What is the сost of developing a professional website?

By Roman Berezhnoi March 23, 2021 304 views

What is the сost of developing a professional website?

You can easily and quickly get a WordPress site with a shoe string budget. But what if you need custom corporate web development depending upon the requirements of your business. Also, customization does not necessarily mean site design. But there are also essential factors like speed optimization, optimizing for search engines, etc.

However, there is nothing to worry about as by building yourself a professional website; you can drive in users and make your website work fast. With this comes the question of the cost. Read the article to get the necessary information about the cost of website development. 

What is the cost of building a professional website?

The website development cost varies as per your requirement. For instance, the development cost or upgrade cost of an old one will vary greatly. When you research good web agencies, you can compare their price quotes and inquire about the necessary questions to have your concern cleared.

Cost of Different Website types

There are website types a business owner can use to drive in the desired traffic to the company.  The choice undoubtedly is a difficult one. So take a look at the investment required for various website types to ease out your decision.

  • Brochure site – $1,000 to $8,000
  • Online course – $3,000 to $20,000
  • Startup site – $3,000 to $50,000
  • E-Commerce – $5,000 to $80,000
  • Corporate website – $1,500 to $40,000
  • Corporate website refresh – $2,500 to $25,000
  • Custom sites – $5,000 to $50,000

Solopreneur website is the cheapest of all as it is generally used by small business owners with limited resources or services.  When it comes to website development, you can expect to pay a lower amount if you need not require any E-Commerce capability in your website. Such websites are great for artists, freelancers, and event photographers.

While the startup website development‘s investment amount depends entirely on the money you have placed aside in the budget, this means that with a limited budget, your website won’t have all the latest functions you might require. But you always have the chance to get them updated later. A startup website can be rebuilt or upgraded later as various investors get involved in the company.

A website refresh is a perfect choice for business owners who have the same website from the beginning or at least a few years. As new trends keep on getting in the market, the website gets outdated and requires revival.

The revival is expensive because it is very difficult to preserve the SEO rankings during a site refresh.

Now e-commerce websites require functionality that properly supports the sale. This is why they need to be super secure as the users provide their payment information.  Also, as the users, while purchasing from your website, can not try on the products, you must include proper product descriptions, extensive reviews, and strong photography to help the buyers with their purchase. So, it makes sense to hire professionals in ecommerce websites development.

In case you feel the standard WordPress site isn’t appropriate for your business, you can search for customized solutions. Thus, this makes them one of the most expensive solutions as it requires solving a specific problem. For this, the web agencies have to work right from scratch to build your website.

When you go to a web design agency to help build a website, the entire costs will depend on various factors like the team’s experience, the quality of their work, the country you are building a site, etc.

F5 Studio designed a website for the construction firm with traditional UI/UX design of buttons
See the website presentation of ARCO Group (a customer focussed commercial construction firm).

Other factors influencing the cost

Website design cost

When considering the total costing of building a WordPress site, you need to consider all the hidden charges and the ongoing cost.

The ongoing costs here include platform subscription, imaging cost, content cost, and others. Simultaneously, the hidden fees on the other side include the plugin, privacy policy fees, and code ownership. Further, you might require professional training to get the confidence to start using your website.

 As you need to purchase a hosting and domain that greatly influences the speed and other essential factors, the cost will increase. Local hosting will help you gain more customers, while the domain cost will vary depending upon the hosting.

Another hidden cost is integration. A platform meant for customer relationship management must be integrated well into the system. This helps reduce manual handling and makes the entire thing easier.

Plugins are the expense that you make for your website. They help you get added functionality to the website, which improves the other elements. But keep in mind plugins can negatively impact the website performance when you use too many of them.

Search Engine Optimisation

To help your website get the necessary attention on the search engine, the design must be built keeping in mind the SEO requirements. 

An SEO activities is responsible for branding, SEO marketing strategy, URL, keywords, speed, and site architecture. Now, when all of these things come together, it maximizes your website’s chance of appearing well in the search engine ranking.  This is why the new website does not rank well on the search engine as they require necessary SEO services to excel.

The presentation of website redesign
See the presentation of the ecommerce site. Quality4Less is American family business

Questions to ask web design company

One can easily get tired while comparing various websites’ quotes, especially when they are all different. Therefore to ensure you choose the right company, consider asking them these questions-

  • Does the pricing include copyrighting?
  • Does the cost include stock images and photography?
  • Is your company using a theme, or is it a custom build?
  • For what platforms has your company built websites for?
  • What website creation process does your company follow?
  • Will I get my site code?
  • Have you previously worked for similar companies?
  • What can be the additional charges during the process?


The investment required for building a website depends entirely on the needs of the business. Along with all the basics mentioned here, you must consider the ongoing maintenance and website development final costing. Also, while deciding the right type of website for your business, you must have a good budgeting strategy.With the guide here, you must have already understood the basic costing required for building a website. So you can embark on the journey of creating the right website for your company.

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