How to Create a Real Estate Website with WordPress?

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How to Create a Real Estate Website with WordPress?

What is a real estate website? It is a digital platform where the real estate company can advertise the apartments and houses that it rents or sells. With a website, your reach can be national, and the way to search for flats becomes much more comfortable and practical.

Are you about to create a website for real estate, but want to know how to get started?

With proper guidance, it becomes easier and simpler. This article is for business owners, who want to take their companies to the next level with professional WordPress website development services

A website for real estate business fills the gap between you and the buyers, acts as a bridge that offers significant advantages to the company.

Why WordPress for your real estate website?

You may have heard this line, “Managing websites is no longer the domain of professional people.” Well, it is true. If you are the business owner, real estate broker or realtor looking to manage your website, you can do it yourself with WordPress without headache. 

WordPress is one of the best CMS available on the market. It allows you to create amazing websites without (almost) writing a line of code. WordPress has allowed many non-technical people to create and manage their sites. Here are some reasons why WordPress is the best option for creating your real estate website:

  • Free (unlimited validity) and Open-source (freedom to modify and customize the website)
  • Flexible, with many intuitive options (can be extended)
  • User-friendly, perfect for beginners and non-tech persons
  • Availability of themes with different niches (45,000 free plugins for e-commerce, blogs, classified, directory, real estate, etc.)
  • It has plenty of plugins to add new features to your real estate website
  • It is effortless to customize the website according to your business type
  • SEO friendly web pages

These advantages create a false perception of ease. That is why many people make a mistake, they entrust their business website to random guys, who offer a low price. But it is risky. Often, it will result in losses for business because of the bad design, bad code and insecurity.

That is why to build a professional website you better hire an experienced WordPress development team. The professional WordPress development team consists of the UI/UX designer, web developer and website QA tester. This approach guarantees uniqueness, quality and security of the business website.

Guide to design WordPress Real Estate Website

Starting a website development process needs many plans and commitments. Before you start, there may be specific questions in your mind, like where can you start? What to do when the site is hosted? Is it possible to generate passive income with the real estate website? So, here is the step by step procedure on how to create a complete and functional website for real estate.

It is F5 Studio web agency's project for ARCO construction company from New Zealand is indroduction in the full presentation of this project
We used the same approach to create a corporate website for construction contractor.

Research and marketing strategy creation

Some web developers ignore this stage or provide broad-brush research. In result, they will create a website based on the design of websites which you like. But it is the wrong way because your clients need an individual approach. Also, your company has to be different from the others.   

In F5 studio we use our own approach that is based on a combination of common marketing practices and Value Proposition Canvas approach. The research makes it possible to achieve successes quite quickly. At the same time you will avoid many pitfalls and troubles.

So, research takes time, but it saves money and a business.

Get your domain name for real estate

Just like your home address, your website also needs a unique name/address, right? Therefore, we need to acquire the domain name and server space. A domain name usually represents your company online.

Some platforms for domain registration of your website are Hostgator, Go-Daddy, etc. Here are various aspects, which you should acknowledge when choosing the domain name for your real estate business websites:

  • It is always beneficial to have a .com site for your commercial real estate sites
  • It should be easy and simple to memorize
  • Don’t use hyphens and make it tiny
  • Look for a meaningful name that represents your company

Hosting – Get your website on some server space

So, now that you have a reserved address for your domain, the next step will help you acquire space on the web. Hosting is the mandatory part, and it is the prerequisite for any website to become live. Luckily, with the improvement of technologies and the internet, you have diverse hosting companies available at affordable prices. Therefore, the options are many, and you can choose from different plans from different hosts, and everyone strives to offer the best service. An excellent hosting service can get rid of some headaches in the future, such as the quality of the server, the loading speed, and the security of your website. Once we have the domain name registered and the hosting contracted, you can start with your website.

There are additional, persuasive arguments for WordPress

To be able to edit any content on the site, create its interface and content, it will be necessary to choose an online platform to have all this control and creation. There is no shortage of options for managing all the content on your portal. It would be best to rely on WordPress. It is a platform used by a third of the digital market and has several tools that can make your site more attractive, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. With more than 10,000 free and premium themes, you can explore the world of website development. All these themes are customizable. Above all, WordPress offers you the most extensive collection of responsive templates for real estate website development.

Install WordPress Theme

Now it’s time to get a real estate theme with the best features that help you create your website for real estate online. There are plenty of premium WordPress themes for various niches available on the market. You can choose any WordPress template for real estate. So, to install the theme – go to the WordPress Dashboard. Select appearance and themes. Now add the model by clicking “Add New.” If you have any downloaded template, then click the “upload” button to select the zip file. However, you can also choose online themes from the dashboard. Press “install” and it is done.

Does it seem easy? Yes, it does. If you want to make a design of your website unique some customizations will make a difference.

In any case, a professional WordPress website development team can help you to make the right decision. 

The real estate manager use a website to show a paln of house on laptop and a weebapp on the smatphone
You can use a web application with a website to provide real estate services

Adding content

You want a well-organized and easily accessible website, right? So, the first thing you will do is add some categories for the properties. A real estate website will show different types of properties, apartments, houses, offices, penthouse, etc. These categories help you

organize the listings on your site based on their nature. You will select the “Add Property” option on your WordPress Dashboard to add a new real estate listing to your website. Clicking the Add Property option will redirect you to the property’s submission page. Give a proper title for your property listings, decide the category, upload the images for your property, enter a description, set the price, and fill in the rest of the details of the property. Don’t forget a useful appointment system plugin. It is essential to maintain the necessary communication with your visitors.

WordPress website security

When it comes to the business website, we cannot neglect Internet security. WordPress is a widely used CMS, and it has add-ons, such as Site-Lock, to protect the site from online threats. Keep the WordPress website updated.

Website QA test

The next absolutely essential step is the website QA test. It is possible to fix issues after website launching. But it is difficult to change visitors’ first impression of your site. Read more about what Is QA and why quality assurance is important in the web development process.

Site optimized for search engines

Currently, many people enter websites through Web search. So, it is essential to be well-positioned in the search engines. It is necessary to have an SEO strategy for people to find the site organically. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay for ads continually, which can affect your site’s budget.

In F5 Studio we involve our SEO specialist at the beginning of website design. This approach allows to save a marketing budget in the future.


As you can see, building a website for real estate business is a challenging task. The digital world has changed. So, it makes many things more difficult. That is why, if you need to create a more robust and professional real estate website, you should consult with the experienced team of a digital agency. This general guide will help you to determine whether the agency’s approach is to guarantee  the effectiveness of the website.

Do you want to learn more about the approach of F5 Studio website development agency? Contact our experienced web specialists

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