Tips for Keeping Your WordPress Website Secure

By Roman Berezhnoi December 24, 2020 693 views

Tips for Keeping Your WordPress Website Secure

WordPress is a great platform that makes website development fast and cost-effective. With the platform’s features, it is possible to focus on creating content for your audience and not worry about coding. But it is also essential to take care that the plugins and themes installed on your WordPress site do not generate vulnerabilities that make the site weakened and hacked.

Is security concern justified?

You created your website, optimized it for search engines, created good content, and that’s it. Now, wait for the visits, right?


What about the safety and security of your website?

Keeping the site safe protects your data, also creates more credibility for visitors, besides earning points in the ranking of search engines. The attention should be even more significant when it comes to the corporate sites and e-commerce sites. Therefore, you must know the mechanisms to keep the site safe. However, to maintain the site’s security, some items are essential and must be taken care of immediately. Let’s see SEVEN tips for keeping your word press website safe from any cyber-attacks.

Invest in WordPress Secure Hosting

When it comes to WordPress security, you must choose a host that you can trust. Server security is the key to maintaining a completely secure WordPress environment. Several layers of security measures at the hardware and software level are needed to ensure that the IT infrastructure hosting WordPress sites can defend against sophisticated threats, both physical and virtual. For this reason, the servers hosting WordPress must be updated with the latest operating system and software, besides being thoroughly tested and checked for vulnerabilities and malware. The server must also be configured to use network encryption and secure file transfer protocols to hide sensitive content from malicious intruders. 

Use two-factor authentication at login 

We talked about secure passwords above, but if a criminal is very interested in hacking your site, this person will try all the alternatives. In this scenario, two-factor authentication creates yet another layer of security. Two-factor authentication consists of using two steps to verify the login. Besides using a strong password, you can receive an SMS with a unique code for each session, making fraud more difficult. 

The bars, chains, and lock that symbolize two-factor autentification
Two-factor authentication

Prevent spammers

You can also add captcha to prevent spammers from filling the site comments or massively creating users on the site. Just add a captcha system for login, registration, and comments on your site. Akismet will make it possible to maintain a pleasant and spam-free environment. 

A crucial point for security is not to allow usernames to be exposed on the site. A good practice is to create a name for each of the registered users, especially users with additional privileges.

Backup of website and database files 

If there is any difficulty while carrying out a procedure, such as updating a plugin or compromising the site’s content, it will be possible to restore the site to a state where everything was working correctly. The primary concern for having a specific word press website is to keep the components updated. So it is super important to keep all plugins and themes updated. As bureaucratic as it may seem, the updates made available by software developers are not just about functional changes. 

One of the main goals of these updates is to address security vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for them and check if any users are using an older version, to try to break into the site through the vulnerability fixed by the update. Stay tuned for updates to your WordPress plugins. Carelessness in something that seems banal can be expensive. It is impossible to have a 100% adequate security level, so prevention must be the watchword. The backup is one of the practices that ensure your site’s data integrity in case of any problems. 

Use secure and updated passwords 

Many people think that using easy and repeated passwords is a way to save time, but no time will pay for the damage of an invasion on your site. Fortunately, most providers require strong passwords, with acceptable practices for better protection, at least eight characters, with at least one number, uppercase, lowercase letters, and special characters. To prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to the WordPress admin panel, database, and FTP of the website, it is essential that different and strong passwords are used. Among the most common unsafe practices in creating passwords is the insertion of date of birth, zip code, excerpts from document numbers, and other personal information, which will undoubtedly be sought by anyone who is very interested in breaking into your site. The more random the password, the more difficult it will be to crack. There are free password generators, easy to find on the internet, that can help formulate them. Another critical factor for the security of your password is periodic renewal. Determine a frequency for this exchange.

Have third party access control 

Does your team have access to your website’s administration panel? Create particular rules for this access, including controlling how far each can access. Whoever creates content will not always need to access more technical areas, such as the database. This level of control reduces exposure and the possibility of intrusions. Make your password policy very clear with the tips we gave above. And, don’t forget to block the site WP-admin. The access to the WordPress admin panel is done through this page. So it is essential to change the original path. That way, it will be more challenging to find the admin panel’s access path to your site and use hacking techniques to get access.

Obtain an SSL / HTTPS Certificate

The SSL certificates are no longer a differentiator and have become a necessity. Some browsers block access to sites that they consider unsafe, which can significantly reduce traffic to sites that collect their visitors’ information. If you intend to have e-commerce, the SSL certificate will give the first layer of credibility so that customers believe that it is a particular word press website to send data. The SSL certificate is represented by the green lock in the navigation bar and HTTPS, in place of HTTP. It ensures that the data will be encrypted, creating yet another layer of security. Another critical factor in having an SSL certificate is your site’s gain in the ranking of search engines, which benefits HTTPS sites.

Protect wp-config.php 

The wp-config.php file is a critical and vulnerable file on your site. It contains crucial information and data about your entire WordPress installation. It is technically the core of your WordPress site. One simple thing you can do is take the wp-config.php file and move it to a directory above the root directory. Your site will not be affected by this change, but hackers will have to do a lot more work to find it. Please do not allow it to make unlimited login attempts on your WordPress administration screen, as this is a loophole used by hackers. If you allow them to try an infinite number of times, they will eventually discover your login details. Limiting the number of login attempts is the first thing that can block a possible intrusion.


Backing up your business website is merely creating a copy of all your website data and storing it in a safe environment. That way, you can restore it from this backup in case anything goes wrong. Use the Latest Version of PHP. PHP is the backbone of your WordPress site, and therefore, it is essential to use your server’s latest version. Each major version of PHP is usually supported for two years after its release. During that time, bugs and security issues are fixed regularly. 

These were the tips to keep your WordPress safe. We hope you will have a more significant basis to keep your site secure: protect your assets, deliver the best experience for the visitor, and gain more prominence in the search engines. It is essential to see your website’s security as an investment and not as a cost, as you are protecting your company and ensuring credibility so that customers can navigate with peace of mind.

You are always recommended to hire professional WordPress experts online at affordable prices for better website engagement, safety, and security.

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