How to Write a Blog that Boosts Sales

By Roman Berezhnoi May 21, 2019 1.05K views

How to Write a Blog that Boosts Sales

Content marketing has now become a universal trend. First, it helps with search engine optimization as Google tends to favour websites that publish useful content. Second, it helps extend the customer life cycle. The main concept of content marketing is to create, publish or distribute valuable content (blogs, videos etc) for a targeted audience on the internet.

In this article, content specialists of F5 Studio share an information about one of the main pillars of content marketing – blog. I will explain why you need a blog on your website, and what to write on your blog. Then I will share with you our selection of the best blogs to inspire you.

Why do I need a blog?

I mean, I don’t need to tell you that, but you don’t always need a blog. SEOs love to recommend blogs. In fact, it depends on many things such as your business industry, a budget, and your marketing. Blog takes time and money. You need a SEO marketing strategy to maximize benefits of using blog for your e-commerce site. That is why it makes sense to provide research or contact a SEO professional, who can help you. Anyway if you love create a content, blog is a good idea.

To improve your expertise and increase traffic to your website.

Google algorithms recognize websites with pages which include useful content and raise them in search results. Articles bring additional traffic and new customers to the site. For instance, an user who read useful article on your blog might be tempted to know more about your services and even make purchases from your online store. Also, articles is a great source to increase visibility of service or product pages. So, a company’s blog can be a good tactic of on-page SEO.

To form a loyal audience

An interesting blog attracts regular readers, who in the future may turn into loyal customers. And the longer they will be interested in the blog, the longer they will buy from the online store.

To emphasize your expertise

Online stores owners usually sell a pretty tight range of products that they are well versed in. A blog on a site is a platform where you can share your knowledge with clients. It gives you the opportunity to show your expertise and earn the respect of users.

To Get feedback

On every blog, there is a section at the bottom of the page where users can leave their opinions, share their experiences and debate with other users. Online store consultants can then engage in the users’ debates and answer their questions if need be.

How to start a blog for an online store

Before you to start a blog you should contact a developer, who experienced in a web platform which your site based on. It is important to know, that your blog need a lot of features to add content, to manage content and to handle search engine optimization.

In some cases it is possible to use CMS WordPress (our professional WordPress developers can help you to implement blog functionality on your website).

  • Use different types of content. The format of the presentation may vary depending on the topic. Popular products can be submitted in the form of a selection, and customer stories – as an interview.
  • Divide the blog into headings. Advice on rubrics seems irrelevant at the beginning but with time, when dozens of materials will be published, it will be difficult for the readers to navigate the blog. Headings make their lives easier. Example of the navigation section in the blog
  • Study blogs on your subject. Since it’s not easy to create a popular blog from scratch, it’s worth analyzing how others have achieved it. Blogs of other online stores are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. In them, you can find both ideas for new articles and full-fledged materials.
  • Focus on the illustrations. High-quality illustrations of the goods can create the desire to read the articles and buy the goods. For example, in the blog, Lamoda very responsibly relates to the selection of illustrations. In the material on men’s watches, they not only show the Watch alone but also selected a whole image with which the watch will look good. Moreover, below you can purchase all the things from this image. High-quality illustrations in the blog
  • Promote posts in social networks. Publication of materials from the blog in social networks is at the same time advertising an online store and filling social networks with high-quality content.
  • Add keywords to your articles. Keywords help users find material in a search. Just use them with caution to avoid Google penalties. If you do not have an SEO specialist, you can choose the keywords yourself, if you are beginners, just think about what search term you would search for your article on Google, and use it as a headline. You can also use tools like Google Ads or one of the specialized services. Search tips

Analyze the statistics

Thanks to using Google Analytics, you can follow the development of your blog and determine which formats and topics readers like. The owner of an online store should monitor:

  • The number of purchases – the main metric that directly shows the effectiveness of the blog;
  • The total attendance of the blog – it helps to understand whether the popularity of the blog is growing;
  • The traffic sources – shows from what sources readers come to advertise it only in the most effective ones.

Of cource, you can use any web tracking system to gather data about your site visitors.

What to write in the blog

A practical guide to the use of goods

You know your products well, so you can tell in detail how to use them. For example, make a video about assembling a wardrobe or write detailed instructions on how to tie a neckerchief.

A practical guide to the use of goods

Product Tips

Many products have their own characteristics, which is better to know before buying. For example, for dancing or yoga classes, different types of sneakers should be used but some customers do not understand the difference and will be grateful if you tell them about it.

Product Reviews

Reviews can be written on popular products, new items, etc. They should tell in detail about the features of the goods. If you write about a refrigerator, tell us, for example, about its dimensions, number of shelves, possibilities of the freezer, etc.

Many users prefer to watch reviews in video formats. For them, you can take off how a concealer masks flaws on the skin or how a curling iron straightens your hair in a few movements.

Articles “How to save on …”

Help users save on purchases and get loyal customers in return. You know your product well and can advise how to choose an energy-efficient washing machine or reduce the cost of cosmetics.

How to save on

Product Comparisons

Buyers have different requirements for goods. In mobile phones, for example, some appreciate the camera, some the volume of the battery, and others the size of the screen. Writing a detailed comparison of popular phone models, you will help customers make the right choice for their desired model.

Ratings like “Top 10”

Users are usually faced with a huge number of options to choose from. By making a list of the best products, you make their life much easier and they can one way or the other show your gratitude.

Holiday Collections

In a year there are several well-loved holidays, and each of them is a reason to make a selection of the best gifts.

Editor’s Choice

Users are sure that the editors of the blog understand the products they write about. Therefore, they listen to recommendations regarding the best products of the week or month. The main thing is to advise quality products so as not to lose the trust of your customers.

The best blogs for online stores is a platform that connects talents or seller to buyers across the globe. It was launched in 2005 and has today become the best landing place for buyers in search of a handmade item, vintage wares and unique gifts.

Etsy blog for online store This is a store for paintings, canvases, picture frames, and other home decors. The site provides free international shipping to some countries, including most of North America and Europe. Free shipping is only available on tapestries, laminated items, prints, frames, canvas items, mirrors, and rugs. blog for online store

The Hut is a luxury online store, that sells a variety of items such as, sports equipment,  cooking, home accessories, and toys. The shipping fee offered ranges between $20 and $50 depending on your location.

The Hut blog for online store

Let’s sum up

Do you need a blog? It depends on your SEO marketing strategy. A blog is an important part of content marketing, and it’s worth to have one. All you need to do is to create a great blog and fill it with useful content on a regular basis. Use different formats, prepare colourful illustrations, promote materials on all fronts and do not forget; the main task is to bring benefits to your customers and money to the online store.

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