Gain New Heights for Your Business with WordPress Website SEO

By Roman Berezhnoi June 11, 2020 228 views

Gain New Heights for Your Business with WordPress Website SEO

In the race of content management systems, WordPress, which started as a blogging platform, has made it huge with almost 50% of the market share and around 20 million websites built on it. And the main factor why it is loved and garnered by all is the reason that it can be used to develop any kind of website, making WordPress website development one of the best choices.

Advantages of SEO for a business

Amateurs and rookies, who are entering this sector of content management, always misunderstand the importance of search engine optimization. It must be noticed that unless optimized, a website will always get ignored by search engines, despite amazing customizations and creativity.
The main function of SEO is to help a website to attract the target audioence from the search engine result page. This must be the ultimate objective for a business or company while dealing in the digital space as it acts as an excellent way of business promotion, gaining new clients, and increasing the profit margin. If two websites are selling the same product or service, the search engine optimized website will have a larger number of customers and sales, because the optimized site has a good visibility in search results and gives visitors a better user experience.
And the most interesting thing about WordPress development is that it doesn’t require a deep knowledge of website development or other technical points because these things can be taken care of through plugins. The most important thing is to abide by certain guidelines, along with some WordPress expert tips, and that’s it. The rest will be a kind of smooth sail at the top of the search list.

A laptop on the wood desk with opened admin pahel of WordPerss shows that is easy to use and you can get a cup of coffee

Proven tips for SEO


There are often some issues regarding visibility when creating a website using WordPress website development. The websites get hidden from the search engines and will not display the website in the ‘search result’ page. This can hinder the growth of digital business and will decrease the flow of organic traffic significantly. But this can be solved with minor adjustments through a built-in-option. The ‘Search Engine Visibility’ option from the ‘Settings’ menu helps to deal with this problem.


These are the links to the contents and pages of a website in WordPress. Visitors use these links in the address bar to search for specific pages. They are created in WordPress as defaults and are often unreadable and of no use. The search engines generally doesn’t like these permalinks as they prefer keywords over these URLs. WordPress website SEO grants visibility to permalinks and increases their significance a little.


Sitemap or XML Sitemap is the list of all the pages stacked in a file. It is done to make it easier for search engines to incorporate a website within its search list. And although it doesn’t increase the ranking of a website using WordPress website development, it makes it convenient to search, which results in an increased flow of traffic. These sitemaps can be developed using plugins like Google XML Sitemaps or Google Search Console, which will help in making a detailed statistical report about the performance of the website.


It is a key factor of on-page SEO. Keywords are the most essential factor that contributes to the popularity of any content. The search engines are also dependent on the keywords as they help to expose the content of a site and use them to rank a website. Therefore, the keywords should be relevant and content-specific and used correctly.
Another important thing is positioning the keywords efficiently. Using them in the first paragraph itself can make it go up in the ranking index. Choosing ideal keywords and incorporating them strategically can be done with different plugins, and WordPress website development is ideal for such things.


Getting a high traffic from in ‘search results’ is not only about keywords or well-designed websites but also about publishing quality content that is appealing and error-free. Content with a good flow and no grammatical mistakes always manages to attract more audiences, and this is what good content means.
The issue of plagiarism must also be addressed as it is a punishable offense, and therefore a creator must keep this in mind while writing. Also, it is advisable to go for a plagiarism check before publishing any content for better WordPress website SEO.
Good content is necessary for gaining a following because high-quality content results in repeated readings, good reviews, and sharing on other platforms.

Optimizing Media

A good-looking content will indeed have a higher chance for success, but such contents with such multiple media incorporated results in a higher loading time- a turn off more most of the people. Therefore optimization is needed for keeping the flow of traffic constant.

Optimization is done mostly in terms of images, and so selecting the correct format is of utmost importance. JPEG AND PNG formats can be used for colorful and transparent pictures, respectively, whereas GIF can be used for animations. Compressing images can be done with plugins, and tags must be added to the images to make a point of content clearer and sophisticated.

Internal Link

Adding links of old posts while creating new content is also important to renew the interest regarding old content, which will also add to the number of traffic.


One factor that is overlooked by most of the people is adding appropriate headline tags. There are basically 6 levels of tags in WordPress website development system ranging from H1 to H6, each with a distinct use. H1 tags are used for title-post, whereas H2, H3, H4 are for subhead posts. It is important to add H1 and at least H2, H3 tags to improve the quality of content. The H5 and H6 tags are used to add more details.

Negative SEO

Last but not least, competitors are always there to harm the image of their rivals. This may lead to spam comments in the comment section of content alongside the addition of unnecessary links. So it is important to check this section regularly to maintain credibility.

Therefore these are some ways of achieving a high rank in the search results page through WordPress website SEO.
Note! User Experience becomes one of the most important SEO factors. While WordPress is easy way to create website, for business purposes I recommend to order professional UI/UX design services. In this way you improve you website and make it more SEO-friendly.

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