Top 5 WordPress Frameworks You Would Love to Work With Currently

By Roman Berezhnoi July 27, 2021 164 views

Top 5 WordPress Frameworks You Would Love to Work With Currently

This post will highlight several vital details about WordPress frameworks, including their application, requirements, and alternatives available. You will also learn about the top WordPress frameworks so that you can choose the best one for your upcoming project.

Earlier, a few simple WordPress frameworks were available that offered users some basic features. Nowadays, people use these frameworks for doing bigger projects rather than framing blogs. Therefore, the increase in the demand for WordPress frameworks has compelled developers to add high-level features to meet user needs.

Currently, the WordPress framework domain is expanding robustly with the addition of several new ones. Some of them are available for free, whereas others levy charges on users. However, the functionality of all these frameworks remains unquestionable as they allow users to create top-notch theme designs effortlessly. This blog will cover several vital areas related to WordPress frameworks to help you understand their importance.

About WordPress Frameworks

WordPress frameworks are the foundation for a WordPress theme. Typically, the framework contains the core code which covers the basic features and design elements. You should choose the right WordPress framework before designing a theme since a framework plays a vital role in this process. After you are done with choosing the framework, you will have to use its different features and designing components to create your project.

WordPress theme frameworks are available in two forms, namely in-house frameworks and foundation frameworks. In-house frameworks are created for a particular theme shop, whereas foundation frameworks, as the name suggests, are used as a foundation for an assignment. Foundation frameworks can be both paid and free, depending on the company designing them.

You should select a compatible child WordPress theme while using a WordPress framework to make the task easier. Child frameworks contain similar features to parent frameworks, and thus, accessing their features helps in accessing the features of the latter effortlessly. When a framework is updated, all the updates can be added to your website despite all the customized modifications you have done.

A wide range of paid and free themes are available on all popular WordPress frameworks. You can buy a framework and design your customized design theme or get a readymade child theme offered by a framework. Genesis is a widely-used WordPress framework, having its child theme that will help you design your site effortlessly.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Framework?

WordPress frameworks help update a theme without much hassle, which is why they are used widely. Besides, a framework will help you change your website’s themes easily. You can use a particular framework and use several child themes in the simplest way. The quality of a theme is guaranteed in a WordPress framework, and thus, you will receive top-quality visuals for your project.

Certain autonomous themes are built with high-quality codes, but some also contain bloated codes and are not the best ones to use. You will get numerous option themes that are safe, dynamic, nicely coded and have several useful features. If you are using a good framework, you will receive the best child themes having similar features. Besides, frameworks widely used by website developers also have a strong backup community that can help you whenever you are stuck with your project.

Top WordPress frameworks are designed with customized tools and plugins that will make your task easier. These tools will help you add certain unique features to your website to make it more attractive for users. However, not every website designing requires a WordPress framework since a simple site can be designed without a framework. If you want to customize your blog and develop a powerful website, a framework is all you need for the best outcome.

A framework is also a wise option for people who love to change their website’s themes, codes, features, and other design elements in short intervals. The framework allows easy customization without any hassles since it is designed with effective features that facilitate the process.

Merits and Demerits of WordPress Frameworks

WordPress frameworks have numerous benefits that help users invariably. However, they also have several demerits that form a hindrance for website designers. Below we shall discuss some of the vital merits and demerits of WordPress frameworks that you should be aware of before using.


  • Outstanding Backup: Almost all WordPress frameworks have a backup community supported by the developer or other users. This community will help you instantly when you are stuck with any element of the framework. Several frameworks offer access to their backup community for free, while others charge a nominal fee for the same. Therefore, you should search for those frameworks that offer instant support to users through its community.
  • Excellent Codes: A WordPress framework backed with efficient coding will help you use various plugins effortlessly. This is a feature that you cannot find out well in advance. Therefore, you should thoroughly inquire about the pros and cons of a framework before adopting it for your website.
  • In-Built Features: Most WordPress frameworks are designed with in-built features such as customized themes, widgets, etc. Therefore, your dependency on plugins will reduce to a greater extent since you can implement these in-built functions.
  • Helps in Developing and Updating: You can develop a website effortlessly within a short time using a framework. Besides, you can change themes as you wish without losing your previous themes and codes. Therefore, a WordPress framework is your best friend for developing and updating websites with minimum hassle.


