How to help your kid to start an eCommerce business?

By Roman Berezhnoi November 12, 2020 147 views

How to help your kid to start an eCommerce business?

Is your child a creative person? Do you find any sign of entrepreneurship in your child? Is your child earning money by adapting to different ideas? If it is so, and you see this as a golden opportunity, what about encouraging your child to sell products online? Yes, with an ecommerce website, this dream can come true. You can promote your child to become a young entrepreneur. 

In the current economic scenario, opening e-commerce is an excellent alternative. It is a business model with lower costs and an ample capacity to sell to different countries. Before making your plans, you need to understand the digital world in general and the virtual store market. It is a business that goes far beyond a website to sell your products or services.

Let your child learn the value

From an early age, children must learn to deal with the financial part. It includes finding out the price of things and knowing how to save. One way to encourage little ones to define and achieve their goals is to ask them to write down their main dreams and choose which is the most important. Children should be motivated to find a lesson whenever they make a mistake. Teach him to communicate well and avoid conflict. 

Children are naturally creative, so you can direct that creativity to acquire marketing skills in the future. Children do not yet have enough insight to distinguish between too much and too little money. Therefore, it is necessary to explain the value of each object. Show that he needs to pursue your achievements. The transmission of values ​​from parents to children is the main factor in stimulating entrepreneurship in small children.

The motheer smiles and sees papers with her kids' business idea
A business starts from an idea

Understanding a child’s interest is essential

Ask your child what makes them happy? Explore the opportunity together, and it brings good fortune.

  • Is your child creative and crafty?
  • Is your daughter an artist, loves to do art?
  • Is your son a musician, loves to teach music?
  • Are they good cooks? Love to share the recipe or want to open online food delivery?

These questions will help you to understand a business industry and niche. Be realistic but don’t limit your kid. Of course, you can’t invest $1M in your child’s business. On the other hand, you can’t say “It is impossible”. Be creative to find the best way.

Choosing the right fit for you and your child

Now that you know your child wants to become a young entrepreneur, it is time to choose your child’s best fit: his/her interest. You need to study your market niche, check competition, identify weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, structure the business, and plan investments and income. It is usually the most tiring and distressing phase, requiring management knowledge and a lot of discipline. If you want to help your child open an eCommerce business, it is essential to understand how to make all channels work together. 

Once you have identified requirements for an online shop, you can follow these tips for a truly functional e-commerce business plan are: 

  • Find experts who provide WordPress website development services to consult them, and get the ecommerce website
  • Create a schedule, which should include important dates
  • Also, establish the goals to be achieved, monthly, quarterly, and so on
  • Do financial planning that includes cash flow, investments to be made, operating costs, etc.
  • Set up a database with strategic information from customers and potential customers
  • Develop a quality control program for the production of products
  • Plan digital marketing campaigns
  • Map the main events in the sector and choose which ones will be useful
  • Develop an annual goals plan

Note! How to choose right budget for an e-commerce site

Selecting a platform for your kid’s online store

Here we are talking about an eCommerce site creation, especially for the children. So it must be safe, easy to access, affordable, and easy to understand as much as possible. 

You can read more about eCommerce platforms Ecommerce Solutions & Options

Simple, powerful, and extensible: your online store will surely be the best possible if you use WooCommerce. So let’s see:

  • One of the advantages of WooCommerce is a simple and efficient interface that allows you and your kid to learn the management of the online store quickly. You can control everything (pages, inventory levels, customer accounts) about your online store.  
  • WooCommerce is easy to manage. As it is a WordPress plugin, it works very well with other plugins.
  • One reason for choosing WooCommerce is the number of features it has to offer you. WooCommerce has many features which are free or are all affordable. WooCommerce is flexible and robust. With the features and extensions provided by WooCommerce, you can create schedules, member programs, and recurring subscriptions to your store’s customers.
  • WooCommerce supports major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and payment delivery. You can offer free delivery, on-time delivery, real-time delivery, and limit delivery to some countries or open to the entire world.
  • Perfect for those who have a WordPress site. If you already know WordPress, WooCommerce is the best option for your online store. Woo Commerce was built based on WordPress. By having this direct link with WordPress, you can improve the functionality of your online store.
  • WooCommerce is the most popular. Its community has millions of store owners, developers, and enthusiasts. WooCommerce offers excellent support, security, and powerful resources for eCommerce due to its community’s weight. 

