Why practicing anchor text is so important?

Why practicing anchor text is so important?

The anchor content optimization is one of the common technique which remains the efficient and cost-effective way to improve on-page SEO.

With the noteworthy exertion Google has put into distinguishing anchor content control, it’s reasonable to say that it’s still a critical positioning factor. Google’s John Mueller has affirmed the convenience of anchor content for Google to recognize the setting of a bit of content. Because it’s so perilous to over-optimize your stay content and it’s moreover critical to have, at slightest a few, expressive stay content, the following step is to recognize what sort of anchor content you ought to endeavour to secure. You must avoid to use misconceptions that are represented as the best practice. Google use ‘weights factors’ differently depending on the website, industry, location and other signals.

There are different variations of these anchor texts and with that you will be able to figure anchor text optimization and its uses.

The different variations

There are four different variations and they are:

  • Brand name
  • Relevant to the topic
  • CTA (Call to action)
  • Naked URL

Brand name

A company’s name or varieties of its name may be a common anchor. A brand title can be combined with topically relevant or CTA anchors as well. This approach encompasses an inclination to be utilized in lattice arrangements, or for other item or company comparisons. As you see for the interface to the SEO Insect by screaming frog it makes sense to utilize the word “SEO Spider” as the anchor. Another variety could be a combination of brands together. There is always an appropriate way to use it one must follow accordingly.

The example of using brand anchor Moodja website with scrennshot of Ahref backlink analysis

As you can see our client Moodja use brand anchor

Relevant to the topic

Most marketers think of this variety when examining stay content optimization, and ought to be utilized cautiously. These stays are topically important or incorporate the target keywords of the goal page. Google states within the Interface plot rules that join with “optimized stay content in articles” may damage the rules in certain scenarios.

Google recommend the content ought to be set to anything makes sense within the article and upgrades the client experience. There are several ways to use anchors:

  • Phrase match anchor actually is a long-tail keyword. For example, we use phrase ‘how much Landing Page cost’ to link the article page to service page.
  • Broad match contains no keywords but will contain several variations.
  • Exact match is anchor with exact keyword(s), 2-3 keywords phrase.


Screenshot from Ahref of the backlinks profile F5 Studioe web agency to show types of anchor text


One need to understand the kind of words to use while implementing CTA text

Naked URL

Actually using the URL of a page is used when using references and citing

How to select optimal anchor text

First off, there is no one optimal anchor text distribution.

The complexity of search engine algorithms creates a massive obstacle for most marketers to completely reverse engineer Google’s algorithm and segment out all lurking or hidden variables to identify the exact profile.

However, steps below will provide guidance, and that’s as optimal as you can get.

Target page relevance

As search engines have matured, they have started identifying more signals for determining rankings. One signal that stands out among the rest is link relevancy. It means how related the topic of page A is to page B if one links to the other. A highly relevant link can improve the likelihood of both page A and page B ranking for queries related to their topic.

Identifying rankings and keywords

Stay content ought to be chosen based on the catchphrase specialty, as numerous specialties have distinctive flag weights. A basic way to set up watchword investigation is to analyze best pages: identify each of the niche/product/service/solution.

In other words you need provide keywords research for top pages.

Categorize and aggregate anchors

This step requires a bit of manual labour, but is a very important part of the process. You need to determine which type of anchor text you will use on certain pages (naked URL, broad, exact, phrase or CTA).

Categorized each keyword will be manually based on the Anchor Text Variations above. Like many analysis in content marketing and SEO, the categories are not always clearly segment-able into groups.

Pay attention to keyword density. You may get better results by striving for a variety of more natural anchor text phrases rather than the same keyword each time.

So you need more creativity to use anchor text for backlinks.

Final word

Selecting the anchor content for your SEO campaign contains a part of steps and ought to be affected through examination in order to build a natural link profile. This handle could be a step within the right course to dodge accepting a punishment whereas driving the short-term rankings required appearing natural activity development. There are a few more resources such as – Google patent update which suggests the change to anchor text signals, practicing the best anchor text for Google, The clarification of Internal ranking effects and anchor texts. They are essential for content marketing.

The above mentioned pointers will help you understand why anchor text is important for SEO the reason why you must practice it.