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Numerous frameworks exist for PHP web development. The best PHP frameworks for web not only save the developers time but also help them build secure and complex websites or web applications that are well-adjusted and well-rounded.

Obviously, your choice of a PHP framework depends on a couple of factors such as the app needs, personal skill, and experience, development time frame as well as hosting capabilities. Nevertheless, there are frameworks that have come out as outstanding choices for most developers. This article delves into these PHP frameworks to find out just how valuable they are to PHP developers.


Laravel php FrameworkThis is the world’s most preferred PHP framework. It’s not by mistake that many developers prefer Laravel. In addition to a massive ecosystem, Laravel is packed with brilliant advanced features including a highly extensible MVC architecture to enhance development speed. Other Laravel specific packages that are valuable to a developer include ORM (Object-Relational Mapping), Blade templating engine, RESTful controllers, abstract routing and robust encryption packages among several other impressive packages.

Laravel PHP Framework Benefits

  • The queue management in Laravel is one of the best among all other PHP development frameworks.
  • The framework makes it easy to handle multiple background tasks. All background activity will be logged while work on the fronted runs normally.
  • Laravel’s inbuilt Composer makes it easy for packages to be added and since it also integrates with Elixir and Gulp, ssh can be used to directly call any browser and npn packages.
  • Laravel specifically handles NoSQL structures (e.g. Redis and MongoDB) like a piece of cake.
  • Laravel Udemy’s tutorials, the huge community support and extensive documentation make it easy for new developers to get started on this framework.

Laravel PHP Framework Disadvantages

  • Large functionality works through facades, and IDE systems do not see methods and properties in some classes, which leads to errors.
  • Studying a little harder Yii2.
  • No built-in interface generators.

Entry threshold: Enough to know OOP and databases.


Phalcon php framework

Phalcon was built to optimize performance. It is notably fast given that it’s an MVC-based framework built as a C-extension. Its quick development speed is augmented further by Phalcon using very few resources and hence HTTP requests are processed incredibly fast. In case you want a website that blazes whirlwind speeds, then Phalcon might work wonders for you.

This framework has a vast wealth of components such as ORM, autoloading, caching, PHQL data storage, template engines, ease of building apps, form builders, MongoDB Object Document Mapping as well as excellent documentation.

Phalcon PHP Framework Benefits

  • High performance
  • Rich functionality
  • Good for highload
  • Requires a minimum of file operations
  • Consumes few resources
  • You can use your own base and its individual elements.
  • The ORM technology interacts with databases, which results in very high performance.
  • All processes occur fairly quickly, due to the framework’s direct access to the internal structures of PHP
  • You can use your own base and its individual elements.

Phalcon PHP Framework Disadvantages

  • C source code
  • Not enough popularity yet
  • Is extension (cannot be run on shared hosting)
  • Many developers are still not aware of the existence of Phalcon

Entry threshold: average, you need to know the OOP, to understand the design patterns and have practical experience working with projects.


Symfony php framework

Symfony is a framework that is behind big names such as BBC and big projects such as eZpublish and Drupal. As a matter of fact, several other frameworks such as Laravel do rely on Symfony. This is because it was built with stability in mind. It also delivers high performance and is well-documented. Symfony is additionally well-maintained and supported making it a fantastic framework.

The elements in Symfony are in the form of reusable PHP libraries called Components that are ideal for various tasks including routing, object configuration, form creation, templating and authentication. Compared to other platforms, Symfony’s learning curve is nonetheless quite steep.

Symfony PHP Framework Benefits

  • Built-in support for Codeception allows you to write functional and acceptance tests
  • YAML as a framework advantage
  • Some of the components of Symfony2 are now being implemented in large projects such as Drupal and phpBB
  • Large developer community
  • Many ready-made modules (bundles)
  • Detailed and clear documentation
  • Quite high core speed
  • Low connectivity

Symfony PHP Framework Disadvantages

  • Symfony uses a very resource-intensive ORM
  • High entry threshold
  • Oversaturation of various kinds of entities
  • Integrated annotation syntax

Entry threshold: high, you need to know OOP, understand design patterns and have practical experience working with projects in other frameworks

Zend php framework


There’s some serious power behind this framework. It has big-name partners including Microsoft, Adobe, IBM and Google. Zend is highly configurable and robust making it ideal for large complex PHP development. Its security, extensibility and performance delivery make it popular for building enterprise-level applications.

Zend is notoriously enterprise driven. It has components such as authentication, forms, feeds and other services that favour enterprise-level development. It, therefore, is not an ideal go-to framework when working on rapid app development.

Zend PHP Framework Advantages

  • Class inheritance
  • Object-Oriented Entity
  • You can integrate whatever you wish
  • It has a ready solution for a variety of tasks.
  • Application internationalization
  • Developer community support
  • High-quality documentation

Zend PHP Framework Disadvantages

  • Not suitable for rapid development.
  • Slower than some other frameworks.
  • Takes a lot of time to study
  • Resource intensive

Entry threshold: high, you need to know OOP, understand design patterns and have practical experience working with projects on other frameworks


Yii php frameworkYii has now been rewritten as Yii 2. Yii 2 was strategically developed to optimize website performance through its lazy loading technique. Through this technique, object initialization will be deferred until it’s absolutely necessary. Since Yii 2 is exclusively object-oriented, it has a logical and clean codebase. On top of its dynamic class code generator, Yii 2 is also jQuery integrated. This means that you not only enjoy a host of AJAX features but also an intuitive theming and skinning mechanism.

Yii PHP Framework Advantages

  • Visual code generator
  • The most intuitive MVC architecture.
  • Uses standard problem-solving techniques that reduce or eliminate code entanglement.
  • Facilitates code support using common architecture and methods
  • It has an active developer community.
  • Reduces time spent on routine tasks
  • Easy to configure for better performance.
  • It is not exacting to resources
  • Different caching options
  • Simple integration of third-party libraries and classes
  • Quality Security Tools
  • Suitable for projects of any complexity and scale.

Yii PHP Framework Disadvantages

  • Not very flexible route formation

Entry threshold: low, it is enough to know OOP and databases


It would be wrong to assert that one of the existing PHP frameworks is the best. In this article, we only described the most popular ones, based on the preferences of web developers of F5 Studio web development agency. Of course, this list can always be updated, perhaps we will do so in the future. In the meantime, we can only say that the choice of the framework depends entirely on its usability and the goals pursued by the developer. That’s why this article is subjective. The choice is always yours but it would be better to benefit from the insights of web experts.

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