WP Engine review. Top benefits

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WP Engine review. Top benefits

Among the best web hosting companies, WP Engine is the most prominent in the industry. Over the last few years, it remained at the topmost position in Web Hosting. Further, if you are a WordPress developer you must be aware of the salient benefits the WP Engine has in store for its customers. However, the WP Engine has demerits as well. Discover how the WP Engine facilitates the WordPress developers.

What makes WP Engine different

The WP Engine supports only WordPress as a result it is beneficial to you. Moreover, you can get the utmost support from experts in that WordPress platform.

It has a variety of tools for small as well as large WordPress websites. Moreover, you can approach custom-built WordPress platforms. They have specific control panels for each site. Furthermore, they have custom-based management tools for WordPress. In other words you can get a wide range of varied services WP Engine has to offer.

Benefit of Smart Plugin Manager in WP Engine 

The Smart Plugin Manager automatically checks your WordPress site’s plugins for updates , ensuring that if upgrades are available, your site does not break. By applying machine learning and visual testing, you may proceed with confidence that your plugins are up to date, your site is up, and it’s secure.

Advantage of GES in WP Engine

Global Edge Security (GES) is an advanced security solution provided by WP Engine. It combines DDoS protection as well as a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Besides security, it also provides a fast experience for website visitors. The GES setup uses Cloudflare, which not only protects your site but also makes it function well. Cloudflare’s AI-powered PNG decoder optimizes your pictures with Cloudflare’s polish. The result is a significant reduction in page size and loading time.

WeTravel was another interesting WordPress progect for F5 Studio’s team.

How does WP Engine Auto Backup help

It would be quite frustrating if you have to meet up with a Client’s schedule and you lose a few hours in restoring the system. However, such risks can be averted if WP Engine is present. They have a unique backup system. The backup is fully automated and is updated every night. So remain assured your site is safe. Additionally, if you have any concerns about WordPress or anything in particular the WP Engine’s support staff can be communicated by chat.

Impressive Chat Support Of WP Engine 

Don’t worry, just log in with WP Engine. The support team can help you one to one throughout the year 24 hrs. However, the chat support system is not that superior like that of Kinsta’s but not terrible also. 

WooCommerce search tools

Enabled by powered ElasticPress, WP Engine’s Instant Search helps customers to find the most relevant items also valuable. Moreover, the autocomplete menu adds to customer delight. It results in greater footfall. This top search engine device by ElasticPress appreciably contributes to prompt get activated with a click. It has become the leading WordPress search tool for Woocommerce. Because of this tool, conversion has grown by 18%. 

The presentation of website redesign
F5 Studio redesigned a website of the family business. WordPress+Woocommerce

The cost of WP Engine

There are various plans available with WP Engine. They can be suitable for Startups, growth, custom, or scale plans. You get a choice to own a plan as per suitability starting 25 Dollars per month. Kindly do some homework before actually owning a plan. Moreover, if you want a dedicated solution, the price may be more. Whereas, if you are from an agency possibly buying in a bulk, the price may decrease. Furthermore, if you want a customized plan, WPMU and Cloudways might be worth buying. Free SSL is available with all plans. It becomes a great customer-friendly hosting. 

Pros and cons of WP Engine

The full form of SWOT is Strength, Weakness. Opportunity and Threat. The differences that keep WP Engine ahead of its competitors hosting WordPress solutions are as follows

Pros of WP Engine

  • 3 environments per site. These are all well resourced.
  • Having SSH with WP CLI saves us a bunch of time.
  • LocalWP Integration
  • Chat support. You can get people on the phone.
  • Customer’s support is great.

Cons of WP Engine

  • The database is underpowered. You will often get 500 errors in PHP My Admin and the SQL can be a bit slow.
  • No cron-jobs. You can run crons but WP Engine has a weird way of running crons that is not in line with standard WordPress.
  • Limits to WP Config editing. You can’t just make a WP Config edit. You have to use support so as to make this happen.
  • Limited Revisions. This is the most annoying for me. Why in 2022 do we have limited revisions on a host? This generally comes down to the low-powered database servers we already mentioned.


If you need the most trusted WordPress hosting company to support your activities performed every day, WP Engine is the best fit. Even woocommerce stores have felt the need for WP Engine for promoting search potential for its customers. 

Furthermore, the one of its kind online chat services are the best among other hosting companies. Whatever service a WordPress developer needs are met by WP Engine. WP Engines can help avoid any unforeseen damages related to workflow with the help of auto backup. Prices are quite affordable, but for customized plans you can be charged more. Whether your project is big or small, the availability of WP Engine would be ideal.

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