The Pros and Cons of IT recruiting Agencies

By Roman Berezhnoi June 22, 2021 181 views

The Pros and Cons of IT recruiting Agencies

There are several advantages and disadvantages to using the IT staffing agency or IT recruiting agency for your business. Moreover, it is also important to weigh them when hiring employees for your company insted of outsourcing development and design processes.

Here is a list of all the pros and cons you need to consider to make a well-informed decision when choosing a staffing agency for your company:


Reducing business liabilities

The temporary workers perform their duties just as employees under a business direction. An IT recruiting agency covers all the compensation insurance, general liabilities, payroll taxes, worker pay, and other costs associated with the employee.

Using an IT recruiting agency gives an employer the ability to test their employees for making any long-term commitment. Businesses can observe their working habits, skillset, interaction abilities with the other full-time employees in the company. This also reduces the risk of miscommunication and irregular teamwork after a successful hire. 

Additionally, if a contract worker gets sick and contracts, it is the responsibility of the IT recruiting agency to pay for the treatment of the employee. This law requires certain employers to provide their employees with paid sick leaves, expand their family and medical leaves, and more for specific emergency situations.

Reduced hiring time

As an employer, you do not have to look through hundreds of under-qualified applicants or waste time talking with uninterested candidates.

A professional IT recruiting agency will save you a lot of time and money that is associated with qualified candidates which reduces the time of recruiting. The hiring agencies check all references, screen candidates for the right qualifications, shortlist potential employees, and other checks for all the stages of the interview. 

Access to a better talent pool

An experienced IT recruiting agency has spent years building a standard database of potential candidates to aid your talent requirements for the company.

Posting a position on a job board and hoping to find the best candidates can be a hit and miss. The method can take several weeks or months for you to find the best candidate and you can often not find permanent employees. 

An IT recruiting agency can reduce your employee search cycle to days from weeks or months. They can leverage their large talent network to find the right candidates within the time frame of your offer. This process helps you save a lot of money and time.

Reduced expenditure for companies

Using an IT recruiting agency eliminates your direct costs for the market. IT recruiting agencies attract talent, reduce employer’s overhead by excluding benefit costs. Moreover, a recruiter also improves an employer’s cash flow, reduces overtime costs, and provides a tough skill-set for affordable rates. 

Access to flexibility

During economic uncertainty and general slow periods, IT recruiting agencies offer employees extensive flexibility by bringing sets of skilled developers to complete several short-time projects and assignments. 

An employer has the ability to hire a contractor to complete any work and let them go without issues when the assignment is complete. This creates a win-win situation for the contractor and the employee. While the contractor makes money by being employed, the company can get their work done at reduced long-term costs. 

Saves onboarding and payroll costs

A staffing form takes care of all the contract employees and their onboarding paperwork and documentation for a job. 

Moreover, the agencies take care of all employee-related payroll taxes, provider workers’ compensation insurance, general liability insurance, and unemployment benefits.

Hiring an IT recruiting agency for your project requirements also does not have any costs with health care, retirement plans, sick days, and extensive vacation pay. 

In-depth market knowledge

A staffing specialist provides an employer with access to years of market knowledge. A good staffing firm can let you access a wide range of salary packages for a particular position, market history, and passive candidates. There are several new opportunities in the market with several active potential employees looking for better chances. 

These will act as a resource and a recruitment partner who will help you present your opportunities to candidates with the best skillset.


Time-consuming training

Having a full-stack developer working for your company temporarily means having a learning curve. What creates an issue for the training process is that, although the process needs to be shortened, not all IT recruiting agencies can complete it quickly and efficiently. 

A manager of the IT recruiting company may not have the time to train all the candidates as thoroughly as they train a direct-full time employee. But professional recurring agencies can improve their typical learning curve and the time required for adjustments in the process.

Team bonding and culture Issues

A temporary worker may not mesh well with all long-term employers in the company.

Full-time employees and new staff may have a short-term view of each other during work. This effectively results in reducing the ability of the team to bond and create interpersonal interactions and relations. 

Loss of control

If you are outsourcing your hiring process, the IT recruiting agency does not have absolute knowledge of your company culture. Moreover, if you are using the wrong staffing agency for your company, they might not be able to cater to your employer brand and opportunities for your company as well as you could.

Wrapping Up!

Though working with the IT recruiting agencies may not be the best solution for all companies, the advantages of the process outweigh the disadvantages in most cases. While you might be looking for permanent employees, a temporary workforce can reduce the burden of your in-house team and assist you in completing all the IT projects on time and on budget.

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