this library is that it contains many developed elements that we can use quickly, and it will save us many hours of design. React.js at the moment has been assumed as a bookstore by the main web portals that exist: BBC, Airbnb, Netflix, Dropbox, and many more. React.js is going to allow us to develop web applications with higher-order and using less code.

WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website, web application or blog. Also people use plugins to modify sites and add some functions. For example, many webmasters use marketing plugins with various marketing features and functions. That is why WordPress powers over 40.0% of all the websites on the Internet.

Many WordPress developers prefer to use React.js, because it allows them more freedom when it comes to developing WordPress websites. React.js takes the innovative step of using Virtual DOM for it. Virtual DOM can be defined as a representation of the DOM in memory. It makes when updating a view React takes care of updating the Virtual DOM, which is much faster than updating the browser DOM.

It is used to develop web applications in a more orderly way. So, is it a good for the WordPress development to use React.js?

Advantages of React.JS in WordPress

Developers can re-use the code components

First of all, it is an open-source JavaScript library based on GUI. It is designed to complete the UI tasks with much more efficiency and accuracy. The primary advantage is that React.js let you re-use the components, which have been created earlier in other platforms and that use the same function. If you need to gain accuracy, React.js is the ideal library. React.js let you start designing the application (web-based and mobile) with minimum programming knowledge in just a couple of days of use.

Faster Speed

React.js improves the entire process of writing the website structure. Furthermore, the React render makes it much easier to represent multiple functions. The REDUX can re-renders the essential components on the page. Any professional WordPress front-end developer will prefer using React.js due to its fast rendering service.

Differentiate Presentation and data separation

Web developers often lose essential data during rendering. With React.js, now the WordPress developers can store the data temporarily in React State. WordPress developers use the REST API to send all the data to REDUX. Whereas, React.js helps these data with complete separation and Presentation. If you place the data in REDUX for new rendering, and you lose certain files, React.js will store them in temporary storage.

Easy to Write

Instead of using JS (JavaScript), React is mostly written in JavaScript XML (JSX) context. The primary aim of JSX in React is to navigate the React components much faster and easier. Honestly, Facebook wanted to create a syntax extension, which would be a blessing for the WordPress developers. Now the developers can combine JavaScript with HTML with the help of JSX syntax. Developers will find similarities.

Simple “Framework”

Developers have agreed that using ReactJS syntax is comparatively easier than using any other framework. JSX is an excellent combination of JavaScript and HTML. The framework is really simple. Creating a web application is possible with basic programming knowledge.

There are many books on shelves about programming languages, frameworks, codding process that symbolize the modern web development process when you can combine web technologies like WordPress platform with React.js library

Disadvantages of React.js in WordPress

Encourages build tool

First of all, React.js has a platform immaturity problem. Another major issue it has is to deal with certain crashes, which means that the app quit unexpectedly. It’s just a view layer; you still have to connect your code for Ajax requests, events, etc. The library itself is quite large. As the platform is still immature, it does not provide the same flexibility and capacity that native development offers.

Prohibited Licensing

To create a safe, upgraded, and error-free project, it is always ideal to use licensed software, which offers better agility and features. In the case of React.js, you can lose the entire data as it is a restrictive licensing software.

React.js is not a framework

If you need to submit more than two projects at a time and you are behind the deadline, React.js is not a good choice. If you want to work quickly, React.js can be quite frustrating. As it is a complex coding, you cannot save time. Clients are knocking at the door, and you still have the pending projects: it’s quite frustrating.

It is an under-development system

The React community is still going under the developing phase. Changes and updates in the React community happen every month. It makes the job difficult. Due to certain changes and upcoming updates, you cannot end one project at the proper time frame.


WordPress and React.js. The first is a content management platform, and the second is a JavaScript library for creating interfaces. Both available to all users and entrepreneurs in the world. Is it possible to combine them? The answer is yes. More than 15 years, WordPress has been gaining a lot of appraisal due to its flexibility to create a single page portfolio to a bigger e-commerce website. It is a complete CMS, which uses PHP for backend operations. Undoubtedly fast and API-powered interface, React.js has surprised the WordPress community.

Another of the advantages of React.js to WordPress development is that it is isomorphic. This is a relatively new concept, but very interesting in the web development that wish to have a good search engine positioning. Therefore, React + WordPress represent a solid foundation on which almost anything can be built. 

If you are interested in the combination WordPress and React.js, don’t hesitate to contact the web specialists of F5 Studio.  

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