What is web back end development

By Roman Berezhnoi March 3, 2020 1.87K views

What is web back end development

Back end development nothing but a specialized skill that controls the website or web application where all the work is done from a behind. There are languages involved which a back-end developer needs to learn and companies use them in all respect to web development. It is simply the portion that remains unseen and functions behind the scene apps. The codes used for back-end development manage connections of the users, connects the web to the database and more. Both front end and back end work together to deliver the final product to the end user. Back end development is loads of fun if you can learn proper language and code that used to develop the web and maintain databases.

Why web development needs back end

All the work done by the front end development is not enough and that is where back end comes into play. Back end work is all about the server and database. There are many things that back end development cater to, such as writing codes for the database, server side codes. Looking at server side code and to decipher their strength and to see that they are aloof of the vulnerabilities. Making sure that the server codes are ready to optimize and to control large amounts of traffic. One needs to deploy online codes when developing back end for the web because people will prefer to use the services. Back end developers interact with all kinds of developers in the same project and with joint effort and that is why back end has a large impact. Therefore back end meaning refers to a using codes and languages to support your web applications. Back end development is necessary or web development and without it is truly incomplete and various processes behind the frame is just impossible to touch.

Back end is an essential part of web projects a company is majorly dependent on skills of back end developers. That is why many companies prefer to outsource back end developers. Because outsourcing allows them to get services of professional developers in cost-effective way. To make the right decision you can read more about outsourcing back-end developers.

Role of a back end developer

When you are a back end developer you simply arrange and examine data, important codes are used to troubleshoot issues and to recognize areas of improvement. Most importantly, they work with the front end users and see if all the ends are meeting while the process of development is pace. They monitor trends and web developments. If you are a back end developer –

  • You will take leads on projects as much as needed
  • Will participate in research and education to improve practices, supporting the team and learning the programming languages
  • Data recording and presenting it to various parties, leaderships and other clients.
  •  They are full – fledged involvement in the architecture of the system has an important role to play.
  • All tasks are a challenge when you are a back en developer.

WordPress back end development

The back end part of WordPress website development is mainly available for authentic users and the number of options are based on the capabilities of a user. All user that are registered have proper access to the back end of WordPress. The WordPress backend has various pages and there are divisions to it as well. There are primary pages like Themes, tools, Library and plugins along with pages that are custom and extracted and registered by the third party themes and plugins. There is a certain URL which points to a certain PHP file. There are mainly three exclusions and they are –

  1. Pages, posts and CPT’s show the same PHP file and the only real variance is the Post _type parameter.
  2. Classifications like the categories and tags to the file with an exceptional parameter.
  3. The custom pages which are extracted and registered by plugins and themes that are third party point to the page parameter.

A collection of backend pages are organized as the menu from the backend and extracted on the left hand side of the interface. Menus have submenus and some of the backend pages are also listed above the admin bar. Each page will contain a capability allocated, depending on the user’s access before it is granted and if not then the access is denied and link will eventually be removed from the backend menu. There are mainly two ways to curb the access to a back end page. The simplest method is to make use of AAM plugin and to determine what submenu or menu needs to be restricted. There is certainly an important difference between handling specific parts of the page and the backend page itself.

Widgets and meta boxes are fragments of the WordPress backend and they are designed for very particular work. One can find meta boxes on pages, custom post type pages or Edit posts as well. Meta boxes are – Categories, Publish, custom fields etc. There are a few meta boxes that are shown on when conditions are met. Widgets on the other hand are like Meta boxes but there is a certain difference i.e. they are essentially displayed on the dashboard Home page. Quick Draft, WordPress News and At a glance are examples of Widgets. Any theme or plugin can register their own Dashboard Widget as well.

Few more pointers about WordPress backend

Pages – Through the ‘Pages’ option one can easily manage and create new pages, it is similar to posts. If you want to create an “About page” or “Contact page” this is the option for that.

Appearance – In the appearance option there are Themes, Custom options, widgets, Editor and Menus. One can manage all of these simply by understanding the framework of wordpress. If you explore the Settings options then you will find options like –reading, discussion, writing, media, media, General and permalinks. The media option can be used to add media to your website and media can easily be defined through videos, images, recordings and more. Therefore, if you are uploading media, you will perhaps upload an image. There is a lot than can be venture through and all of this is exclusively responsible for WordPress back end.

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