Of course you may have heard of WordPress disadvantages. In most cases some of them are myths and misconceptions. Obviously, WordPress has cons (you can read Overview of WordPress CMS and WooCommerce features: pros and cons) but this ecommerce platform  is the best solution  if we’re talking about a мalue for money.

Help your child in setting up

The next step is to find potential customers with your child and share an example of the product. In e-commerce, there are diverse needs in marketing. You and your child need to take care of the brand, get to know the audience well, maintain campaigns, and follow the retail date calendar. Here are some points that need to be present in a marketing plan for anyone planning to open e-commerce:

  • Creating a customer persona: Defining the target audience is essential. What cannot be left out is the study of consumer behavior to understand what his preferences are.
  • Mapping competitors: Mapping your competitor is essential to understand how they interact with the public and what their actions may be objections to your business.
  • Create quality photos and exhaustive descriptions for product pages
  • Choose shipping for your ecommerce store
  • Build trust with your customers and simultaneously improve their shopping experience with money-back guarantee, lifetime guarantee, free trial guarantee, free samples, etc.
  • Working with SEO: Organic traffic is an important source to generate more sales. As much as it is a short/long term strategy, every effort is worthwhile

It is advisable to rely on specialized help from an agency to shorten this path since experiences avoid possible mistakes. It is possible to go more quickly to achieve the defined objectives. Understanding how much time your child can give into the business can help you understand how much effort you must provide to them each week. Consider the time they spend on school, homework, chores, etc. and discuss what they should prioritize.

Father and his daughter use laptop to provide competitirs research before they will create e-store
Help your kid to provide marketing research

It is time to build an online store.

What could be more engaging than creating an online store together with your child?

  • Get your domain: Domain is the registration of a name in the form of an URL, which helps locate a website on the Internet 
  • A hosting plan: Hosting is equally essential as it is where your website will be visible to the public. Selecting a hosting plan with WordPress is a mature choice
  • Install WordPress and WooCommerce: Now that you have a domain and hosting plan, it is time to install WordPress. Learn the steps for popular hosting providers and find out how to set-up WooCommerce.
  • Select a theme according to the business: Without a perfect composition, your WooCommerce website will lose its attraction. It is recommended to select an ideal WordPress theme and template design made for kids. They are easy to customize. 
  • Payment option: select the payment gateway that suits your requirement. Do you know woo commerce payments are free to install? What better could you ask for your child?
  • Pages and products: With the help of the Word Press block editor, the children can easily manage the website and add text, images, videos, buttons, etc.

These are the fundamental keys to build the website. But, don’t forget to consider the shipping methods and get the mobile app. WordPress and WooCommerce both offer apps.

If you are a non-tech person, you can hire WordPress developers, who are experienced in Woocommerce. It’s inexpensive and this way allows you to save time. Although we speak of your kid’s business there is the adult rulebook. So, you must create a professional ecommerce site. This site or this don’t look amateur. Also we recommend you to find special business and financial kid camps to learn more about marketing, business methods.


Ecommerce business is the great opportunity for your kids to explore their interests, make a little extra money, and build skills. Also, it is a good opportunity for you to build skills and to learn about something new. 

You can choose any ecommerce platform, but WooCommerce is a really good choice. Your kids can create a website that’s as creative as they are to sell online any product with WooCommerce. It is good for them to learn web design and coding. 

In any case it is an experience that will benefit your kid for a lifetime.

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