Secrets of successful web design for business sites

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Secrets of successful web design for business sites

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Do you want to control your web presence in the digital world? If yes, then you already know that you need to have a website. And we are not talking about making any website. The primary aim is to have a website representing your brand, motto, and message that attracts potential leads, enhances your company’s brand visibility, and lets the users trust your service/product in a much more delicate way.

You need to take the time to design the good website for your business or to invest in professional web design services. So, we would like to give you the tips on how to create successful corporate site design. 

Web design it is all about marketing and sales

Many people think that marketing and sales are important for ecommerce sites only. Also, many people think that marketing is social media, online advertising or direct email. It is a misconception. Every business site (corporate site, B2B site) is selling something, maybe not obviously but they are. All business sites are about marketing and sales. 

You might be selling a product, a service, an image, professionalism, a concept, credibility, brand identity, a sense  – but you need to know what you are selling. So, you need to understand what this site is selling and how.

Don’t just copy and add a logo, some pictures and text to standard sections of a website. The goal is to present your company, products or services in the best light and to get people interested enough to buy or contact your business. To do that you need to know some things about marketing: customers research, analyse competitors, identifying selling points, etc. At F5 Studio we combine traditional marketing methods with the Value Proposition Canvas approach. This way helps our designers to understand the target audience’s pains and needs.Then you need to design the visitor’s journey from a landing page to clicking on a Call To Action (CTA) button. You design, create the mood,  create the feel, market. It is a big job, but doable. See which elements you need to use on the homepage of a business website.

You can see one of our projects. It is an auto body shop’s site. Old website design ignored visitors’ needs. Our specialists provided customer research to improve UX of the site.

F5 Studio created unique button labels for autobodyshop website that improved click rate
Autobody shop website. See the full presentation

Understand your website layout

The layout of your website is the basis of your entire design scheme. Understanding your form helps you resolve many of the crucial decisions you need to make as you build your website. When thinking about structuring your layout, consider how you want to split the content sections on the site. 

One option is to use banners that divide the site into horizontal rectangular blocks over the site’s entire width. Another option is to use the columns feature that separates the area into vertical sections. Each of these two options provides a slightly different browsing experience and influences how visitors can interact with your content.

Choose colors and fonts correctly

In web design, colors play a significant role, especially when talking about its website. It is because colors stimulate unconscious actions and feelings in people. However, to define the website’s color scheme, first think of your target audience. 

You should define the target audience (your persona) with as many characteristics as possible Also you need to think about how to use your brand colors on the company’s site. Often, brand design services are a good way to improve your brand identity and to implement it on a site.

Red car on blue background that symbolyze quality car shipping service and F5 Studio's process of website creation
We refresh the logo and redesign a website. See the full presentation

Create a responsive website

Owning a responsive website is no longer an option. It is a primary demand by the companies. HD images, a more vibrant background, optimizing the content, a smooth scroll bar, layout with larger font: these are some of the aspects that you need to consider for this action to be successful. Stay away from too many graphics on your website. 

Although they are significant for building a professional and cohesive responsive website, several can appear troubled. Graphics need not be used for decorative purposes only. They must aggregate palpable content to the web site. Having the right amount of pictures will improve the usability of your website and reduce clutter.

To get a responsive design we recommend you to hire professionals from Top Responsive Website Design Companies Of 2020

Pay attention to the user experience

The website owner’s primary intention must be related to having a robust website with the best UX design (user experience). You must make a clear, objective, and easy to navigate website. Provide a navigation menu on all pages of your website, although this menu does not need to link your blog pages. It ensures that your visitors do not have to return to the home page and start over entirely when needed.  

Don’t forget about user interface (UI). Use static icons for page elements. Make elements of the website clear for users. This is arguably one of the most missed pieces in the website design field. To provide visual guides, cues, and context for the user in relation to where they are or where things will lead them. 

Do you think that’s a small thing? If your user hovers over a button that doesn’t change colour your user is a victim of the bad design. Because the design is not communicating the correct context to the user. So, the user won’t find the useful information. Your visitor won’t fill a form to order a service or product. In other words, you will lose users.

Now it is a challenging task because all elements of the website design must work good on all devices with respect to content. That is why it is worth it to get help from experienced UI/UX designers to design a website.

Innovation must be optimized

Many web designers love innovation. Innovation seems modern, extraordinary, unusual and impressive. But it seems good on paper only. Too many innovative things on the real website confuse visitors. You need to mix up the known with the new, adding little by little to the already familiar, when the new becomes known  – add something new.

Always categorize your content by focus 

If you have a lot of discussion topics on your site, put them on different pages. It will help to relieve clutter and keep your site tidy. It will also facilitate navigation and classification of the website by web crawlers. Keep the size of your files and images low. Excessive load times are a death factor for any website. The larger the files that need to be loaded, the longer the user’s loading time. Most users will click if the page does not start loading within the first few seconds after the page opens.

Ecommerce sites with many products categories, content is the great example of right categorization. See one of our projects.

Promo page for jewelry e-store. gold ring on black background
A jewelry e-shop. See the full presentation

Video background cannot be avoided

We are increasingly impressed by the contribution of video backgrounds to a beautiful general aspect of the site. They are visually appealing, but they do not necessarily control the entire design scheme. They can be abstract or portray a particular situation and immediately generate an incomparable positive impression. The video background is not suitable for all types of websites or target audiences, but if you think it will work well on your website, you should try them out.

Admit your mistakes

You are not faultless. There are a lot of elements on your site that can work wrong. Check it out, if you are right, explain it, politely accept that they were right to contact you. If there is an issue, you must admit it and fix it. Admitting mistakes in business it is seen as a strength. By being active you show transparency and credibility. Your clients understand that mistakes happen, but if they know you are there for them when they do, they’ll come back. 


With the technological and digital evolution, it became much easier to have a website for your company, business, service, products, or for various purposes of commercial presentation. Today we have a range of possibilities, from WordPress platform that allows you to have a website with some functionalities, content management, photos, videos, and essential management of your website to modern JavaScript frameworks. Technology only tends to evolve. 

On the other hand, businesses are facing more intense competition in the Web. Visitors prefer websites with a good user experience.

That is why it is essential to have a professional service done by a web design from a web design agency qualified in corporate site development. Professional web design is prepared and enabled to customize, adjust, and code your website to achieve more impact and exclusive visual results. To save investments in web presence you can order WordPress development services. It makes sense to spend a little bit more money on the web design.

Anyway, if you contact a professional web design agency it guarantees that you will get the best result on-time and on a budget.

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