UX design: Mapping customer journeys

By Roman Berezhnoi May 18, 2021 387 views

UX design: Mapping customer journeys

User experience is a vital factor in accomplishing success and building a great reputation for your brand on the Internet. There are a lot of ways to improve a customer journey on your business website and achieve it in the best possible way. Obtaining valuable feedback from the users without experiencing their pain firsthand is a challenge. In the present scenario and market situation to increase customer engagement is a necessity, and to achieve it, all the possible strategies need to be implemented by a business. A lot of things can be learned from remediation to dedicate more resources towards the customer or client.

UI/UX design services for web development of startup sites  is a solution that helps you to grow the relationship even with the dissatisfied client. Secondly, it helps to gather valuable data to assist the creation of personal and future user Journeys. Witty data you can quickly analyze the design of future products, but there are some critical factors for success which needs to be taken into consideration sincerely which includes:

Increase engagement

All the users should have confidence in your ability to solve their problems; otherwise, they will get frustrated with the performance, low-quality content, etc. When a customer has no confidence, then it is known as the tier scenario. The solution is to take immediate action to increase engagement and obtain feedback that informs remediation.

If the feedback is negative and indicates severe dissatisfaction with the product, the necessity of a drastic approach increases. Look for the opportunity to observe users at their work and solve query issues as soon as they arise. Put yourself in the client’s shoes so that you have an in-depth analysis of the product and an understanding of the business. This approach will help you to create a truly useful website for your visitors.

In what context the user is engaged with the product is the primary goal of observation activity. It is imperative to remain impartial and watch and record details with analysis and questions as and when required. Being unbiased, patient, and non-judgmental during user research sessions is the key to pushing business towards success. All the tasks can be grouped depending on the objective they serve. Some observation tips and a key consideration for business analysis that should be kept in mind while observing users:

  • Understand the typical outline of the user’s day. Outline the user activity during the day and mark all potential tasks.
  • Understand the importance of how impactful the described action is for the end-user and how they perceive a given task.
  • Analyses that clients need to exchange or pass any needed complete information to others as interaction is significant.
  • Understand the information, tools or things which are used to perform the task.
  • Ensure that the level of performance expected by the user for each specific task is met or not. Do they expect instant results for the accepted actions after some time also?
  • The user’s experience needs to be taken into note that they are frustrated or happy with the things they use.

Understanding these things allows you to create a good customer journey map.

Be Transparent

You should be mindful that while engaging directly with the users, they are potentially disrupting the user’s workflows. So, transparency plays a central role from the start.

Communication should be done precisely, keeping in mind where it is needed, where the feedback is obtained, and why it is essential. Using transparency from the start helps all the operations will be of more understanding, and no disruption will be business analysis need to be engaged:

  • With a variety of users
  • From roles of decision makers
  • Operations
  • Data management
  • Support
F5 Studio created unique button labels for autobodyshop website that improved click rate
Mapping customer journeys for the auto body shop’s website.

Develop personas and user journeys

Customer-centric research and development are essential to establish a proposition on your business website. The key is preempting the issues users may have with understanding the features of products. The two highly effective methods of building in this process are:

  • Personas
  • Journey Maps

A customer journey map includes such important information as:

  • What pages people visit, and in what order
  • The specific steps customers take to achieve their desired results
  • All the points of interaction between your company and your customer via the website
  • Which aspects of your site people find helpful and which they find frustrating
  • Where you need to be providing support, from brand discovery through post-purchase

Customer journey maps help to provide an in-depth understanding of customers’ business challenges and their interaction with your website. Apart from this, they allowed us to take targeted action and improve customer experience, setting the critical priorities and defining relevant use cases. Journey maps are known for setting benchmarks for quality control and end-to-end testing.

The factors such as context progression performance expectations and emotions are considered through website use. It is highly beneficial for UX design for startup sites.

Collaborate to succeed

The data gained by marketers or UI/UX designers are fed into the team as well as personas and journey maps. These data are collected by feedback from real users. You should ensure that the products are built with the customer-centric mind said through the data collected. It is very significant to create a user journey based on honest customer feedback.

Once remediation has occurred, up-grading secured interest, and a collaborative relationship with clients into new or improved product roadmaps can be extended.


Mapping the customer journeys plays a significant role in the startup websites design (especially for financial, cost management, SaaS products). It is often that a business owner is willing to dedicate time to improve the website. Grabbing this opportunity to take out time to dedicate the resources to build a positive impact and a positive one is critical.

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