  • An Excess of In-Built Functionalities: Several frameworks have a large number of in-built functionalities, many of which you might find redundant. Therefore, your framework will be crowded with numerous features, making it difficult to choose the desired ones.
  • Complicated to Understand: A WordPress framework is quite complex to understand for a beginner. It has several filters and features that require complete knowledge for use. Therefore, you need to invest good time understanding the technology working behind the framework before using it.
  • Quite Expensive: You will find numerous free-to-use WordPress frameworks in the market that will enable you to create an average website. However, if you want to build a high-end website with full support, a premium framework is what you need. These frameworks are quite expensive, and you might be charged a one-time fee or an annual fee. Frameworks charging a one-time fee are a good option since you need to pay only once. However, in frameworks with annual fees, you need to pay every year to receive updates and support.
  • Limited Features: Several frameworks have limited features, and you need to do a lot to get a customized feature. You can get the developer on board to add the feature you require or design it yourself and request the developer to add it along with updates coming shortly.

Performance of Several WordPress Frameworks

Nowadays, a large number of WordPress frameworks are available in the market, but only a handful has managed to make a mark. The top frameworks look after the SEO aspect besides working on their features. They can be loaded rapidly since they have lightweight coding, and thus, make the development process swiffer.

These frameworks perform much better than almost all top independent themes. The following section will highlight some of the top WordPress frameworks and their features to help you choose wisely.

Five Top WordPress Frameworks Available Presently

The WordPress framework market is expanding steadily, paving the way for several new frameworks. Here are the top five frameworks that our experts recommend for you:


Genesis tops our list of top 5 WordPress frameworks since it is extremely popular with website developers. It occupies almost 9% of the entire market and has been deployed on thousands of websites across the world. This framework is lightweight and safe for use, making it a premium choice for high-level website development.

One of the most attractive features of Genesis is its SEO-friendly features that can ensure good exposure to your website. Besides, this framework works great on both computers and smartphones, making your product accessible for all types of users. You will be provided with a child theme, or you can customize one of your own.

This WordPress framework is backed by a superb community of developers who are always active in resolving your queries. You will find numerous blogs over the internet stating useful details and tips about this framework. Besides, this framework is quite pocket-friendly, and you will get endless updates from the developer.


  • Top-notch SEO-friendly features.
  • Code is light on the system.
  • Highly responsive on computers and smartphones.
  • Safe for use.
  • More than 90 child themes are available in StudioPress, and many more are offered by independent developers.


  • Contains several advanced features that are complicated and difficult to understand, for starters.


If you want to control the entire design of your website without bothering its code, Headway is the solution for you. This framework supports many websites and has some unique features that make website designing a cakewalk. You can drag and drop all the design elements and customize the color, font, and layout of your project.

Headway allows adding customized styles to the website after designing its layout through the Design Editor. It is highly responsive and supports numerous advanced features that are new in the market. With a feasible price tag, the basic Headway can be used on three websites along with updates and support for a year. However, the premium version is also available that can be used for designing countless websites.


  • Headway allows creating websites within a very short time.
  • It is a perfect framework for beginners and designers who are not fond of coding.
  • This framework has a starter theme indicating the beginning of a website.
  • You can drag and drop all design elements and design your site’s layout.
  • It has a Design Editor that helps in customizing a website’s style.


  • Headway offers only eight child themes at present, which is extremely less in comparison to others.

Thesis 2.0

The third name in this list is Thesis 2.0, which has been another popular WordPress framework besides Genesis. Thesis was an extremely SEO-oriented framework, but the latest version, Thesis 2.0, has been updated with several other powerful features. Therefore, independent developers and beginners find this framework suitable for developing a website with good functionality.

