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The success of an online business depends on many important factors that should be considered. Those factors might not seem important to many, but they actually represent the key to successful businesses online. In this article, we are sharing with you ten important tips that will help you generate more sales on your ecommerce site. F5 Studio web agency provide specific web development services for ecommerce sites

1. Make your Menu as simple as possible

Anybody selling many products would probably want to make categories in the menu. The idea in itself is not bad, but it is recommended to simplify the menu to make things easier for your visitors. Let’s say you are dealing in clothes, instead of adding to your menu every category like ‘t-shirt’, ‘long-sleeves’, and ‘sweater’, it would be better to combine them under one category: “Outerwear”.
But remeber hidden website menus hurt revenue
To improve website navigation you can hire professional UI/UX designers.

2. Shorten the steps to making an order

People do not want to waste too much time trying to buy an item online. Studies show that 28% of online shoppers cancel their order if the purchasing process is too long.

Your aim is to make more money. So do not make the purchasing process lengthy. In most cases, you only need to know the contact details, shipping address and billing information. Having the phone number alone is an achievement as you can contact your customer later and specify all the nuances in your conversation with them.

If you use an ecommerce platform, in some cases you need custom webdevelopment services to simplify purchasing process.

3. Only Encourage your customers to create a Profile

Again, creating a profile should be a suggestion, not a must. Your customers have to be able to place an order without the need to register. If for any reasons you want your potential clients to register immediately,  a better idea will be to tell them about the benefits that they will reap if they do so. You can also promise to send them useful information about the product they are interested in.
Also you can use some FOMO marketing examples which can help you.

4. Send reminders about pending orders

A customer might add a product to the cart but forget to place the order. In such a situation, it is important to remind them about it by sending them a reminder to their emails. It is important to mention that you can only send reminders to a customer if they have already purchased from you.

5. Post articles on your blog frequently

Create on your website a separate section  or, rather, a blog page for articles posting. You must have a blog on which you will give updates on your new material at least once a month. This would attract more potential customers. Remember, if there is more traffic to your site, the likelihood of getting a buyer increases. In a word, your site should not display your goods alone but also more informative content that can keep attracting your potential customers.
For blogs we recommend you use WordPress as a content management system (CMS). WordPress is easy to use especially for non-tech persons. The simplicity of CMS is a strong argument when you need to add a content or update a content often. 

6. Provide many payment options

Maximise your chances to make sales by providing as many payment options as possible.

You may decide to use payment by cards but you can be sure that this option is suitable for all your customers. That’s why you must make sure to offer all possible transaction methods as your goal is to make it easier for all your potential client to purchase regardless of the payment method used

The rule of thumb is; the more payment options, the better. 

Sometimes implementation of payment system is a complex task. So, it is better to hire experienced web developer, that will save your time and money.

7. Avoid Advertising

Never use your online store for advertisements

If you are using your store for adverts, You should consider stopping it.

Many tend to look at the additional money that they can get from Google Adsense, and forget that by doing this, they send immediately their clients to their competitors. Advertising is at times perceived by some users as spam. According to Rakuten Marketing survey, 82% of users from the United States admitted that advertising banners on online stores discourage them from buying.

8. Make Shipping free

In most cases, people who add an item or a product to the cart do not continue to purchase because of some unplanned expenses such as the shipping charges.

Studies show that the main reason is the unforeseen expenses such as shipping charges.

Styla.com research

Just put yourself in the shoes of a client who has made the decision to buy an item based its initial price. And once they add it to the cart, they see a different price with additional charges. They might certainly shy away and leave the order pending. So a better option will be to include the shipping cost in the price of the product.

If it is impossible to use free delivery, you can try some tactics as flat shipping rates or other which can affect the visitor’s decision to make a purchase. In some cases it would be a good idea to hire a digital marketer to improve your e-store.

9. Upload videos and High definition Images

Unlike offline stores, people on the Internet cannot touch products, try them on. Therefore, first and foremost, buyers rely on photos to understand what they are buying.

Take a few snapshots of the product you are selling from different angles. Yes, it can be tedious, but it is essential for good sales.

Sometimes photos alone are not enough, you need to show users videos of products. According to Forbes , 90% of consumers say that it is the videos that help them make the final purchase decision.

10. Display the comments of your happy customers

Reviews are one of the best ways to increase trust in your online store or the products being sold.

Ask the opinion of your customers, converse with them, and find out if they liked your product or not. Be prepared for the fact that not all reviews will be positive. But there is a positive side to this. First, you will receive feedback and be able to improve your products, and second, a few negative comments among many positive reviews will enhance the positive effect of the latter.

From the experience of our clients the best option is to use on-site customer’s reviews system. In other words, you need to implement reviews form on product pages. If you use the one of popular ecommerce platforms, it is enough to enable reviews by settings.
Also, Google recommend use on-site customer’s reviews on product pages for rich snippets. Additionally, customer reviews on product pages is a part of main content for search engines. So, customers reviews can improve pages ranking.

Hope these tips will help you to generate more sales on your online store. If you need a help, ask F5 Studio web experts.

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