What is AngularJS? What are its Benefits?

By Roman Berezhnoi March 6, 2019 1.94K views

What is AngularJS? What are its Benefits?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework designed to create single-page web applications. Since there is still some confusion associated with the definition of these words, it is worthwhile to clarify. First of all, as already mentioned, AngularJS is a framework. The framework implies that instead of writing all the code, the developers themselves “play according to the pre-agreed rules”. These rules are the standards and tools of the selected framework.

AngularJS comes with many tools which make things easier for programmers. However, it is the developer’s task to know how to use these tools. The set of Angular tools includes filters, directives, two-way data binding, and many more.

We use AngularJS to build single-page web applications and websites. Thus, the browser will initially open only one page and additional content will be loaded as needed. With this approach, traffic is saved and the server load is reduced.

How beneficial is Angular.JS?

  • AngularJs is a derivative of JavaScript, so if you are quite familiar with JavaScript, you will have no hard time dealing with the framework.
  • AngularJS reduces application development time. This is achieved through built-in mechanisms that greatly assist the developer. One of these mechanisms is the built-in template engine. The template engine allows you to use AngularJS built-in commands for data output.
  • Another great tool that AngularJS provides is how the framework manages the DOM (Document Object Model) or, in other words, HTML tags. As a developer, if you frequently had to update the date on the user’s screen, you won’t have to go through that stress any more as AngularJs does this task automatically. All you have to do it to relate specific elements to their respective data and the information will be updated on the screen automatically when changes are made.
  • AngularJS uses an object-based approach to design, called MVC (Model View Controller). It is worth noting that, at the same time, with the classical approach, this model does not correspond to how the angular works with data. There is a more precise definition of its architecture – MVVM (Model View – View Model). It is worth noting, however, that in both architectures, data processing and their output to the user are separated. Thus, the output is a more structured code that is easily maintainable and easier to manage later. After all, development does not stop after the transfer of the product to the client, it often continues long after that in the form of either support, or adding functionality, or in correcting errors.
  • AngularJS was developed by Google engineers, so it is believed that more support and update will be released for the framework in the future. Additionally, there is a diverse and wide community organised around this framework. So it won’t be difficult to find solutions or answers to problems that might arise.

Why you choose Angular JS

The main aspect of the development of a web browser is an approach taken. A competent approach in managing the existing mechanisms and structural elements help save a lot of time and create convenient user interfaces in a short period of time. To date, there is a number of significant reasons which determine the relevance of AngularJS application for modern works on creating browsers.

Data-binding or constant data exchange

With built-in updates to the internal elements of AngularJS, the developer receives summary information without the need for a thorough preliminary check. The relationship between the design components and a data output for the user is one of the main supporting features of AngularJS.

Easy start

Development work begins with the installation of the system file angularJS. Required elements and built-in modules can be run as needed during the process of working with the application.

New standards for writing codes

Angular.js does not function on the basis of JavaScript elements combined with the DOM library, but with the use of new standards for writing HTML attributes. Thus, logical separation is achieved between reproducible content and the semantic load of the application. Such an application of less labour-intensive solutions will not only increase the efficiency of creating applications but also perform the required tasks with increased productivity.

Differentiation of software and design

The work on creating a web service is based on the interaction of programmers and designers, however, the concept of Angular JS defines a new approach that allows you to think through and refine the subtleties of content while the developer constructs the logic of the future application. This mechanism is based on {{param}} variables.

Creating single-page applications

Today, single-page applications and websites are in demand because they create the impression of interaction with standard programs that the user is used to. With AngularJS, you can transfer the main functionality to the browser without the need to install additional software, which facilitates and speeds up the work of the developer. In addition, this feature will allow you to easily create hybrid mobile applications.

Turnkey solutions

AngularJS does not have a rigid structure, but it has a certain number of modules for routing, such as UI-router or ng-table, UI-grid, through which work with tables and graphic elements is simplified. In this case, the feature of these modules is complete mobility and independence, that is, the components can function independently from each other. For example, such an advantage includes the Facebook login module, which can be applied simultaneously on different pages: when placing an order or on the start page.

The diagram depicts some important parts of AngularJS as data binding, providers, validators, directives, controllers, modules, expressions, factories, services, dependency injection, filters, scope

Useful items

AngularJS is a useful framework for creating web pages because it has a number of forms that allow you to optimize the work of the developer. Error handling is performed using built-in validators (ng-minlength, required, ng-required, ng-pattern, etc.), while the user can create individual forms and apply them for individual fields or for the entire project. The built-in Form Controller captures the status of existing forms, after which, using the information received, the developer can adjust the HTML elements by translating them into the UI. In addition, for formatting and making changes there are special filters through which you can enter data into templates and display them on a dynamic page.

Parallel work

Angular JS provides the opportunity to engage in the development of the project with a group of programmers since the modular concept allows you to disassemble the project into elements and combine them in the desired sequence. In addition, each of the modules is applicable to other projects.

Demand and popularity of AngularJS

  1. AngularJS fame is a significant factor in creating groups of like-minded people and users, which helps beginners to understand the subtleties of operation and application.
  2. Developer Tips – online help from people who have the skills to create a large number of projects based on the AngularJS application.
  3. It is no secret that the software was developed by representatives of one of the most popular search engines Google, which speaks of the professionalism and approach to the application.
  4. Each user, acquiring the framework, relies on regular innovations and improvements, by means of which he will be able to improve his skill level and perform work more quickly.
  5. Angular JS, in this context, refers to software that keeps pace with IT technologies and new developments.

To Sum up, I would like to note that due to the autonomy of the constituent modules, it is much easier to load elements and perform testing in automatic mode, and this eliminates the need to memorize the order of the files being processed. Thus, Angular JS is an optimal framework by which convenient single-page type web applications are created for both developers and potential users.

If you want to use AngularJS for your project, I would recommend you to consult F5 STUDIO project managers to get detailed information before you make a decision. Also you can hire F5 STUDIO front-end developer who has an experience in AngularJS.

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