The Real Cost of Poor Website Quality

By Roman Berezhnoi May 12, 2020 443 views

The Real Cost of Poor Website Quality

Have been attempting to create the website for business? If yes, then you should look at some of the facts which were collected by F5 Studio web development agency and Digital Agencies. It is time to share the experience to help business owners to avoid mistakes and save money.

Many business owners to focus on digital marketing and to invest a lot of money in SEO and web advertising.

However, there are chances that the traffic that you are drawing to your website might not get converted into potential leads. Why? The answer to this question lies in the satisfactory experience of a visitor.

It means that even after your great efforts in improving the ranking of your website in the Google search, there are very good chances that you might not create a good customer base. It could be a great failure from the perspective of return of investment.

So how would you get your visitors satisfied?

You could do that by eradicating the website quality issues.  Numerous issues can rust the effectiveness of your well-versed website, such as the pages which are bloated or are broken. A visitor might find them vicious. Out of all, 40% of these issues are categorizes as critical, which needs your immediate concern

What does the loss of visitors cost for marketing companies? The loss of visitors reduces the effectiveness of the investment by the marketing companies. The effectiveness is reduced to 20%. Now how much do you think it should be with the thousands of dollar invested in the same thing? Do not bother to calculate, it would be quite a great figure.

With Covid-19 in effect, the retail market has got badly hampered. While the retailers are experiencing a huge trough in their market, the online e-commerce market might get a boost, as there could be a complete shift of the market from retail shops to e-commerce websites.

The unawareness of companies towards the impact on website issues can be a problem for their business in future.

There have been several types of research from many companies, which reports a negative impact of the website errors on the visitors and traffic on the website.

The companies also experience an issue in creating a particular system to deal with such kinds of error within a website. They should understand that there is no way with which technicians can solve all the issues regarding the technical errors, but these errors must be free from website errors.

What could be the possible solution to this thing?

A company could formulate a system through which marketing, tech, and (in some cases) legal things can work together. This coordinated form of work could lead to the formation of an easy passageway through which the company’s high-stake investment can be put on less risk.

SomeboSomebody audits the quality of a business website and draws notes on white paper

To determine the importance of issues

Although the survey of our observations seems subjective, we think it should be spelled out.

Corporate and branding sites had more problems overall than e-commerce sites. Owners of ecommerce websites know that issues reduce a revenue. But some ecommerce industries show the huge number of critical issues. The highest proportion of the most severe problems turned up in beauty and personal care. Sites in this industry group tend to be content-focused, that means using of many embedded photos and videos. Business owners typically pay little attention to optimizing the size and delivery of these assets in order to improve load time. Oversized pages accounted for 40% of issues in this category. And even if our web developers fix issues, website admins will add oversized pages again.

The business and industrial category should have fewest issues, as B2B sites have less functionality and are less complex. But, in fact, we noticed many issues as non-optimized images, bad UX design and lack of information about product or services. Many B2B websites have no clear marketing strategy.

F5 Studio’s web project managers described issues and did the categorization of the most issues. What are those issues? Let’s have a look.

High priority fixes

Among all the issues that they identified, these issues constitute almost 40% of the total problems. These are very critical and severe problems which seek immediate response and alteration. Here are some examples of high priority fixes, such as oversized pages – they might extract a lot of data while loading; slow-loading pages – these might not load immediately and might take more than 2-3 sec to load; moreover, broken pages – they do not load.

Middle priority or recommended fixes

These problems also need to be renounced soon, but not with the same priority. Here are some examples of recommended fixes, indexable pages which do not possess a sitemap, pages which lack compression, and the pages which do not possess nofollow attributes. The researchers found that these issues not only affect the visiting time of a customer but also affects the overall ranking of the website on Google.

Low priority or optional fixes.

These issues were not more than 30% of the total and these issues not necessarily drop the visiting time of a customer. However, there are chances that these issues can cause them enough inconvenience that they would not gain enough good experience.

Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a website that focuses on the same, then do not remain cautious while understanding the strategies of your competitor.

Costs and value

During one of latest project, we discovered that 10 pages of a website had broken links. We analysed Google Analytics and Google Search Console and found, the company had been losing 24% of its organic traffic and 11% of its referral traffic.

Most companies aren’t aware of the money that they are losing each month because of website quality issues. Unfortunately you can’t calculate loses accurately in many cases. But that’s just one example of how much you can lose money.

As we known server load time and number of visits are closely correlated. When load speed falls for just one second, website can lose about 10% customers. In other words, every additional second costs, on average, between $3,000 (for food and grocery sites) and $9,000 (for business and industrial) each month.

So, if your marketing budget is $3,000, additional second of load time can reduce digital marketing spend effectiveness to nothing.

Also the quality of a website affects search engine optimization. So, website owner spends his money but, in fact, business lose money.

What must be done?

The very first step which a company needs to take is to start fixing their technical issues, as fast as they could. The priority, during the process, must be the critical ones.

Within most of the companies, the tech teams do not communicate with the marketing teams once a website is launched.

This is one problem but the bigger one persists. There is no individual or department which could dig deep into the quality of the website. For a company that seems another sink for resources, but business owners should understand it is an important step for their own business.

After a project is launched, it becomes the responsibility of the marketing team to handle the quality of the website and also to watch the user-experience. The companies should understand a marketing department does lack in taking the authority of handling the tech projects on priority.

Therefore, there are chances that the work might get delayed. We have seen even a delay of a second can cost a lost.

What could be the possible solution?

Business owner should think about this with a deep concern about the problem. He or she needs to audit of quality a website to stop loses of money.

Business owner can hire a web specialist who must be established to handle the quality of the website. But we recommend to hire experienced web development agency to solve a problem.

In F5 Studio we created our own process that helps our customers to fix issues of a website quality in the cost-effective way. We provide the audit of website through the methodolodgy that takes into account specifics of your market, an industry. A project manager creates the process of communication between web development team and UI, UX desiners, marketing and SEO services teams. This approach helps us to avoid issues and save money of our customers. For enterprise projects we build special communication plan that based on corporate culture of a company.

The screenshot the one of F5 Studio web project, notebool with improved website design.

Projex is one of F5 Studio web project. See full presentation in Our works

In any case, as business owner, you should remember that you can lose money because of quality of your website. Before you start new marketing campaign or to hire SEO agency or vice versa to reduce your marketing budget, try to audit the quality of a website.


With the booming usage of Internet among the end consumers, it has become more difficult to make one’s business successful overlooking the errors. A website issue had never been as a sin as it is today.

With the increase in mobile users, the ignorance of the quality of the website has become more punishable.

What a company would lose with these issues? They would have to pay their mistake with their booming traffic, their rank on Google, and also their potential leads, and efforts. Therefore, a company needs to pay attention to the growing importance of the quality of a website.

Therefore, one must focus on the process of control a website quality. Quality control pays. Armed with processes to oversee and ensure website quality control, companies can fix what’s broken, avoid future issues, and improve their website continuously with the end customer in mind.

If you doubt, you can hire the award winning web agency. F5 Studion on of these digital agencies, which guarantee satisfaction for all their customers.

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