How Colors and Fonts influence Content and Branding?

By Roman Berezhnoi March 16, 2021 236 views

How Colors and Fonts influence Content and Branding?

When it comes to content, people generally think of simple texts. But the content is far more than the black texts. Content includes everything which your site visitors see. The images, fonts, and even colors web designers use to enhance your website design content impact your visitors’ mind, psychology, and decision making process. This is why digital designers must use all the available components well, as they serve as a great opportunity for your business to attract users in the right way. So here we have discussed the process and other necessary details on how you can bring brand influence to the visitors through your preferable choice of images, fonts, and colors in the web design.

The Image Psychology in the content 

The pictures play a great role in the content. Even though you might think the images are an addition that adds to your text, the pictures are more than just an attractive view. Human beings are visually oriented as half part of the brain is entirely dedicated to visual processing. Thus, images not only enhance your content to a greater level but also help you with branding. So check out the statistics to know how or why humans are attracted to images and process them faster than black and white text.

  • About 90% of the information our brain acquires is visual
  • The presentations with visual content is 43% more convincing
  • 65% of human beings love to learn new things visually
  • 93% of our communication is nonverbal
  • The contents with images in them have a view rate of 95% or more
  • Colored visuals attract the audience by 80% to read the content
  • People will 85% be willing to purchase your product after watching visual content or video about it
  • When compared to black and white text, people can easily process images
  • The visuals get processed 60,000 times faster than the black and white content
  • Most people remember just 20% of what they have read
  • The publishers using infographics receives higher traffic at an average of 12 % or more
  • The tweets with visuals on buffer have 50% more retweets
  • Contents with appropriate images receive about 94% more views.  This 94% means double the views, which shows the boost across all topics and categories.
F5Studio UI/UX designers created unique design for a Moodja company
Moodja. See the project presentation to review using images

Thus, the stats have clearly shown how visual content affects the human brain and attracts them to the company. So while selecting the colors for your website design, prefer a single palette and consistent methodology as this will help your images reflect your brand and get recognized easily. Keep in mind to choose only the most suitable images that help you deliver the message. Also, avoid using any common stock images. Professional web designers can improve stock images to make these images unique.

The Font Psychology in Content

Generally, the fonts are used in logos and images. But you must know it’s a font that helps the website design leave a mark and influences the way the audience thinks about the message.

The fonts have a big impact and can easily use the emotional response to benefit your company. 

Now, as the fonts are responsible for imparting various ideas or feelings, you must make the right decision. The fonts impart various feelings because of the typography or psychology.

  • Serif fonts are generally associated with respect, authority, tradition, and grandeur.  Some of the popular serif fonts include Georgia, Garamond, Baskerville, and Times New Roman,
  • Sans serif fonts are known to be modern, clean, stable, universal, and objective.  Some of the popular sans serif fonts include Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, and Century Gothic.
  • Slab serif fonts are strong, bold, modern, funky, and solid. Some of the popular slab serif fonts include Courier, Rockwell, Museo, Bevan, and Clarendon.
  • Script fonts are more elegant, feminine, integrating friendly and creative. Some of the popular script fonts include Lucida, Lobster, Zapfino, Brush Script, and Pacifico. 
  • Modern fonts are stylish, exclusive, intelligent, fashionable, and sharp.  Some of the popular modern fonts include Matchbook, Eurostyle,  Infinity,  Majoram, and Politica. 
The presentation of IT company website
See the project presentation to review using fonts for the modern IT company

When you think of the fonts, you must be extra careful as different fonts can deliver the different meanings of the same sentence.  For instance, let’s consider you used to different fonts for writing-I love you. Here the fonts you use will greatly influence the way your messages are conveyed. If you use a Halloween font, the entire meaning of the message will change. This also happens when you use a comical font to deliver a serious message. 

This is why you need to consider the type of message you deliver and then the web designer should choose the right font.

The Colour Psychology in the Content

Similar to the fonts, which help add to the imagery content of your text colors, it can greatly influence the psychology of the written words. Colors, when used right, can bring attention to your text. But you must know colors can even revoke emotions. Mentioned here are the various feelings different colors can make the audience feel.

  • Blue. The color depicts calmness, trust, security, peace, and honesty. It is often used by banking institutions.
  • Green. The color shows wealth. In fact, it is the easiest and most convenient color for the eyes to process. It is generally used by the health and well-being sector.
  • Yellow. The color depicts fun, intellect, optimism, humor, youthful, lightness, creativity, and logic
  • Orange. The color depicts productivity and creativity. Also, it helps create a call for action
  • Red. The color depicts originality, energy, stamina
  • Pink. The color is often associated with feminine and romantic
  • Purple. The color is associated with calmness, imagination, and intuition
Eotera is a manga about a magic world
See the project presentation to review using colors on manga website

If you want to know more, you can read How to use colours in web design


Hopefully, now you have understood the importance of color, images, and fonts in website design. When it comes to the content, you need to mix up various components like colors, images, fonts, and text to drive more meaning and give out emotions and feelings that a black and white text cannot deliver. Understanding the psychology behind these content aspects will make things a lot easier for you to bring your point to your audience. 

Also professional web designers have to select the right style of a website design that focuses on specifics of your target audience. This article describes web design trends for 2021

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