How to find out what WordPress theme a website uses?

By Roman Berezhnoi February 5, 2019 771 views

How to find out what WordPress theme a website uses?

What theme is this website using?

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Any company or business owner, when creating a web site, always pays attention to already created thematic web projects. And this is a very correct approach because, without a detailed analysis of your competitors, it will be quite difficult to get your site displayed in Google’s TOP. The exceptions are startups and projects with a grandiose and revolutionary idea that has never existed.

It is worth noting that while studying the websites of competitors, you will find a huge number of successful projects created using WordPress. It is possible that this is the same system you want to use to create your project. The advantages of WordPress have already been said enough, so it does not make sense to once again touch on this topic. One has only to say that quite a few ready-to-use themes (both paid and free) have been made for WordPress, so if you know the name of the theme you want you can install it on your website.

For some cases, this is a good option (over time, you can order a unique design for your site whish will be implemented by WordPress developers to emphasize its uniqueness and to distinguish your brand from the rest of the market players).

Of course, if the theme was created specifically for one site, then getting a copy of it will be quite difficult, in addition, this method is called the simple word “plagiarism”, which is absolutely not welcomed by anyone.

How to find the name of the theme that the site uses?

To solve the problem there are several ways. Let’s Consider each of them in more detail.

What WordPress theme is a site using – Method 1 (online application):

The easiest way is to use the ready online service “Isitwp“, which can automatically determine which WordPress theme is used on the web site. In addition, this service will help determine if WordPress is used at all on the analyzed site. It is enough just to copy and paste the URL of the site you are interested in, into the appropriate line.

After pressing the “ANALYZE WEBSITE” button, the system will show the result of the analysis.

What WordPress theme is a site using (online sevice)

Please note that the service guarantees the result only if the WordPress theme exists, i.e. it is available for download from the WordPress repository or is available for purchase.

A similar service is the site “wpthemedetector“, which works on the same principle as “isitwp”. The only difference is that wpthemedetector provides the user with additional information about theme, which are used on the analyzed web site, which many will find very useful.

What WordPress theme is a site using (online service #2)

What WordPress theme is a site using – Method 2 (manual verification method):

Quite often, website owners change the name of the theme used by WordPress. The reasons why they decide to change the name are not important in this case, but the fact that the name has changed means that the above service will not be able to determine the theme used on the WordPress site. In this case, the best option would be to use the manual verification method, since the code for the theme itself contains hints to determine the theme that is being used.

Each WordPress theme uses a file in which the main sets of CSS styles of the theme are saved – style.css. It is located most often in the root directory of the theme. Its name usually coincides with the name of the theme used. To see this file, you need to analyze the source code of the web site (View Page Source). To do this, on the main page of the site you need to press the key combination [Ctrl] + [U] and use the search on the page (key combination [Ctrl] + [F]), you need to find the string “style.css”.

Now you need to pay attention to the line below:

Sample of the code

The screenshot shows that the style.css file is located in the “twentysixteen” folder. Go to the site and in the search box, we register this name. As a result, we see that a WordPress theme called “twentysixteen” really exists.

What WordPress theme is a site using – Method 2 (manual verification method, version 2):

This method of analysis is also based on checking the source code of a web site. You need to find the line containing the file “style.css”, as described in method number 2, and follow the link by opening this file in the browser. The screenshot shows that a theme called “twentysixteen” is used:

Method 2 (manual verification method, version 2)

If the site uses a child theme, then its name, as already mentioned, can be anything. In this case, we need to find out its parent theme, i.e. the one on which it was created. To do this, in the same style.css file, find the “Template:” line, which will contain the name of the parent theme.

For personal use, you can choose for yourse lf any of the presented methods, but of course, the first option is the simplest and does not require any additional skills.

As the experienced front-end developer I recommend you to hire WordPress professionals. Also, you can order the one of business packages to get the crafted WordPress website with unique design at the affordable price.

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