Thesis 2.0 has three new features, namely, skins, site tools, and boxes, which were missing in the previous version. These features help to create widgets, child themes, etc., that enable adding Google Authorship and markup schema. You can get the basic package of Thesis 2.0 with one skin and be allowed to use it on one site. Two other packages include the Basic Plus package and the Professional package that are available with added domains, updates, and skins.


  • An easy-to-access WordPress framework for starters.
  • Highly SEO-oriented.
  • You can add extra features and alter styles effortlessly through Boxes.


  • Only five skins are available at present.
  • The drag and drop features are less responsive.
  • This framework has complex features that are quite difficult to grasp for beginners.


Cherry is counted among one of the premium WordPress frameworks available today. It has top-class features and is highly user-friendly, making it a feasible choice for all types of developers. You will receive automatic updates with this framework, and your project will have a backup file for future use. There is a restore option for restoring your work in case of some unwanted incident.

This framework is dynamic and allows creating an interactive website. You can use numerous customization options and create a tailor-made project as per your desire. Besides, Cherry is free to use, and you need not pay multiple dollars to access its premium features.


  • Extremely user-friendly and has simple features.
  • You can use it for free of cost.
  • Cherry offers over three hundred child themes to website designers.


  • Although the framework is available for free, you need to pay for using the child themes.
  • Its Slideshow feature is quite complicated.


Gantry is the final name on this list which is a product of RocketTheme. It is available for free, and you can access both WordPress and Joomla on this framework. You will get a plugin and a theme along with the WordPress version of Gantry, and you will have to integrate them into your website. This will help you access numerous page-building features such as drag and drop, widgets, etc.

This framework offers several widgets along with third-party widgets that will allow you to add the content of your choice to your website. Gantry allows creating an interactive website, and its Twitter Bootstrap features offer top-notch compatibility. It has a maintenance mode and allows adding custom CSS to the tags available. Therefore, you can enhance the look and feel of your website very fast with these features.

Gantry allows designing more than one template for various looks and page layouts. The most exciting fact about this framework is that it is available for free and can be installed without any hassle. Therefore, you can use some of the top features without paying a single penny.


  • This framework is highly interactive and easy to access.
  • It is available for free.
  • The options are responsive, and you can implement them effortlessly.


  • You will not be provided with extensive support from the community.
  • The number of child themes available is very less.
  • Developers need to be well-trained to use this framework.

What are the Alternatives to WordPress Available at Present?

Using a WordPress framework can be a little over-the-top at times, but that should not hinder you from designing extraordinary websites. Several alternatives are available that will speed up your website development game and help you create eye-catching projects.

Parent Themes

Any theme used along with a child theme can be considered as a parent theme. Most developers confuse this concept and end up considering a parent theme as a theme framework. The latter contains option screens, template files, API, etc.

Starter Themes

A starter theme contains all the elements without which you cannot develop a website. These elements help to design the project faster and allow to create a highly functioning layout. Underscores is one such starter theme that acts as the starting point of your site.

Code Libraries

You can add extra features and elements to your design with the help of code libraries or drop-in. They can be imported to your existing theme, or you can also use them with a downloaded layout. Code libraries do not contain template files, but API is available that enables extending the layout. You will get the feeling of using a framework with this alternative since it contains several features similar to conventional frameworks. If you are writing your codes, code libraries should be your primary choice.

Theme Clubs or Vendors

Theme clubs have a similar approach to a framework, but they are different from the latter. They are basically independent themes that can be readily used, and some have a common codebase. However, you cannot buy codebase as an independent parent theme, making theme clubs an alternative to frameworks. If you create one site and require high-end features, prefer buying themes from theme clubs since it is the most feasible option.

Wrapping Up

If you need a business site you can order professional WordPress development services. A team of WordPress developers will create a website effortlessly with a WordPress framework because they are designed with powerful codes and offer customized design templates. Besides, these frameworks offer uncompromising security and are SEO-friendly. You can enhance your page’s loading speed and reduce the lagging time. WordPress frameworks should be your first choice if you want to develop a highly functioning SEO-friendly website or repeatedly modify its features.

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