20 E-commerce features you must use on your website

By Roman Berezhnoi February 6, 2019 1.86K views

20 E-commerce features you must use on your website

In an effort to help business owners or online stores owners drive more traffic to their websites and increase sales, our ecommerce expertes, who developed a lot of e-stores, have made a list of 20 E-commerce sites from which great tips and ideas could be taken.  

Our aim is first, to help you familiarize with some features that really bring results in the form of conversions and then implement those features and functions on your commercial websites so that you can maximise your profits. On the other hand, if you’ve got some great ideas and need some professionals to implement them in your projects, we will happily love to help you.

Now, let’s look at the 20 websites we mentioned earlier:

1. New Chapter


Online store New Chapter sells supplements for food. Despite the large range, the correct breakdown by category allows customers not to get confused when choosing. It took the company less than a year to reach a million dollars in revenue.

Breakdown by category

2. Bliss


Bliss Cosmetics Shop decided to use bright colours and photos that evoke emotions in website design. According to experts, this is what makes users spend a lot of time on it and, as a result, buy.

3. Bon Bon Bon


Online shop Bon Bon Bon sells chocolate in its various variations. When the site design was updated on the current, sales increased by 415%!

4. Crossrope


Crossrope is one of the online stores of the Mad Dogg brand that sells athletics products. On the site, you can buy not only skipping rope but also to find like-minded people, to share your experience.

E-commerce feature for your website

5. The Mountain


The Mountain sells t-shirts, cups and other accessories with unusual 3D prints. At first, the company worked only through Amazon, but then decided to acquire its own website. Despite the wide range, the page does not seem overloaded.

6. Skullcandy


Skullcandy sells headphones, headsets and microphones. This site is a great example of what product photos should be.

7. TRUE linkswear


After the TRUE linkswear shoe online store moved to the BigCommerce platform and redesigned the web site, sales increased by 700%. The main page immediately gives the answer why a person needs this product.

8. Decibullz


Sell not a product, but a way of life”, – probably, the creators of the Decibullz online store of audio equipment were guided by this rule.

Sell not a product, but a way of life

9. Cutter & Buck


Cutter & Buck – online store of sportswear and equipment for golf. If you do not know how to build web site navigation, based on the hobbies of customers, you can peep the idea here.

10. Cruisemaster


Cruisemaster sells auto parts. When businessmen decided to update the website design, their task was to place on the product card more useful information, and not just photos and price.

11. Jeep People


The Jeep People online store was created by fans of the automobile brand Jeep for the same as they are. The case when everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

12. Azteca


The founder of the online store of football equipment Azteca believes that the main problem of online purchases is that customers can not touch or try on goods that they want to buy. The entrepreneur decided to compensate for this with high-quality photos.

13. Fronks


The main page of the Fronks store, which sells milk, clearly states what kind of company it is and what it offers. But due to the fact that there is only one screen, an intrigue is created – the client is literally forced to make another click.

E-commerce feature for your website

14. Deinde


Deinde company organizes travel in Ukraine. On their website, they do not offer a standard set of cities, as is usually the case, but first, they ask about your desires and dreams.

15. Zugu Case


Zugu Case Shop sells iPad and iPhone cases. The text on the site does not tell about the boring characteristics of the product, but about what benefits a person will receive when making a purchase.

What benefits a person will receive when making a purchase

16. Rusty Surfboards


The online store Rusty Surfboards sells any products needed by surfers. This is a good example of how to combine the most detailed description of products and emotional images.

17. KOI Computers


KOI Computers sells servers and workstations. Despite the complicated technical topics, the developers managed to make the site minimalistic and not to overload it with a detailed description.

18. POW Glove Company


POW Glove Company not only sells products for snowboarders but also gives professional advice on this sport for free. See how everything is implemented.

E-commerce feature for your website

19. Pilgrim Collection


As you may have noticed, those sites that establish contact with the client sell the most. Pilgrim Collection is another confirmation of this. The store does not directly offer its products, but ostensibly neatly introduces it into the customer’s life.



If you are selling an image product (in the case of RODEN GRAY we are talking about designer clothes), the site must convey the spirit of the product – to be as stylish.

So, I hope you’re inspired. Do you want implement some ideas on your e-shop? Do you need build ecommerce website from scratch? You can contact our web specialists to get right web solution for your business.

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