How to get more work at your auto body shop?

By Roman Berezhnoi September 17, 2020 177 views

How to get more work at your auto body shop?

Do you own a car body shop? Are you searching for ways to attract more potential customers? Do you want to boost your collision repair business?

Well, the answer is quite simple: you need to adapt to modern marketing techniques. In this post, we will give you some tips that you should apply to know how to attract potential clients.

Tactics such as providing good customer service, excellent business website creation with right UI/UX design, search engine optimization, and digital marketing techniques, will help you get more work at your auto body shop. 

Do not forget that each client who visits your workshop is unique and that to capture their needs, you must use a personal approach. However, as a workshop, you must have a marketing strategy that identifies you and allows you to be differentiated.

Tips to attract potential customers

A company does not mean anything without customers. They are the ones who give life to your workshop, and it is why it is so important to attract them. For this, your workshop must be known for the services it offers.

Attention Quality 

No matter how much advertising you have done to attract customers, it will not do any good for your company if you do not offer good service. The quality of service is one of the most critical aspects that you must consider if you want to attract a potential client. If a car owner visits your workshop, it is because they are interested in the service you provide. Making your client feel special will keep them coming back to you. And don’t forget to feature your selling points. Let the potential clients know your type of work: do you offer a discount on full bodywork? Do you offer custom paint service? Do you have certified workers? Do you deal with accidental damages? Do you modify the car?

Create a good/excellent website

There is no secret, many people use the Internet to find service. So, some of you customers visit your site and evaluate your auto body shop before they get here.

Start from understanding your customers. What do they need? What do they want? How do they evaluate auto body shops? What about their positive and negative experience? 

F5 Studio’s UI/UX designers use the combination Value proposition Canvas with traditional marketing approaches. This way helps to understand the customer’s needs and pains. So, it allows you to create a great website design and feature your selling points. What are the selling points? These are custom paint work, certified technicians, reviews, your approaches, etc. In other words, all things that may affect a website visitor’s decision making process. Use these selling points in all of your marketing materials, online and offline advertising. 

But the site is a really great place to talk about your collision repair business.

See our work for the auto body shop from Arlington Heights (USA).

F5 Studio created unique button labels for autobodyshop website that improved click rate
See the full presentation of the web project

Also, you should entrust building of your business site to professional website developers. It seems more expensive than hiring the boy next door or family, who studies computer science. But professionals can guarantee the quality, as you know (that is why people hire you to repair their auto). 

In these challenging times you can have a restricted budget. So, you can choose a fixed price model to build a professional business website. We offer you a Starter pack that includes custom web design, WordPress development and basic SEO for only $1000.

You can find more information about how to generate more leads with your B2B website in this article.

Online Advertising 

Advertising is essential to attract new customers. Through advertising strategies, you can get each potential client to be interested in the services you offer and also want to visit your company. Do not forget that advertising induces your company in the minds of each of your potential customers. For that, you can use some of the following strategies:

Internet Ads: Today, most of your potential customers have access to the internet from their cell phones. So, this is a handy tool to make yourself known as a company and offer your services. Advertisements on the internet are straightforward to create, make sure that the information is of quality, and create security for customers. The most important thing is that it is striking at first glance. Do not forget that this will always be a hook to attract customers.

Social networks: Social networks are the boom of the moment. Everyone has an account on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It is no secret to anyone that social networks are used daily for various purposes, such as communicating with others and looking for services that can solve problems and satisfy their needs. So advertising and offering services through these networks can be beneficial. Many of the available social networks allow you to make ads, which can reach many users.

If you have no experience in online advertising, you should contact a digital agency that provides PPC services

Also we recommend you to use offline advertising. This additional way allows you to attract local clients.

Optimize your website for SEO results 

SEO optimization is a set of techniques to improve the natural results of a particular website or blog in Google and other search engines. The importance of SEO lies in the fact that the people have your website among dozens or hundreds websites of competitors. Google and the other search engines consider hundreds of parameters when analyzing a website and assign it a position after each user’s search. In other words, website traffic depends on the visibility of a website on the search result page for your potential customers. For this to happen, you must make sure that the “keywords” and “keyword phrases” are in the right position. Your site must be SEO-friendly. It means that the content of your website must be available for search engines. 

As a professional in your business you know, it’s time you let a pro handle your website SEO. You should order professional SEO services, such as tech SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and SEO copywriting. The benefits largely exceed this reasonable investment. Because it’s not all about SEO, it’s about your marketing and online reputation.

Produce excellent video content

Currently, Video Marketing is the most efficient technique to generate leads and convert them into customers. Undoubtedly, visual content has great importance in social networks and digital media, since they can transmit a message immediately and powerfully. According to studies carried out, 74% of marketers affirm that video generates more conversions than any other content type. Therefore, it is necessary to study the possibilities that this technique offers before undertaking high altitude campaigns.

Write engaging content

Engaging and high-quality contents relevant to your service have multiple benefits. As we know, content is the king. It allows you to attract and connect with the customer. It also lets you build trust and encourage the user to make a purchase, etc.

For this reason, it is essential to take care of the writing of the texts and review them to avoid

grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors. You also have to know what tone to address the user, what they need, what doubts they have, etc. The important thing is to share content that helps your target audience and that you communicate it effectively. For this, it is necessary to know some strategies and techniques to make high-quality content that work for your auto body shop.

Provide discounts 

An excellent way to attract potential customers to your auto body shop is to run promotions that offer some attractive benefits. Several strategies can be applied to increase the conversions of potential customers. Various promotion and discount techniques can be applied, depending on the type of business, sales channels, available budget, and objective. You can use promotional prices, discounts on leading car body customizations, etc. You can also offer loyalty programs. It all depends on your creativity, organize an open house, or have a contest, etc.

Directory Registration

Registering your car body workshop on B2C sites and directories where customers seek services according to their needs is an easy and inexpensive way to attract potential customers interested in your services. Using technology, your company will project an image of seriousness, solidity, and quality of service that your potential clients will consider. There are online portals that offer you a directory on the web and in its mobile application through which the users of the application can find you. 

This additional way seems archaic, but it works.


As you can see there are some ways which can help you to get more work for your auto body shop.

Is it real to provide these recommendations by yourself? It is possible for some recommendations. But you better leave professionals online advertising, website development, SEO. Ideally, you should entrust these ways to the digital agency. In this way you will optimize your marketing expenses and save money.

Of course you can hire a freelancer or the boy next door to save your money. Well, that’s your choice.

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