Web design trends of 2020

By Roman Berezhnoi February 21, 2020 799 views

Web design trends of 2020

Creating a website is not a matter of joke. It takes more time than people think. Also, the biggest challenge for a web designer is to find the perfect balance to make the page look more interesting as well as not losing its essence. And so web designing takes inspiration from the latest trends that are creating the entire buzz right now in the global scenario. So let us see some of the latest trends that are going to rule the internet websites in 2020.

The Dark Mode

It is of no surprise that the Dark Mode theme is finding a place in this article. There are millions of people now preferring this darker theme over the dynamic ones. This interface makes it easier for you to read texts and works best on OLED screens, expanding the battery life. The main takeaway for any user is the highlighting feature of this sleek mode that makes the main aspect of any page or app pop out.

The home page of Dense effect website with the dark mode

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Artistic designs with cool illustrations

Incorporating illustrations as the hero image is a fast becoming trend nowadays. All of us appreciate good artwork, and this is the factor that made infusing spunky artistic illustrations with designs a hot topic. An imaginative and effortless design paired with animations is a great way to communicate with the visitors. Illustrative explanations with the help of pastel, watercolors or modern techniques like cubism are sure to provide visual ecstasy to the visitors.

Artistic web design with coolillustrations

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Photos blended with illustrations

One of the coolest trends of web design in 2020 is collages of photographs with hand-drawn artworks or interesting shapes. The creativity seems at the peak while designing such pages that hints both at realism and artificial elements. What is important is to mix the colors and photographs to match the brand’s ideas. A webpage with solid shapes will help our mind to interpret the topic as something serious; while comical illustrations will give fun vibes.

The web design trends when girl photo blended with illustration, shy is drinking a soda


Black and White

The dual-toned shades of ying-yang are a regular participant of the lists of web design trends. Offering an ultra-minimalistic design with no other colors involved, this design looks like it means serious business and thus has the power to ensnare net browsers in an old-school way.

The web page with black and white web design

Massive outlined fonts

2020 is going to be a crazy year with the web design world messed up with newer innovative concepts. But the trends based on typography are evergreen styles that will never get out of fashion. With numerous font styles available, large letters that cover up almost half of the page and with hollow design with only the outlines being prominent is going to be a rule-breaking trend, a sort of trailblazer.

Caption Peru as the example of using massive outlined font in modern web design

Overlapped layers and soft shadows

Not to be confused with the 3D technique, overlapping and soft shadows are mainly used to highlight the depth of any element. What poses a challenge to a designer is the capability to make the overlapping looks seamless and dimensions well defined by adding a tinge of soft shadows. With the help of images, videos, texts, UI elements, and figures overlapped multiple times, this web design is sure to intrigue us in this new decade.

The example of website on laptop and mobile phone that was built with overlapped layers and soft shadows

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The Geometric patterns

Another flag-bearer of the minimalistic UI trends, it is a sort of comeback for mathematical shapes and figures after their antipodes ruled the trending charts of 2019. Making the hero image as a regular square or maybe rhombus or circle is sure to be followed this year in abundance.

The Geometric patterns in web F5 Studio web agency site design

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Luminous color gradients

With the rising popularity of darker themes, glowing modernistic colors will be a hot thing. Funky colors like shades of blue, purple and pink arranged in gradient against a dark background are sure to attract the users. The sense of advancement of society can truly be felt in this bold and daring mix of neon colors and gradients. Matched correctly with darker interfaces, this style is sure to mesmerize us with its aesthetics and boldness.

Luminous color gradients as web design trends

3D animations and graphics

A trend that gained momentum at near the end of the last decade, 3D web designs may emerge as the real winner of this tear. Already an important part of the modern-day digital decorum, the diversity, and realism that 3D technology grants are unmatchable. With many variations to this particular style, there are two designs that are sure to stand out

Interactive 3D aspect- A well balanced 3D imagery that provides an immersive experience to us. The best part is that it may also pack surprises for users with the help of cool animations and sound effects

Static 3D experience- Marked by smooth designing, close to reality color reproductions and shaders, this style blends the reality with digitalization, thus shortening the gap between the 2D

3D animations and graphics in web design

The Line Art

Started as a trend in graphic designing, this form of art has surely crept into the depths of web designing. Already touted as a big trendsetter by professionals, the use of simple lines, clean aesthetics and with almost zero coloring experiments, this design looks like awesome creativity and a huge chunk of professionalism processed together.

The Line Art in web design

Mixing minimalist aesthetics with maximal typography

Already sitting at the zenith of popularity for many years this aspect of web designing will be included in the popularity list this year as well. The main characteristic of this design that draws us towards it is the absence of unnecessary details with all the focus poured on the typographical elements. The fonts, enlarged letters, the background color that suits the mood of the content never fails to make the required bold statement needed to attract users.

Mixing minimalist aesthetics with maximal typography in web design

Returning to the Retro Era

It is a ‘back to the future’ scenario for this designing trend that survived the flow of time to be reintroduced in 2020. With a late 60s inspired style that serves as a reminiscence of the age where the internet was absent. This form focuses on the old designs of boring black and white photos and fonts that are very much extinct nowadays. Thus this theme will definitely serve as a throwback for the netizens.

Retro era as a trend of the modern web design

Imperfect Patterns

And last but not the least, patterns were trending stuff at the beginning of the last decade. Gladly, it is finally making a reappearance for good. A mix of two different monotonous patterns used in the background but on separate blocks creates a sense of imperfections to the user and gives a personality to the webpage. Hence a break from the perfect part is going to be a huge hit in the 2020s.

Imperfect Patterns as a main trend of the modern web design

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Web designing is a rage among designers nowadays as it gives them the scope to express themselves more freely. Also, you can mix and match all the themes discussed above to create your own unique style. So let your imagination run free for the best design that suits your personality and website. Seek the help of F5 Studio web development agency to get an idea about the latest web trends or read more about our design services.

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