How much does a B2B website redesign cost?

By Roman Berezhnoi October 12, 2022 260 views

How much does a B2B website redesign cost?

On average, redesigning a B2B website costs $1,000 to $75,000 per site. As you have already guessed, it depends on many factors described in this article. 

Agency, freelancers, or in-house team

Many business owners and managers think that the cost of a business site redesign depends on this factor. In fact, no, it doesn’t. Professional web design services cost a decent amount of money. Even if you hire a freelancer, you will pay $70 to $200 per hour. Below I will explain why.

Choosing between a web design agency, freelancers, or an in-house team depends on your experience in website design and management of web projects. That is why web design agencies are the preferred choice for many companies. If you hire a freelancer or in-house team of web designers, you should consider the cost of communication and management. Also, an in-house team requires additional fees such as corporate bonuses, prizes, sick leave, and holidays.

Agency’s fees include all costs associated with the staff. Also, you can save money by hiring a web agency from Eastern Europe, India, or Southeast Asia. The hourly rate of web designers depends on location because it is related to living costs. You must consider the communication cost and time difference in this case.

The quality of web design does almost not depend on location. The process of a business site redesign primarily affects the cost of your site. That is why professional web design costs a decent amount of money.

The main stages of B2B website redesign

Some people think a website redesign should be cheaper than a website design. There is nothing wrong with that in some cases. The cost of a B2B website redesign depends on the scope of tasks. There is the F5 Studio’s business website redesign process. Other web design agencies can use their processes, ignore some or add some stages. That is why you should ask web company representatives about their web design process.

Determine the B2B site goals

It will require considerable effort if you need a B2B website to attract new customers and get many conversions. But the truth is many business sites have other goals. For example, it is a local company in a small town. Does this company need customers from other states or countries? No, it doesn’t. Many customers buy the company’s products offline. So, the company’s site does not need payment system integration, perfect call-to-action, and improved informational architecture. The goals of this website may be employee marketing, non-business communication with local communities, creating an image of the local area, etc. In other words, this local company needs a simple website, and its redesign will cost $500 or $700. 

On the other hand, if a business owner is going to facilitate business highly, it will require significant investment in the website redesign. 

In short words, the cost of a B2B website redesign depends on the business goals you want to achieve. 

Customer research

Not to sound cliché or anything, but you can’t redesign a B2B website without customer research. Knowing the customers allows web designers to cost-effectively design an effective B2B website. 

There are different ways to conduct customer research, and web design agencies can use customer surveys, marketing audits, and other methods. In F5 Studio, we combine the marketing audit with the Value Proposition Canvas approach because customer surveys are often ineffective. For example, no survey may identify hidden customer needs.

As you have already guessed, customer research methods significantly affect the cost of B2B website redesign.
At F5 Studio, we use the Value Proposition Canvas framework to understand customers better and offer them the value proposition.

Website usability test

Does a website need significant changes in its design? No, it doesn’t. Sometimes all that a business site needs is to refresh its look. Unfortunately, some web designers think they must substantially alter the business website’s design. But if a B2B website is rather good at converting random visitors into customers or investors, refreshing the website design is a perfect solution.

But if a business website does not achieve the goals for which the site was built, the website redesign cost will increase, including the fact new design prototypes also should be tested. 

Can you avoid the cost of usability testing to save money? When your business site is poor in lead generation, you have already lost a lot of money. Do you want to make the same mistake again?

Stack of technologies

Choosing the stack of technologies is an important decision. The truth is no perfect technologies here. All technology solutions, frameworks, CMS, and platforms have advantages and disadvantages. Some business owners want to use modern technologies like React JS, someones prefer time-tested solutions like WordPress, and some try using website builders like Wix. The best way to choose the stack of technologies is to know the functionality of a business site that should be implemented. Web developers can implement specific business site features with JS frameworks, but most B2B sites can be built with WordPress or similar tech solutions. 

If you need to migrate your site to another technological platform, it will increase the cost of a B2B website redesign. That is why you should ask your web design partner about the feasibility of migration to another stack of technologies.

Sometimes, it makes sense to migrate to new hosting. Professional web agencies always check the hosting quality because it is about website availability for visitors and security.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not a big thing for many B2B sites. But if your site generates leads and customers from the web search, it seems a good idea to redesign the B2B website to improve SEO. The truth is your web designers should think about how to avoid a massive drop in website traffic after a redesign. 

Web designers and developers should have the knowledge, experience, and skills in UX and UI design, front-end development, and back-end coding to redesign the site without hurting your SEO. 

You can save money if you do not need to improve your B2B site SEO. 

Website content updating

A professional web agency should conduct the content audit. In fact, it is good to refresh a B2B site content from time to time to provide relevant information to your visitors. But it doesn’t mean that you have to revamp your content. For example, a company produces fixing systems standard configuration. It hasn’t changed for years. An experienced web designer knows how to redesign a B2B website design and use its content to improve conversions.

Some web designers and SEOs think updating website content is vital because it affects SEO. But the fact is SEO is so much more than website content. Many things affect your B2B site SEO, such as the technical complexity of a website, website informational architecture, front-end technologies, navigation usability (read how hidden menu can hurt revenue), Web Accessibility, etc.

Only professionals can give you give advice and help to make the right design. Please don’t rush with the B2B website redesign.

Strategy-drive approach

To summarize, a B2B website redesign should be based on a strategy-driven approach. After all, otherwise, a B2b website may fail, lose traffic and conversions, and the business owner has to invest in website redesign again. 

At F5 Studio, we create marketing strategies for B2B sites. We have the vision and plan of how a business site will perform and how its relations with visitors will evolve. But the strategy costs money. Some business owners do not want to pay for the strategy, which is risky for their business.


Unfortunately, knowing how much a B2B website redesign costs without a web design brief is difficult. But you can see which things affect the business site redesign charge. It will help you to make the right decision. Nevertheless, you can always rely on the F5 Studio web design company from Ukraine.

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