WordPress Backup Plugins

By Roman Berezhnoi March 15, 2022 593 views

WordPress Backup Plugins

There are many risks. Sinister individuals, hack attempts, unexpected errors, malfunctions, internet problems, and basically, anything could harm a WordPress website. 

To counter these risks, WordPress backup plugins are usually set up and added to the WordPress panels to help preserve users’ information and contents.

F5 Studio’s team that specializes in WordPress website development services gathered a list of the WordPress backup plugins.


BackupBuddy claims it protects content against uncalled-for crashes and malicious activities and hacks. It also presents a great help in repairing and optimizing websites which are most appreciated and much-welcomed. 

Using the BackupBuddy backup plugin is easy, and it doesn’t take ordinary users to wrap their heads around it. The entire road from the first time it pops up on the WP dashboard to the first manually-requested backup just takes up about a few clicks of time. Moreover, after installation, it becomes self-aware – not in a threatening world-ending fashion – and automatically and immediately begins uploading a current version of your website for further preservation. BackupBuddy saves the backup files in its cloud storage services like Stash (owned by them), Rackspace Cloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox. It even gives its users the option to email a version to themselves.

BackupBuddy charges users for its services but these plans come with their own extra features, which some might find more to their liking.

Jetpack Backup

Jetpack Backup from Automattic serves as an automated WordPress backup plugin. You could say it’s a gift from WordPress to WordPress to boost visibility, security, safety, and speed.

Like any other WordPress backup and migration plugin Jetpack, too, sets forth a road for those struggling with website crashes, hacks, stats, and security. It helps them save and backup their online information. Additionally, Jetpack has a mobile version to restore control to clients and users to manually set up backup schedules from anywhere and anytime.

The one thing that truly shines and stands out is its well-organized and user-friendly dashboard which doesn’t leave any room for complaints.

This feature-rich WordPress plugin also provides migration tools. Everything’s available on Jetpack, whether theme files, new databases, clone websites, restoring or repairing.

With the higher-paid plans, some security and other powerful aspects come into play for those with more serious needs. 

The lower plans kick off at $9.95 per month for daily backups and go all the way up to around 50 bucks for WooCommerce businesses in need of real-time backups.


UpdraftPlus tremendously helps out WP website owners

This powerful plugin has been repeatedly dubbed the most popular WordPress backup plugin in previous years. Here are the stats: over three million users! 

Many WordPress website owners retreat to UpdraftPlus for its incredible incremental backups, storing data on cloud services, or having the option for everybody to download their backup files. The free version offers almost everything in the WP 101 textbook, making it accessible to all walks of website runners.

UpdraftPlus sets the backups to manual at installation, but there’s the option to change that. Whether you’re going full auto or you’re a bit more old-schooled, everything’s only a few steps away from you in the plugin’s dashboard. 

The whole backup process is tailored-made, so even beginners won’t go through a tough time trying to save or restore their website.

Moreover, it automatically saves before updating to spare us from the scarce yet bitter and awkward of losing your stuff just because the WordPress backup plugin decided to update itself without your consent!

There’s a paid side to this WordPress backup plugin, which swoops in with extra features and add-ons.

WP Time Capsule Backup & Staging Plugin

Renowned for its unique and stylish interface and use of fewer server resources (it doesn’t compress backup files) to get the job done and backups saved, WP Time Capsule has been doing its job. With WP time capsule, you don’t stumble upon the classic dashboard. One thing that sets WP time capsule apart from other backup plugins is saving up, and reloading changed files instead of the whole website. 

Suppose you’re going through a hard time preserving your recent files and not the entirety of your WordPress website. In that case, the WP time capsule plugin is your go-to solution. It also speeds up the restoration process, enabling users to quickly return to a former status through multiple restore points created beforehand.

As much of the WordPress backup plugins, WP time capsule enlists cloud-service technologies to boost performance, reliability, and speed. This handy tool enables you to move your saved and backup files to sites like Backblaze, Amazon S3, Wasabi, Drive, and Dropbox.

WP time capsule installation is nothing to stress over as it’s a straight shot from registering to WP Time Capsule to the free plugin installation. 

You can get started for free for 30 days. You can choose paid plans or one-time payments.

WP Database Backup

WP Database Backup plugin is free but at the cost of only giving the option of database backups to its users. Talking about restores and backups, this WordPress backup plugin works impressively when it boils down to making everything a one-click stride; it makes backup and restores easy. 

Furthermore, automated or manual backups are for grabs with the WP database. So, you have control over your time with computerized preserves, or you can keep your website safe when immediate unwanted situations present themselves.

This free WordPress backup plugin operates with online cloud-service safe boxes such as Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, and Amazon S3. Additionally, a backup version could be emailed to your inbox for further use.

If you need more features you can use the premium version of the WP Database Backup plugin.

Total Upkeep

Total Upkeep guarantees to protect users against any unwanted and out-of-control mishaps that seem an inevitable destiny for any WordPress website owner. This means crashes, hacks, malfunctions, and any other kind of dangerous activity that threatens websites and their contents. It also offers to help with websites migration and moves from one host to another.

With Total Upkeep, you have the option to set up automated backups or automatically wine back to earlier points of your WP site. Total Upkeep WordPress backup tool will create backup files and send them various storage points (of your choosing) like FTP/SFTP, Amazon S3, or Google Drive in the premium version.

Please note that although Total Upkeep provides backup of the entire WordPress content and its database, separated backups are available too, and you can have a restoration file filled with certain WordPress files and folders.

Total Upkeep also aids with website protection and keeps a sharp eye on your website for errors with a built-in diagnostic toolset that could restore your site even if your WordPress installation is inaccessible. 

Total Upkeep is one of the cheapest solutions. You can use the license on unlimited websites.


This is not a complete list of the WordPress backup plugins. If you use a web search you will find at least a dozen plugins. F5 Studio’s WordPress development team recommends the most popular plugins among users.

Which plugin is better? If you low-tech person you can entrust your site to a professional WordPress developer. But you can choose any plugin that you like.

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