How to create a website design brief for successful project

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How to create a website design brief for successful project

As a web design and development agency, F5 Studio’s project managers always offer clients to fill out a document with a list of questions before they start to estimate a project. This document is called a website design brief. Why do web designers need a website design brief? The successful execution of a web project depends on mutual understanding between the web designer and the client.

Importance of web design brief

When a user visits your website, the website talks about the online presence of your product and service or your company. This is necessary for you to design the website right so that visitors find it engaging and get relevant information about your product and service on the website. In other words you need a successful website that will generate leads, clients and revenue for your business. To create a successful site a web development agency needs a website design brief.

What Is a website design brief?

A website design brief outlines the web design process, requirements, and timelines. Its purpose is to provide all parties with a clear understanding of what’s expected in terms of web project workflow, deliverables, timescales and cost of a website.

This is a result of identifying all key requirements and deliverables early on in the process.

F5 Studio website designed a website for Metricalo

Web design brief preparation 

Every website design brief should be as detailed as possible, for it is a supporting point for all the involved parties. It helps to share your vision of the project web QAs, web designers, and web developers, to avoid misunderstanding or expensive post-improvements.

Why it is imperative to create a web design brief

If you are new in the field of web design and wondering what the necessity of preparing web design briefs is, then the section is absolutely for you. You need to set objectives and a healthy working relationship with the team of web designers. Ensure you have all the possible information about your project to convey the requirements to the website design team. Providing them with a complete overview of your business goals and vision can save your time and effort. Web design briefs can assure you of a quality product outcome.

Getting started with web design

Before designing a website, web designers should know about the requirements of the client. Web designers should focus on certain aspects so that they can cater to the needs of the users. A proper web design layout will help you to have a proper insight into how web design services would work.

Sharing about your business

When you design a website from a web design company, you need to explain every detail about your company init. You cannot move forward with your project without explaining the details to the web designer. Hence provide basic details of your business like your company name and what’s your marketing strategy, what’s your products or services, who are your clients etc. You can also consider providing a description of your company like when it was started and other relevant information.

Talking about your vision and business goals

Your website must talk about your vision and business goals. Every company has representation for their business to widen and keep growing in this competitive market. Your vision must talk about the short-term and long-term goals. All these things can help the customers to have a good insight into what you are targeting. 

F5 Studio designed a website for the construction firm with traditional UI/UX design of buttons
F5 Studio designed a corporate website for Arco

Keep the target audience in mind.

Apart from focusing on your product or services, it is necessary to keep the target audience in mind. Keeping potential clients in mind will help UI/UX designers to design the website properly. The web designer can design a website that matches the audience’s needs and experience. 

Focus on logo design and branding

Logo design and branding have a role to play in widening your business. If you have an existing logo for your business, then it’s ok; however, if you don’t have any logo, then make sure you make a fresh logo for your company. Apart from this, it is also necessary to have branding guidelines. Logo design and branding is an integral part of web design that contributes to the success of your company.

Web content

Content is King, thus making useful web content is very important. This would help in Google ranking. The content qualitatively distinguishes your site and your business from competitors in the market. 

To run your project smoothly, sort your content at the earliest. Figure out how many pages are required for the content and what are images and videos you would provide on the website. You cannot expect to have the content within a few hours, and make sure to focus on this aspect as soon as possible. Give a considerable amount of time to content as it would talk about the prospect of your business. You should also focus on the SEO part (website architecture, content mapping) for better website rankings. In fact, it’d be better to order digital marketing services and  on-page SEO services before a website is designed. If you have an SEO, you should ask your SEO to share requirements with the web designer.

The presentation of F5 Studio's web project that includes web design, UX design, web development, content creation and SEO
F5 Studio designed a website and create a content for Shipscar


While designing your website, you should have some examples of a website that aims the same service to the clients. You can take that other evidence while designing your site. Moreover, when you have a reference website in your mind, you can have a clue about the desired outcome.

On the other hand, just because your competitor is doing it doesn’t mean it’s working for them.

Have details about technical functionality

The technical, functional requirement is a vital part of the website design process. Technical function requirements include blogs or news feeds, account registration, API integration, payment methods, UI animation and many more. Focus on each of these technical, functional requirements and describe how you wanted these parameters to work. Say, for example, if you want to include social media feeds, how should it be sorted? Do you want to have advanced searching and filter options on websites? All these things are very important to complete your web design. But it is better to start from choosing a stack of technologies. F5 Studio’s web developers prefer to use WordPress to build websites. But React.js or other frameworks would be better for some projects.

Details about your future plans

To expect a proper return on your investment and ensure the long-term effectiveness of your website, you must convey your plan for your website properly to the web designer. Whether you would like to update your content or add ecommerce functionality to your website, all these things must be conveyed to the designer properly. The future plans will ensure that your website works properly in the long run.

The presentation of IT company website
F5 Studio designed a corporate website for IT service

Considering budget

Budget plays a vital role in driving your project further. Most of the people ignored the budget while building a website and ended up paying an unavoidable cost. There are some people who don’t have any experience working with digital agencies and question why they should provide a budget. When you have a proper budget, you can accomplish your goals. For example, if you have a low budget, you cannot include advanced features in your website; however, when you have a high budget, the designer can include advanced elements like API integration and other important things that could boost your website.

Maybe the fixed price model of website design and development suits you most.

Setting project deadlines

Project deadline is very important for the completion of your project. Setting project deadlines will help you to examine the feasibility of the website along the process. The development and designing of a website usually takes 4 to 10 weeks; however, it depends on the specialization of the website and how the client agrees with the finalized content.

Web hosting

Considering web hosting is also an important part of the website designing process. Most of the clients prefer third-party hosts. You must provide mySQL details and hosting panel to the web developer. Moreover, when the website gets life, you must focus on the maintenance of the website. Maintenance is done by the developer of the company on a weekly basis to ensure security and performance are met. 

A laptop screen with home page of an ecommerce site that sells used tech
F5 studio designed ecommerce site with neumorphism in web design


The web design brief is a great document that can help you to achieve your business goals with a website. But you should focus on other important things.

Choosing a web design company is not a cakewalk, and a lot of aspects are required to be taken care of while designing a website. Don’t fall for cheap service that will cost you both time and money. Perform good research of the web agency that you would be using for web designing.

The above blog has tried to cover almost all the topics that you should be focusing on at the designing phase of your website. It is advisable to have a proper set of goals with your website before you begin your designing process. 

Make sure to focus on the SEO part, as it plays a crucial role in enhancing your business. 

Choose a professional web designer wisely as the relationship with the web designer will last as long as your business. 

Apart from this, you must have a proper conversation with the designing team to get a positive outcome. 

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