How to generate more leads with your B2B website?

By Roman Berezhnoi August 18, 2020 283 views

How to generate more leads with your B2B website?

Many B2B companies have a hard time generating leads from their website. Most of them even think that their customers do not come from the Web, so it is not worth investing a lot in digital marketing. They are not aware that a B2B company can generate new business leads through its website.

A website is like any other marketing or sales tool. One of the essential points of a successful business website is lead generation. The truth is that your company’s website has enormous potential to generate business leads. However, it is up to you to unlock that potential. 

The industrial process works like a funnel. If you need to close a particular number of sales per month, you need to generate a certain amount of opportunities and leads. Thus, to significantly define a B2B website, you must have a prominent knowledge of the market, target audience, relevant content, and lead generation strategies, etc. 

Those who understand the possibilities of generating more leads through a business website hire the specialists of corporate sites development at affordable prices. Hiring a professional web development agency brings you several benefits: saves time and money, offers 24×7 professional support, implementing strategies, market analysis, responsive and professional UI/UX design, and much more.

But, is it truly possible for a B2B company to generate new business leads through its website? How to generate more leads with your corporate website? Let’s see!

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Update your website’s design and look

Many technology companies neglect their online presence. They need to understand that a web page is one of the main points of contact with the target audiences. Renewing your website’s image and keeping your content updated is extremely important for visibility on search engines and lead generation.

If you buy a cheap WordPress theme, your website will look like so many others. It will not be a game-changer. If you want to see the magic, you must personalize your business website according to the target, market, product/service, budget, and competition. Remember, it must be unique. In this case, consulting a professional web development company specializes in creating b2b websites is ideal. The professional business website can cost only $1,000 (fixed price)

Bet on a Blog to gather more traffic

A blog is the best strategy to publish information that interests your target audience. Also you can create white papers and guides. A single report can generate hundreds of qualified leads. However, to build authority in search engines, your website must be a resource that your audience finds interesting and useful. It is practical to make your web page a source of reliable resources to generate more leads and to boost a business.

If you need to attract more potential customers to your website, you need a blog. A blog meets its customers’ needs, presenting solutions to the problems they search on search engines. There are several reasons to create a blog on a B2B website, where you can show your position in the market and your leadership.
It is possible to get a corporate website with a blog for $2,000.

Have you ever heard of “call-to-action”?

It is essential to show people “the next step” and link them to the solution. However, most B2B companies do not have “call-to-action” on their business website. A “call-to-action” is a link that guides visitors to more information on a particular topic, usually through a landing page or a conversion page. It is essential if your goal is to generate leads.

Landing pages are the “bread and butter” of generating leads on a website. Landing pages allow visitors to download white papers, guides, product catalogs, or other documents from your company’s website. Most website leads come as a result of a landing page. Business websites must have a perfect “call-to-action” button, which also shows your responsibilities towards the visitors.

A home page of the IT company website is a preview of the full presentation of F5 Studio's web project
See the full presentation of F5 Studio’s web project

The importance of social networks

Even in B2B markets, you should consider creating profiles and posting to social media. Social media may not be one of your top priorities, but it plays a role in your company’s marketing mix. Start with LinkedIn. This social network is an excellent research tool to learn how to generate leads, but it is also a unique way to attract prospects and sales.

LinkedIn groups are tools that have evolved a long time ago. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn groups have greater relevance and a greater engagement of participants. Find groups related to your customers’ segment, request participation, and share your content. Remember that it is necessary to check the group’s policy and rules before sharing. 

Even if you is the owner of a construction company you can use these useful tips of social media marketing for your business.

Develop a content creation strategy

It is the customer who looks for solutions to his problems. It is where content marketing comes in. Through relevant information, you will attract potential customers to your website. Often, despite having all the crucial elements, a B2B website fails to attract new leads. Why? 

Have you checked the authenticity and relativity of the contents? Are the materials informative? Are the contents updated? Are the contents helpful to solve queries? There are dozens of questions you need to answer. Only then can you define a good content strategy to get better leads. As you know, “CONTENT IS KING” do not overlook this aspect. 

Have a proper SEO planning

A company does not live on the Web alone. In this sense, it is essential that you also develop an SEO strategy. SEO is a set of techniques and actions that aims to optimize your business site for search engines (Google, Bing or Yandex for visitors from Russia). There are SEO services, such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, tech SEO, SEO copywriting and it will guarantee frequent access to your pages without the need for investment in PPC for this. 

Start mapping out the keywords you would like to rank. Target the keywords that best suit your product/service. Don’t forget about the external links. They are crucial. If possible, encourage the visitors to subscribe to your blog. You can also create forms to facilitate lead generation.

Is your website all about you?

Many B2B companies make the mistake of listing their products or talking about their services or solutions. But to generate more leads from your web page, you must first understand that your website is not just about you.

A website without a significant value proposition is virtually useless. Do not list your products or services all the time. Try to showcase beneficial prospects: what your customers have gained, what are the benefits of using the products, what the customers want, and how will you offer better service.

In F5 Studio we use the Value Proposition Canvas approach to create business websites.

Invest in paid media campaigns

One of the most practical ways to boost B2B lead generation content is to create campaigns and sponsored links. The main tools used in the market today are Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 

Conclusion: Does your website have enough visitors?

If your company’s website is viewed by only ten visitors a day, you probably won’t have enough leads to fill your salespeople. If you need more visits to your website, you need to publish information that your potential customers are looking for quite often.

Start with your website. To hire a UX designer who will create a great design of your website. Creating a blog and profiles on social networks is a good start. Once you’ve done that, try posting relevant content. Your visitors are hungry for information. So, if you have it on your website, it will attract more and more potential leads. Also, you should use digital marketing to generate more leads and sales.

The best way is to hire a web agency that specializes in corporate website development.

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