What are dynamic landing pages, and why should you use them?

By Roman Berezhnoi August 5, 2021 423 views

What are dynamic landing pages, and why should you use them?

The majority of the Internet and social media users watch the ads that pop up on their screens based on their browsing history. There is a little less obvious thing called personalized landing pages that you click on from a Google Ad or a social media post. So the article will focus on dynamic landing pages that display different messaging to different visitors based on their choice, interests, location, search history, etc. 

The dynamic landing page is a form of customization that can boost the conversion rate and online traffic by interacting directly with the individuals concerning their specific customer demand. 

The blog will discuss what dynamic landing pages are in detail, along with the advantages and benefits. You will also get an idea about the landing pages development process. 

What is a Dynamic Landing Page?

A dynamic landing page shows different messages to different users based on key factors like location, keywords, fields of interest, etc. 

You can optimize the dynamic landing pages for organic search. Digital marketers use the dynamic landing pages mainly for the PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns with the central objective to match the ad groups and the key search terms. The primary idea is to change the headline or the body easily and quickly to align with the concept or word the users search for, enhancing the probability of conversion. If the headline matches with the ad copy, it makes the process simpler for the audience to search for the item of their choice. There are also providers available who will enable you to create and optimize template-style landing pages and modify the content pattern accordingly. 

Benefits and Advantages:

Possibility to Enhance Conversion Rate

One of the most important reasons to consider utilizing dynamic landing pages is the probability of boosted conversion rate. The main motto is to customize the page with appropriate keywords to make the page more relevant to the user’s specific needs and demands. The creation of landing pages are not dependent on a single marketing campaign or a set of similar keywords. 

For example, if a user searches for a T-shirt – a dynamic landing page will automatically be customized based on various crucial factors like the user’s location or choice, for example, “men’s T-shirt low-price offer” or “red-colored T-shirt for men”.

More effective and specific customization has also been implemented to drive more conversions. For example, the location reaches the user’s query even before she/he reaches out for it, like “Are red T-shirts available in markets near my location?”

Periscope conducted an experiment where 50% of traffic searching for housekeeping was suggested on the standard page and the other 50% traffic searched on a page inserted with the location already. The latter half got success in their search process speedily. 

Different surveys have revealed the conversion rate has increased by 9.2% on desktop, with the use of dynamic landing pages, and 25.2% on smartphones. 

Quality Improvement 

Landing page experience is one of the most fundamental elements to affect the quality or standard, for example, Google’s method to rate the quality or the relevance of the PPC campaigns. The process helps to fix the cost per click.

Consequently, dynamic landing pages engage optimization and customization to add more relevance to the content, improving the Quality Score. Though it is not the primary goal of most marketers, it possesses deep value in considering the development process of creating landing pages with a Pay per Click (PPC) campaign. 

More Trial, More Success

With more relevance and enhancement of conversion rate for specific campaigns, a fruitful benefit of the dynamic landing pages is to enable the marketers to implement a test and learn new strategies out of the trial.

With the customization based on location and keywords, a dynamic marketing campaign can also apply tests on discounts and special offers. Here, the companies can find whether different users respond differently to multiple discount offers and how the sales offer impacts the purchase rate. In short, dynamic landing pages allow the companies or brands to test to find out the most potent variables. 

The entire process implies that the gross investment in the creation of landing pages will prove to be prosperous and lucrative in the course of long-term strategy and short-term goals. 

Availability across Platforms

Dynamic landing pages are not only available to the shoppers or buyers who click through Google Ad or search queries. The users or buyers can also avail dynamic landing pages through mails, social media platforms, and blogs.

Developers need to make the transition smooth and swift to make the process as flawless as possible in dynamic landing pages. There is no requirement to edit HTML. 

Which Sections to Optimize?

A remarkable advantage of dynamic landing pages is that the developers can optimize different parts of a page rather than changing a single element. The headline is the most significant section, to begin with, as it has a profound impact on the users.

The second most important section is the body text that guides the users with the products and services the company offers to its clients. 

Apart from heading and body text, the most significant element is the call to action. Marketers get only one chance to influence the users to take action in standard landing pages – it depends on the users only what word or phrase will touch their minds in depth. In the creation of landing pages, the developers can optimize the call to action based on different variables. 

The variables include the user’s previous experience, previous browsing history, and also past purchase history. 


To conclude the blog, we can deny the functionality and relevance of dynamic landing pages in generating more conversions and more online leads. The blog has discussed the landing page development process, how to optimize the website pages more effectively, and which parts should be more in focus. Hopefully, the digital marketing sector will enjoy the fruits of the creation landing page concept.

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