SEO for architecture firms

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SEO for architecture firms

In fact, the success of many businesses in the world, be it big or small, is dependent on SEO now. Many companies out there irrespective of their fields are banking on SEO strategies for the growth of their businesses. SEO for architecture firms also plays a crucial role in the expansion of the company’s growth both in the local and global scale.

I’m sure you have searched plenty of times, “SEO for architects” or “SEO for an architecture firm” to create an effective SEO strategy for your website. Well there is the right place where we will discuss the tips for SEO for architecture firms.

Make sure that your website’s design is responsive 

We, as humans, are always prone to seeking comfort. That includes accessing a website as well. A website is pleasant to be viewed and accessed when it is mobile friendly. While setting up the blogs or the pages in your firm’s website, go the extra mile to make sure they have a mobile -responsive design. A responsive design comes handy when it can fit any size screen as one never knows where a person is viewing your website from, be it a desktop, smartphone or a tablet.

Building your website design mobile friendly makes it appear more user friendly. This means that the visitors to your website can read content, click through the menus, use the buttons, fill in the forms from the choice of their devices, saving their time and yours. 

It seems weird but some web designers do not take into account the specifics of mobile design. This is why you should hire professional web designers who know about responsive design.

It is F5 Studio web agency's project for ARCO construction company from New Zealand is indroduction in the full presentation of this project
F5 Studio redesigned the website for ARCO (commercial construction firm)

Use keywords

Keywords are one of the foundational elements of SEO. These terms are what searchers enter into the search engines and are virtually questions posed by users that the search engines intend to answer.

Keywords help search engines determine your pages’ content and relevance to the search terms.

The good news is that when you’re writing your page’s content (copy), these keywords should flow naturally, as you’re the expert in your field and are only talking about what you know.

But, you’ll get an edge up on the competition, if you use these few tips about keywords.

Create multiple landing pages

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, building an architecture firm’s website and making  it rank in the top searches takes time, even a few years. Every page of your site can be a landing page. The visitors to a website land on this page after they click a link on the Google SERP (search engine results page), other site, emails, online ad, and social media.

Often SEOs and marketers focus on a home page search engine optimization but there are many other pages that can drive traffic. For example, it can be the Projects page, Portfolio page, How to page or Home Security page.Which page would be better to use? It depends on the informational architecture of your site and marketing strategy. 

The notion of “More the merrier” applies in this scenario. If your website has multiple landing pages where the visitors in your website can click and navigate, then you will have more traffic to your website. 

Do not just create a landing page just for the sake of having a URL, keep in mind that it has to suffice a specific purpose.

As you can see this tip requires the strategy-driven approach to your site informational architecture. So, this tip is good, if you plan to create a new site or redesign your old site.

Include blogs in your website

One of the most effective and easiest ways for more visibility of your website is to include blogs  into your website. Posting blogs regularly can make your website look efficient and expand the landing pages without changes in the informational architecture of your site. A blog can help you to attract a variety of clientele.

Blogging not only makes your website become a regular place for the customers to visit but also it helps your website to become more SEO friendly. In a blog you can use the high-ranking keywords of the architecture industry and the common words that an architecture client usually searches for which leads to the appearance of your website automatically on their google search. A blog also gives an architecture firm the   platform to showcase their authority and expertise on their various services that they provide and other hot topics that are booming in the architecture industry currently.

This helps in building a loyal reader base thus ultimately converting them to leads for your architecture firm’s clientele. So, if you want your architecture firm to provide services for a wider range of clients locally and nationally, blogging can be your go to option to boost the SEO for architecture firm’s website.

Unfortunately blogging takes time and money and can’t guarantee success. You need a really big idea to make your blog the effective part of your SEO strategy. In many cases it would be better to start from updating the content of pages.

The advantages of images

The importance of being aesthetically pleasing and relevant is not unknown to   the people from an architectural background. An architect is aware of the immense power of visuals that holds the proof of an architect’s work and an architecture firm’s successful ventures. High resolution photos and videos play a critical role in the SEO for architecture firm as they keep the visitors engaged from the moment they have laid their eyes on your homepage to the most recent blog post they’ve read. To make it more user friendly add a name and captions to the images when it is possible. You can mix the visuals with the copy.

Using images can’t boost your ranking but it engages your visitors. So, it improves the conversion rate of your website. 

Use social media

If you are an introvert and do not believe in being social, it may work in your personal walk of life, but professionally saying no to social media can be a huge blunder for the SEO for the architecture firm that you are trying so hard to    promote. Keep your followers, visitors and clients know about your recent projects and developments so that the next time they need anything related to architecture, your firm is the first name that pops up in their minds. Gone are the days where social media was used only for connecting friends around the world, now it connects businesses too. 

A strong presence in social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit can boost up your reach ten fold. You can share the behind the scenes, your firm’s thoughts on the latest development in architecture, a sneak peek into what goes on in the employee’s lives in the office, your achievements and even the new opportunities. This not only helps you connect at a more personal level with your followers but also makes your firm one of the big players who know how to   attract more audience and keep up with the times, which will often hook more people into visiting your website.
Do you need some practical advice?You can read Few tips on social media marketing for construction contractors and Reasons why business social media pages fail

Build a strong engagement with your readers

SEO for architecture firms is mostly about engagement. It’s the secret weapon on how you can keep your website’s engagement with the viewers at an all time high. It’s advisable to research on the trending topics that are currently going viral in the architectural field. This way, you not only have a website that truly cares for the services they provide, you also have a website that imparts knowledge and expertise in the field of architecture.


The first and last thing to consider when improving your SEO position is your audience. As much as SEO is about algorithms and bots, it is first and foremost about the audience you are trying to attract.

Create everything with your ideal client persona in mind. This persona is a fictional identity based on real audience data within your niche market. It includes a name, age, gender, career, earnings, spendable income or project budget, decision-making process, and lifestyle habits.

Write copy and place graphics as if you are having a conversation with this person. Set up your website’s navigation in a way that they would easily understand.

In this way you will drive relevant, valuable traffic on your site. Do you need advanced SEO services? Contact F5 Studio.

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