Website Traffic or Leads: Which is More Important?

By Roman Berezhnoi October 29, 2020 207 views

Website Traffic or Leads: Which is More Important?

Just because your website traffic is high doesn’t mean necessarily that you are earning a lot through that channel. Digital marketers are indeed well aware that lead conversions hold an essential part in the business. But when the reality comes, it is seen that the rate of website conversion is even below average. It is a fact that the number of website visits can be useful when that increases the number of leads and options for sales. For increasing the leads, some concrete steps are needed to be taken. Therefore, you need to know the following and make your strategies accordingly. If you are dedicated to the below-mentioned details, you will realize why and how the leads matter in your company’s whole fabrication. 

Website traffic to your site doesn’t always mean more money in the bank.

At the very outset, there are many having ideas that website traffic increase is all that they need to have. The importance of website traffic is indeed undeniably high. But when that comes to the real business, then thinking seriously about increasing the leads is essential. Because real customers  bring you the money.

Choosing the best digital marketing agency can help your website generate more leads, sales and revenue as they can identify these aspects of business development and accordingly solve the matters. But you can do some actions by yourself. Start from customers research to understand Buyer’s decision process.

To do so, you need to go through a proper understanding of your website so that the generated leads can be fruitful for your business. You can find 17 lead generation strategies that work in 2021 and beyond in this lead generation guide.

Having an unbiased look at your website and comparing it with the digital marketing activities going on all around can help you have a clear notion of your purpose with this online platform. The website can be a very introduction to your business for online customers. So make sure you find your website directly addressing the visitors as per, making sure what they have to do, is concerned. Regarding that, you may have to start from the very beginning and arrange for the essential things for building up a relationship with the visitor. But you need to know for sure what you intend to make your website do with the visitors. 

Based on content

It seems obvious, the Internet is based on content (text, video, audio, images). The content is vital for search engine optimization and social media optimization, online-advertising. People use words to search products, services and information about companies. People use content to make a choice, to purchase a product or choose a service provider. Unfortunately many business owners don’t invest in content.

A proper content marketing strategy can offer two more website conversion rates than the usual.  When it comes to increasing the traffic as well as organic visibility and revenue, then content marketing happens to be one of the most important parts there. Also, you need to combine content marketing with search engine optimization and social media marketing. F5 Studio’s SEO team creates SEO marketing strategy to bring together these activities.

Try to understand your target audience. Which content do they prefer? Is it the text, images (infographic), video or audio content? What do they search? How do they search? Do they use mobile devices more than desktop? Do they use voice search? Which problem do they want to solve? How can your company help them? How do your competitors help their clients?

As you can see there are many questions and you have to find answers. These answers will help you to create content and SEO strategies. Well, the easiest way to do that would be to simply order professional SEO services and digital marketing services. But anyway, digital marketers will ask you these questions. So, you need to be prepared. 

The Google SERP on smartphone screen with result of search Google Analytics
We recommend you to use web tracking tool to measure the quality of traffic

Case studies

Through the case studies, you will be able to offer all the proof and usefulness of your product or service to the online visitor. They can relate their own experiences with these real-time examples and likewise build up trust over your business. It helps to build a significant difference between the company’s commitments and the essential services it provides. For example, if you can show how your services have helped some specific person, you can expect more people to fill up your form for the same. 

The inclusion of the case study happens to be meaningful there for the reasons above. You need to be specific on these parts. Use graphical representation of your studies, add video. Also you should add the opinion of experts. In this way your studies get real trustworthy and authority.

Using the white papers

Using White papers can help you a lot as this supports in building the trust and interest over the service and products that you have. They do not promote your service and products like a sales pitch but rather educate the visitor’s about the same so that they can figure out why your product Bosch service tops the list.

Integration of the points of conversion

If you don’t have enough opportunities on your website so that the visitors can turn into the potential leads, then that is a very grave issue. In fact that is a very common issue for many websites. Then there comes the use of the micro conversions. This includes options for watching a video on the website or looking at the FAQ page, options for eBook downloads, or blog post-reading. As it is true that many of the visitors prefer to do all these activities, they can be subject to micro-conversions.

Start off by asking yourself some questions: Is it obvious to see where I can get information or contact the right person? Are the forms easy to fill out? Does this field make sense? Can I make it easier to fill forms? 

It is all about UI/UX design and understanding your visitors. That is why it’d be better to order professional UI UX design services. It isn’t an expensive way but it can boost conversion rate on your site.

Mobile-based conversion opportunities

Some businesses are prone to you getting mobile traffic. If your business belongs to that category, it will be wise not to overlook that medium as a good source for generating leads. To make sure that the User experience turns out to be the best, you have to sit in the chair of the user and wonder on the relevant questions such as which is the most obvious place to get all the information from the mobile-based website or how can you fill-up the forms so quickly, etc. You have to provide the most modernized versions of the website there so that the users can be comfortable using the same.


It is, therefore, safe to say that leads generation are more important for your business than website traffic. Is however the most important and tricky task in Lead conversion happens to be arranging proper time as well as resources for filling up the gaps. As I wrote you can do some actions by yourself. But the ability of a website to generate leads is a key thing that determines professional corporate web development services. So, if you want to get your business to a new level, it makes sense to hire professional website development specialists. On the other hand, you should have basic knowledge about professional approaches and I hope this article was useful for you.

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