Reasons and benefits of hiring a full-service software development agency

By Roman Berezhnoi July 27, 2022 2.09K views

Reasons and benefits of hiring a full-service software development agency

When a business owner seeks a corporate website or SaaS platform development, several options should be considered. Many savvy startup founders decide to hire a full-service software development agency to partner with. Does it mean that this option is suitable for your business?

Partnering with software development agencies isn’t always the best idea because their services can be expensive and lack a flexible project approach. On the other hand,  full-service software development agencies can often be far more efficient than dedicated teams and freelancers.

You should understand the reasons and benefits of hiring a full-service software development agency to make an informed decision.

Reasons to hire a full-service software development agency

Entrepreneurs who start their ventures mistakenly believe they can employ software development agencies to rely on its services, from tech consultancy to product testing. In fact, you have to be involved in the process to manage and supervise the product development process. The Trustshoring team’s experience recruiting remote software developers allows for identifying the real reasons you should pay attention to.

The first reason is you need to deliver a product to market as quickly as possible. Hiring a full-service software development firm means hiring a pool of skilled professionals such as UI and UX designers, software developers, and QA engineers who can be organized in the project team in a moment. 

The second reason is that full-services software development companies provide stability and continuity. They use advanced management tools and standardized methodologies that make results more predictable for entrepreneurs. If you need stability, hire a software development company instead of wasting your time and resources on tech team management. Typically, full-service software development agencies provide reports that allow controlling the process of product development. 

The third reason is no stress related to human resource management. For instance, hiring software developers may be complex, even for tech persons, because an entrepreneur should locate individuals with the appropriate skills and experience. It not only takes time but is stressful. When you collaborate with software development agencies, hiring employees and paying salaries is the agency’s headache.

If you see at least one reason, hiring a company specializing in software development services makes sense.

Benefits of hiring a full-service software development agency

If you hire a software development agency, you can ensure your project goes off without a hitch. The truth is this is not always the case. Nevertheless, cooperation with a software development company provides distinct advantages and eliminates unnecessary risks.

Which benefits of hiring a full-service software development agency?

When you hire a software development agency, you get specialization benefits. Typically, the software, apps, or sites are complex products, requiring specific knowledge and unique skills to bring a product idea to fruition. For instance, some IT companies specialize in using blockchain technologies and fintech projects, some companies are experts in using JS frameworks, and some companies are exclusively engaged in e-commerce projects. A specialized software development company will provide insights into the market niche by assessing the technical feasibility of your plans and provide an extra, independent analysis of the associated business risks.

Hiring a software development firm allows many business owners to work within their strengths and focus on the areas where their attention, knowledge, and energy are truly necessary. In short words, cooperation with an IT agency provides delegation benefits.

Hiring a  software development company enables a more secure environment for your project because signing a contract with an established tech partner reduces cybersecurity risks.

Another benefit of hiring a software development company is bringing a new perspective. In many cases, internal teams and business founders have one-track minds that can lead the project stagnation. Keeping an open mind and looking at a project from different perspectives allow moving forward and bringing new marketing ideas.

If the benefits of the option meet your needs, you can hire a software agency with one click or consider alternative options.

Alternative options to build a tech team for companies

Honestly, hiring a full-service software development agency has not only advantages but also weak points for entrepreneurs.

If you have only a product idea, you can’t hire the right technology partner without the tech consultancy, business plan, and clear project requirements. You should know your project’s requirements and proper budget, allowing an agency to estimate your project and ensure the project quality. In many cases, hiring a software development company can be expensive, especially for startups. That is why you should consider alternatives to build a tech team for your project.

In-House team

If it isn’t present any urgency and you are ready to dig deeper into tech team management, it can be a good option for complex and long-term projects.

But there also are many risks to the project. 

First of all, you need to spend some time hiring experienced software engineers. Another problem is the lack of expertise in different areas. You must spend time and money to hire the relevant specialist. But one of the biggest in-house software development risks is the dismissal of employees. They can go away, and you’ll need to invest in hiring new team members again, increasing project duration.

Freelance software developers

Contrary to popular belief, freelance software developers are not the cheapest option for IT projects. But it is a good option if you need a couple of software engineers for a short time (several months) on relatively simple projects or specific tasks. But this option is not for you if you need a team of experts.

Also, you should remember project security to stay safe while working with freelancers.

Outsourced tech team

This option is in many ways similar to collaboration with a full-service software development agency. You get the professionals who can help you, although it won’t be as quickly as hiring an IT company. But working with experienced remote programmers usually are cheaper than the software development agency’s services. In short, outsourced tech teams can significantly reduce the cost of your project.

Indeed, there are disadvantages that you should know about. The main cons of hiring an external team of software developers are lack of communication compared to in-house teams and some negative effects on employee morale. 

Which options may be better for your project?

The short answer to this question is the cost-effective option will be better for any project. But the problem is you never know the real cost until you sign a contract with your tech partner. The cost of failure can be higher, taking into account the macroeconomic factors.

The current global recession is likely to be unusually long and severe, and the recovery sluggish. Interest rates will increase around the world to beat inflation. It means the easy money era ends for cash-burning tech companies. To build a successful business, you must optimize the cost to software developers without losing the product quality.

How to do that? 

Experts such as Victor Purolnik, founder of Trustshoring, help entrepreneurs start and scale tech businesses by hiring remote developers and software development agencies. In this way, you can avoid risks related to working with outsourced software developers or IT agencies and get strategic advice on the project development process that fits your company culture, creates progress, and doesn’t break the bank. Getting a free consultation will take only 30 minutes but can save a business or startup. Book a call.

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