4 services to test if your site is adaptive

By Roman Berezhnoi November 14, 2019 1.64K views

4 services to test if your site is adaptive

The responsiveness and ability of your website to adapt to any screen size are essential to optimize the user experience and the success of your business. According to CoMagic, mobile is almost on par with desktop in the number of conversions, which is one good reason as to why responsiveness and adaptability as a part of UI/UX design services are important for business sites.

You must build your website or application in a way that will make both desktop users and mobile devices users happy. By doing so, you increase the chances of driving more traffic to your website. 

We listed below 4 great tools that will help you test your website adaptability and cross-browser compatibility.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

This is a simple Google service site that lets you know if your website is mobile-optimised or not. It also allows you to see the problems that arise when your site loads.

No interactivity and resolution selection – just a screenshot of the first page.

Google Mobile-friendly test


Browserling is a cross-browser testing tool. How to start:

  • Select the desired version of Android / Windows.
  • Specify the browser along with the version.
  • Click “Test now”.

A full-fledged emulator opens: you can follow the links and open different websites.

This is how the cross-browser compatibility check in Browserling works

However, the free version provides only a limited number of available browsers and test times,  because they are not well represented.

cross-browser testing tool


Screenfly is a free service for testing the adaptability of websites. You can choose one of the 30 screen sizes or customize the height and width yourself.

To see all the elements of the page, you must also enable scrolling by clicking on the “Allow scrolling” button in the menu. Only for http:// 

a free service for testing the adaptability of websites

I love adaptive

I love adaptive is a handy tool for testing adaptability and cross-platform compatibility.

In the panel on the right, you can choose your desired combination of device and operating systems. If needed, you can also rotate the screen and adjust the zoom.

a handy tool for testing adaptability

These tools help you to make a simple test. But how does your site adapted to specific device from handreds devices which people use every day?
That is why, only professional QA engineers can to test the ability of your website to adapt to any screen size. Because they use special methods and tools that allows to test the website and web app for any browser and device. You can read more about an importance of Quality Assurance for web development process.

So, if your site don’t pass mobile-friendly test and you don’t want lose potential customers, you better order professional corporate website development services. In this way you will avoid many issues which cost your time and money.

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