Brand Marketing 101 for Startups and Entrepreneurs

By Roman Berezhnoi March 24, 2022 239 views

Brand Marketing 101 for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Starting a business can be an incredibly exciting experience. One mistake though is getting overexcited and forgetting about the basics, including brand marketing. A strong brand is vital for any company. It is how you are perceived and judged by anyone that views your business or yourself.

Make your brand stand out

By marketing yourself as a personal brand you are letting potential customers immediately know who you are and whom they can trust. On the flip side, if you bungle up and market yourself poorly, it will lead to poor branding and misrepresentation of your business. That’s why it’s important to know what qualities you have that make you stand out.

One way to do this is to read up on the subject and get your hands on a guide to everything you need to know about branding. Then go ahead and try your hands at a free logo creator to create your brand logo. Branding is big and critical for your startup business so pay heed to professional advice. 

Another way to do this is to observe and analyse famous brands. For example, think of Disney, you’d immediately think of child-friendly movies. The same goes with Intel with high-quality computing equipment, Gillette with affordable razors and Rolex with luxury watches. There is more to these brands than what they sell.

Market to your niche

What’s common about those brands is that they know what type of product sells and who they’re marketing to. Disney wouldn’t advertise outside of a nightclub, Gillette wouldn’t market themselves as a luxury brand and Rolex wouldn’t have a stall in a convenience store.

It’s important to identify who you are and what your brand is about. This can take some detailed research and patience. Trying to find your unique selling point (USP) is vital, especially if you have a small marketing budget. It’s all about winning a small targeted group of people then trying to swim and survive in a sea of unknown population. 

Combine your brand with marketing

Your brand and your marketing are two separate aspects but are strongly bonded. You have to market with your brand in mind and you have to develop your brand thinking about how you are going to market it.

So if you market without considering your brand you are going to risk confusing your customers. You need to create a marketing strategy that everyone can buy into in order to give yourself a consistent message across all platforms.

Don’t send mixed brand messages

There are more ways to market your brand than ever before. Your logo design and name are important so make sure you get them seen across as many platforms as possible. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are examples of media that are great tools to start with. 

Your website can also be vital, as will any app that you have. Blogging is a great way to educate and convince your customers of your brand’s authority, and help your website show on search engines. Across all these platforms, you want to make sure that you are marketing your brand message consistently in order to start growing your business with a solid foundation. 

Final thoughts 

Your brand is a powerful piece of intellectual property and you need to protect it at all costs. One bad marketing move and you could cause damage that could take a while to recover. So pay heed to build your brand from ground zero. 

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