Free tools for the Woocommerce stores

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Free tools for the Woocommerce stores

As an online shop owner, you want to make operations run more efficiently and help the backend team makes better decisions. There are many free tools to help business owners improve their Woocommerce sites.

WooCommerce Shipping 

The process of fulfilling and shipping orders is a hassle. You can simplify the shipping process with WooCommerce Shipping. It is completely free. The extension allows you to purchase and print both domestic and international shipping labels directly from your WordPress dashboard. You or your managers do not need to spend your valuable time copy-and-pasting order details into fulfillment software. You can improve efficiency and lower costs. 

Woocommerce Shipping features:

  • You can print and manage USPS and DHL labels from your WordPress dashboard. 
  • Start shipping internationally with built-in integration and helpful tools.
  • Use substantial discounts on shipping costs.
  • Lower costs for customers and improve their satisfaction with your shipping services. 

Also, you can use other extensions like ShipStation, Shippo, or offer your country shipping rates with Canada Post Ratings API, Australia Post API, Royal Mail shipping plugin, and others. But some of these extensions are not free.

The presentation of website redesign
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WooCommerce Payments 

WooCommerce Payments allows you to collect payments, track cash flow, and manage recurring revenue directly from your online store’s dashboard. It’s a win-win! The best part? It is a free extension.

WooCommerce Payments features:

  • Accept 135+ currencies. 
  • Charge recurring payments. 
  • Integration with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Giropay, and more helps streamline your checkout experience by allowing your customers to pay directly in your store in their preferred currency.
  • You can view payments, check on subscriptions, and issue refunds in the same place you already manage your store. 
  • Your customers do not need to go to a third-party site to pay.

Also, you can use Stripe which allows accepting all major debit and credit cards as well as local payment methods. PayFast is a free, flexible extension. Rapyd Payments for WooCommerce allows you to lower your transaction processing costs. Which payment solution is better? It depends on your requirements.

WooCommerce Tax 

If you need automatically to calculate how much sales tax to collect for each order by city, country, or state at checkout you should use WooCommerce Tax. This is a really big deal because it’s not always an easy calculation.  

Unless you’re a tax professional or just love spending hours making calculations, you’ll be thankful every day that WooCommerce Tax is working for you. 

WooCommerce Tax features:

  • Automatically and accurately calculate sales tax by city, country, and state at checkout.
  • The huge bonus for multinational stores is the ability to use it in 30+ countries.
  • Access support directly from WooCommerce.  
  • WooCommerce Tax is part of our cloud-powered services, served to your store via the WooCommerce Shipping & Tax extension. 

Sure, you can use other tax Woocommerce extensions like WooCommerce AvaTax (free trial) and TaxJar.

Web tracking tools

When it comes to business sites (and E-commerce in general), high-quality reports and analytics plugins are absolute necessities. They help you understand your customers, which products are selling, what your conversion rate is, cart abandonment, and collect other metrics.

Common tools features

  • Track and compare website usage data (how many people visit your site, how many pages are viewed, and more) and compare performance over time.
  • Track e-commerce data.
  • View the sources that generate the most traffic (search, social, email, etc.), which pages are the most popular, where visitors originate from geographically.
  • Track the results of ad campaigns including customer conversions and the value of those sales. 

For a long time, Google Universal Analytics was a leader in web tracking. But now you should switch to GA4. It is a good tool but you can use some alternatives. 

Matomo Analytics for WordPress offers e-commerce tracking out-of-the-box. It is easy to set up. Collect accurate data. Full data ownership means all data is stored on your servers and no one else can see your data. The Matomo WooCommerce plugin extends the functionality of this privacy-oriented, open-source, self-hosted analytics tool and shows you exactly what’s going on in your WooCommerce shop. You can track the orders, revenue, purchased products, and abandoned carts in one place.

Ecommerce Analytics for WooCommerce allows you to connect your Woocommerce site to e-commerce analytics Glew. This tool is cloud-based, which is nice because you’re able to see all of your metrics on any device. Glew integrates WooCommerce seamlessly with all the other apps and platforms you use to run your business, delivering powerful cross-channel analytics and advanced reporting for WooCommerce stores.

Kissmetrics for WooCommerce is another well-regarded analytics integration by Skyverge. This analytics tool shows you actionable inside that you can use to ensure customer satisfaction and generate more revenue. It’s one of the leading analytics tools in the enterprise-level customer tracking game. By integrating it directly into your WooCommerce installation, you can easily track your revenue over time segmenting products, categories, user cohorts, and more.

Metrilo Analytics for WooCommerce is another third-party way to analyze your e-commerce, and it contains many of the features mentioned throughout the other plugins contained in this list of analytics and report plugins for WordPress. You can easily integrate Metrilo Analytics into your WooCommerce shop in only 5 minutes, and it gives you a real-time dashboard of how your WooCommerce store is doing.

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Email marketing tools

Email marketing retains the top spot in terms of ROI for online shops because this communication channel, it’s still considered to be one of the best ways to reach consumers. Email marketing helps to reach potential customers, connect with existing ones, encourage additional sales, gain customers reviews, etc. All you need are an email marketing strategy and a tool to implement this strategy.

Email marketing tools make this process simple by integrating it with your WooCommerce site.

Common tool features:

  • Create email campaigns.
  • Encourage customers to buy with a coupon code or free shipping offer.
  • Personalize automated follow-up emails.
  • Send abandoned cart emails to re-engage shoppers who left items in their carts without completing checkout.
  • Thank your customers for their purchasesю This is especially important if you sell durable goods.
  • Ask for reviews and feedback. 

You can find many email marketing tools on the Woocommerce extensions store. The most popular extensions are AWeber, MailPoet, CM commerce, Woocommerce Follow-Ups.

Online team management tools

Online team management tools create a centralized hub of activity for your company to foster collaboration and communication. Also, these tools help to avoid serious failures of management. 

Common tool features

  • Organize company communications. 
  • Protect sensitive information by restricting access. 
  • Use an advanced search tool to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Assign tasks, set due dates, and track progress.
  • With all kinds of integrations and the ability to embed multimedia files directly in posts, teams can share simple text updates or post elaborate examples of their project work. 

Which tool should you use? 

The internet is filled with tools and software that claim to simplify the labor-intensive task of managing a team, but not all team management tools are created equal. Choose a tool that is suited for week planning, work, and resource scheduling.


We recommend using another tool that guarantees you sales and customers. This tool is fairness. Fairness is a good tool that leads to customer loyalty.


WooCommerce is great because it allows you to boost the customer experience and improve your workplace operations at no cost. Also, you do not need to hire a web developer to install these extensions.

If you want to move your online store to the WooCommerce platform you can contact F5 Studio to get professional e-commerce website development services.

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