Branding in website interfaces

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Branding in website interfaces

The topic of website branding is not new, but many business owners and some marketers, web designers haven’t heard about this. From F5 Studio clients’ experience, using branding in UI web design can increase revenue by 20-25% on average and benefits the company in various ways. The advantages include customer retention and increased brand reputation. But branding a business website is not all about the name or logo. There is much more to it. A brand reflects each impression based on the tiniest of interactions the company has with its customers. 

Here, F5 Stuio’s UI designers share their experience to guide you about the branding of website interfaces. You will understand the importance of web interface design and how you can promote your brand and products in the market with a well-designed user interface. 

Create a brand Identity with User Interface (UI) branding

You must use a unique story and recognizable background to make your brand stand out. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) help companies and brands to convey their stories to potential and current customers in an attractive manner.

User Interface branding is a series of visuals and brand messages that include the logo, color scheme, illustrations, images, animations, marketing messages, and text, video, and audio content. The color scheme plays a visible role in brand promotion and customer visibility. Pictures and colors used in the web interface design reflect a strong connection with the brand’s products and services. 

In some cases, UI design style can be the brand message of a business. For example, F5 Studio’s designers used Neumorphism for a business site design

A brand identity delivers the right message to the customers, increases communication, and strengthens the trust value and credibility of the company. Your brand web interface design can make you distinct from your contemporaries. 

How can website UI (User Interface) make your business stand out from the crowd?

Your company values and ideas have to match the message you wish to convey to your potential and current customers. The subsequent steps you can follow to execute the process successfully,

  • Create a Customers’ Community 
  • Originate a Distinct Aura Around Your Brand
  • Interact with Your Customers (Do not target them in the beginning only)

The user interface of your business site is one of the most communicative mediums between the brand and the audience. Your concern for your customers must be evident in all your marketing messages (contents). Over the last few years, new marketing strategies and branding techniques have been in practice to create interactive web interface design and promote the brands in the market. 

In today’s fast-moving world, user motivation is a powerful tool to draw the audiences’ attention. The company performance varies based on the audience reach. The audience’s reach holds a deeper connection with trust value and a pool of devoted customers. Strong brand identity will increase your possibility to beat the competitors.

You must ensure that your message about your brand and products must be identical on different platforms to increase the conversion rate. 

The business website UI design

Create a strong brand personality, voice, and action

You must get the answers to the following questions in affirmative,

  • Does the brand logo align with the web content?
  • Does the web content match the business values?

If not, it is time to recreate your brand personality and voice. One of the primary jobs is to create identifiable content which makes customers identify your brand anytime, anywhere. You must maintain consistency in implementing your brand strategy; otherwise, a random flood of content may confuse the potential customers. 

Analyze your website content piece by piece and try to assess your content based on a comparison with your competitors. Make sure each application, social media post, and set of colors used is different from your competitors. According to research data, the usage of colors boosts brand awareness by 80%. 

Describe your brand to the potential customers as a personality, like

  • Introduce your brand as a personality to the audience.
  • Initiate an in-person conversation with the customers from the brand’s end.
  • Establish a strong relationship with the audience and enhance conversion. 

After personality and voice, the action comes. In this step, you need to convert your ideas into company strategies. Actions impact the brand value strongly and align with the brand’s mission and principles positively. You can take action to emphasize your brand position and customer view. Your brand action will motivate other (non-customers) audiences to turn to your brand. 

Follow the most effective branding practices in User Interface (UI) design

Every user interface and user experience component of your business website is the right place to incorporate some elements of your brand’s voice and personality. The guidance of an experienced web interface design company will be beneficial to attain more competence. 

Invest time in marketing and customers to analyze the competition level and focus on the targeted audience. Your company’s web interface design should reflect the brand values. The UI designers will select the color scheme, logo symbols, animations, and icons based on these factors.

Most businesses would do better with a theme and then paying an agency for branding and message marketing – these two things can make any theme more custom than the so called ” from scratch – reinvent the wheel sites ” that barely scratch the surface and claim to be ground breaking.

It means it’d be better to invest in professional UI/UX design services. Professional web  UI/UX designers conduct marketing research, UX research and create brand identity and web design which make your business stand out from the crowd of thouthands websites on the web.

Make the User Interface (UI) branding visible

When your targeted audiences are the youngsters, you need to consider bright colors, sharp edges, vibrant images, etc. On the other side, when you target a comparatively older audience, the colors you choose will be lighter and illustrations should be simple and large. The web interface design must correspond to your brand vision and customer demand. When you feel confused about the design, look at the mood board (that clearly states the brand motto and customer need) and make the right decision. Look at the advantages,

  • Frames value-driven design
  • Does not make personal opinions
  • Infuses proper supporting points in every content
  • Aligns the marketing assets and unified templates accordingly 

We’ll now focus on the intricate components of web interface design:


Headers grab the user’s attention and attract them to remain on the browsing page for a while.

Splash Screen

The splash screen needs to be impressive and eye-catching as it is the first page. The users see this page while the application gets loaded. 


Preloaders must look appealing to the customers’ eyes. It sends the customers notifications about the constant loading processes happening in the application. 

Hire marketing-based designers

A professional and skilled designer is a gem to every company. In today’s highly competitive field, designers play the roles of strategists and business developers too. Designers are more UI/UX creators than being artists. While searching for a designer for your company, you must make sure that your user interface designer must be business-minded and can think out-of-the-box concepts. An expert designer can fill the gap between your company’s mission and customer demands.

An expert designer also functions as a storyteller who smoothly draws and presents the brand’s mission and value to the audience. Audiences enjoy browsing through a web interface design that reminds them of reading an engaging story. 

The primary job of a website designer is to lead the users throughout their journey from the web search, ad or social media to checkout. 

Branding Across Limitations

A brand and the web interface design work together. According to research by Adobe, 38% of the users leave the site if they find it unattractive. Here lie the opportunities for the companies to produce unique designs by expert designers and delight the customers. 

Companies with the best brand personality and web interface design will successfully stand firm in this tumultuous time. And customers will always identify their uniqueness. Once your brand gets noted for excellent User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), it will be in the users’ hearts forever. 

Final Takeaways

Now, after this prolonged discussion, do you feel you can do better branding? Ample opportunities are lying ahead. A well-thought web interface design will boost your sales and conversion rate. 

Many factors are there to lag you behind, like

  • Targeting the wrong customers
  • Lack of proper information or message
  • Use of similar-looking logo

If you are facing any of these problems, you may contact web experts for further discussion. 

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