Why Your Online Store Needs a CRM

By Roman Berezhnoi October 20, 2020 212 views

Why Your Online Store Needs a CRM

Here we will talk about in detail how the CRM works for the benefit of the online shops and how one can make the best out of the lot. Also, we reviewed some CRM platforms for Woocommerce. 

When you are starting your ecommerce business, a great many things are relevant there, creative asset generation, inventory sourcing, a listing of items, digital marketing, payroll handling, customer inquiry management, and so on.

As your business grows up, the question remains, how would you be able to make your workday fully optimized and still show the efficiency that is required from you? The answer remains on the software. It is the perfect solution that you can look into.

Several e-commerce software is on the market, and you must have used some of them. Some are used for or bookkeeping while the others offer a multitude of services required generally. At the website development studio, you can expect complete support of your ecommerce site. But it is up to us to set things right. And CRM is one of the most important things for an ecommerce business.

The CRM, what is it?

CRM happens to be the acronym for Сustomer Relationship Management. This is the type of software useful for all kinds of business. It is used for capturing, managing, and growing specific companies.  This is the one-stop solution for you to manage your shop. 

As an example, you can think of a central operating system. The CRM is that very system that also happens to be the storehouse of your company’s facts and figures. As and when required, it offers contact data, history of purchase, preferences, emails, as well as reviews on social media and so on. Such a collection of information is of utmost relevance when it comes to the growth of the business. 

For example, it can be said that when a t-shirt shop owner runs the entire shop himself, then he may feel no complication in keeping the calculations and figures regarding his sales and discounts of a particular customer. But as his customers and employees start increasing, he will face difficulties in keeping track of all the figures. Here the need for a CRM comes up. Whether customer inquiries or sharing any information with the whole group or even keeping track of the customer feedback, the CRM is useful for all these processes simultaneously.

Two basic requirements from the CRM software

The popularity of the B2B business indeed gave birth to the CRM, but it will be wrong to assume that it is the only place where CRM is used. For both companies as well as customers, the CRM has a great value. You can check below to understand how the use of the CRM differs according to the company:

B2B and B2C companies with sales teams and corporate sites:  in this case, the use of the CRM is mainly done for tracking the software purchase status in the long process of sales. In this case, several people stay involved from both sides, and the tracking of the activities are done according to the contact record. For increasing revenue and streamlining the customer experience, this is a crucial step.

B2C companies with eCommerce sites:  in this case, the CRM is used to track customer purchases and future activities and adapt marketing campaigns for or better interactions fully customized. The data that this CRM saves is used for bulk emailing and for reducing abandonment of shopping carts. Along with the growth of your company employees, this system becomes all the more fruitful.

In the case of e-commerce business, the use of CRM comes handy in the following ways:

Proper maintenance of centralized record of your whole business:

Offering access to centralized records of your whole business is the most valuable part of your CRM. You can make segments in the system and use each segment for different processes, such as website analytics, advertising, email marketing, etc. All the data sync is comfortable and perfect in this case and can be accessed from a single portal. As a result, the whole process becomes much simplified. At the time of eCommerce site development, this is important.

You needn’t worry about updates and syncing of the data.

Manual update of the spreadsheets or database post-sales is hazardous and time taking work. This is much simplified with the use of the CRM. It offers you to connect with the platforms and find deep Jota the data flow as it is.

Customer lifecycle tracking and transaction repeats

It is quite essential to understand and measure the lifetime value that a customer has. You would want to have such customers who will continue to offer you revenue and help you in the growth of your business. This is possible with the CRM as identifying the customers with the highest value is accessible there. You can also make the campaigns for customer follow up and satisfaction.

Automated follow-ups

Sequential follow-up is possible with the CRM so that you can analyze a particular customer who meets the criteria of your specific service promotion. As a result, you’ll be able to create workflows when a customer buys a product or apps for a particular service.

Tracking of items and services

At the time the customer adds a specific product in their Shopping Cart, it means that he has 99% interest in purchasing that product. With the CRM, you will be able to track down which customers left from the Shopping Cart area as you will be able to address them again with something better than they can find comfortable with.

Customized offers for customers having specific traits and behaviour

Using this CRM, you will be able to create marketing campaigns and lists based on specific customer information. You can provide customized offers as well as discounts according to the traits of the customers. You can also make email campaigns that are based on the interests of your online visitors.

Analysis of your shop performance

Last but not least, a significant benefit from the CRM is its ability to measure your company’s marketing strategy in different channels. Creating reports and graphs concerning your marketing actions is possible that points out where you are going strong and where you are weak. 

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Best WooCommerce CRM Platforms to transform your eCommerce business

If you’re using WooCommerce for your ecommerce business, there are some CRM platforms which can help you to take the leap. As an experienced team of WooCommerce specialists we’d recommend you to choose CRM which is appropriate to your requirements. So, start with a list of requirements.

Also, you can start building your eCommerce business with collecting and segmenting customer information through the email platforms instead of CRM platforms. Email platforms such as MailChimp or Aweber offer Woocommerce integrations that allow you to use their features. Of course, email platforms can’t replace professional CRM systems. On the other hand this way helps you to save some money and to optimize business processes at the initial stage of your eCommerce business.

WP-CRM System

WP-CRM System is a free WordPress CRM plugin that allows you to manage your customers, projects, and tasks with ease. Also, they offer the paid premium package.

It is good for beginners.

Sales AutoPilot for WooCommerce

This solution makes sense if you’re already using Sales Autopilot. The plugin is free but you need to pay some money for CRM. The cost of the eCommerce and CRM package is $77 per month. 

It seems expensive but you get the high-quality support and features.


Their starter plan ticks most of the boxes for what you need in a WooCommerce CRM. It covers all (almost) matters related to sales and marketing. Free tier is free for up to 10 users. The paid plan starts from $14.99 per user per month. You can cut the price if you pay for a 1 year or 2 years contract.

It is a good solution for the small eCommerce businesses.

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

The WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager plugin has standard CRM tools and a basic interface, especially for those accustomed to WordPress. Regular license costs $50.

In short words, a small one-time payment while still getting a strong CRM.


Metrilo WooCommerce CRM integration is pretty comprehensive. It will make your WooCommerce analytics run smoothly without any painful integrations. Because it is one of the few CRMs that’s made just for WooCommerce. You can try the free trial. The paid plan starts from $119 per month. 

Such investment makes sense if your eCommerce business grows. It is a good solution for creation of excellent email marketing with your CRM.

HubSpot for WooCommerce

This plugin can integrate your business in a set of business tools of HubSpot. Also, the plugin comes with 7 ready-to-use ecommerce reports that help you make better decisions. The plugin is free, but you need to pay for HubSpot CRM (the price starts from $40 per month). 

Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM includes a core set of CRM features that have been executed incredibly well. This CRM platform looks excellent. But Jetpack CRM lives inside WordPress, which may mean scaling problems. It is a paid CRM platform and price starts from $11 per month (billed yearly). 

It is a good solution for entrepreneurs and beginners.

Salesforce Connector for WordPress WooCommerce

The whole point of this WooCommerce CRM is to sync all your WooСommerce products, categories, users and orders to Salesforce using eShopSync developed on Salesforce. All editions of Salesforce are supported by the plugin, so it doesn’t matter if you have Professional, Developer, Unlimited, or Enterprise. The plugin costs $199, and that’s a one-time fee.

It is a good solution if you plan on using, or are currently using Salesforce.


The information above, thus, proves that the multifarious use of the CRM brings perfect standard to the business process. Wise handling of each part of the business is possible as you make full use of the CRM. You need just to select the right CRM platform.

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