SEO best practices for the year 2020

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SEO best practices for the year 2020

You wish your website to score high in Google ranking, and it increases your business because a high organic traffic may be the first step to success. If your website is not visible for your audience in organic search, a purpose of your site is gone.
Hence you need to follow several strategies and techniques to rank higher on Google. But before implying these strategies, you need to get the basics done right. If you follow best SEO practices, you can increase the chances of getting your website attract valuable traffic from organic search.
Here is a list of SEO best practices that you can follow to get high rankings in the year 2020.

Align your content with user/search intent

User intent is the purpose behind every search query on the Internet. It is Google’s priority to understand and satisfy user intent, and the pages ranking on top, have all passed Google’s test of user intent. Therefore you need to understand the concept of search intent, what a visitor is searching, and what you are providing. Hence create your website’s content that aligns with the users’ intent.

If you want to understand the search intent elaborately, you need to understand its type. There are majorly four types of search intent, i.e., informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional.

One of the SEO best practices is to create content, keeping in mind the users’ intent. For example, if you want to rank high for the keyword “best DSLR cameras,” you need to understand that it is commercial search intent. Here users are looking for options, they are looking for some information via a blog post or a video relating the same. Hence create content that meets the visitors’ search intent.

Create a compelling title and meta description

The headlines that appear as a search result are known as title tags. Titles give users a quick insight into the content of the result hence crucial from an SEO perspective. Users generally decide which page website to open and which not with the help of title tags. Hence it is imperative to use a high-quality title for web pages. Also, use your target keywords in the title, write a title that matches the search intent, keep it concise, and avoid keyword stuffing. 

A meta description is a brief two-sentence summary of your web page, which is displayed below the title tag. Many users read the meta description to get the gist about your webpage’s content. Therefore keep it informative and accurate. Keep the length of characters up to 160 characters. Also, write a meta for each webpage, match search intent, and provide an accurate content summary.

Optimize your website images

Images are imperative for your website’s success. They improve users’ experience; hence it is necessary to optimize them. Images used in the right way can boost your site’s overall SEO and also boost organic traffic. To optimize the images, what you can do is:

  • Choose the best file format to optimize images for speed. You can use either a JPEG or PNG file. However, as per experts, PNG is a better file format, as it is ideal for images that contain texts, line drawings, etc. 
  • Compress your images so that the images are quickly loaded on your site. You can use several free tools to compress your image file, such as. TinyPNG, ImageOptim, ShortPixel, etc. 
  • Provide Alt text for your images for better web accessibility. It also helps visitors to understand the images in your site in a better way. Add alt text that contains rich information and the target keywords for high user experience. 

Optimize the speed of your page

As per general rules, your site must not take more than three seconds to open completely; hence you will earn a frustrated user who will shut back your site almost immediately. You can use several free tools to check your page speed and also improve the speed. Also, compressed images help the page load faster. You must also enable browser caching, delete unnecessary plugins, reduce server response time, number of redirects, etc. to increase the site’s speed. 

The loading speed of your website has a big impact on your business. So you can find more information how to speed up a website. In some cases you can need a service by professional web developers to optimize JS, CSS code. 

A man is using Google PageSpeed Insights on a laptop to measure a site speed

Improve your users’ experience

User experience is one of the key factors to determine your search ranking, and Google keeps a close watch on how users behave to your content. Hence you need to strive to improve your users’ experience. Page speed plays a vital role here, but there are some other things you can do to improve your users’ experience. 

  • Use proper subheadings for your content. If you divide your content into proper heads and subheads, Google understands your content in a better way and makes your content more accessible to the readers. 
  • Make your content visually appealing to your readers. Use the correct font, and correct size of the font to please the readers. Also, make use of relevant images, videos, and screenshots to illustrate your vital points.
  • Avoid using popups that are intrusive for your readers if you don’t need them. But if you must use them, use them smartly. For example, display a popup when a visitor has spent at least five minutes on your website.
  • Use white space between paragraphs, and left and right margins to enhance users’ experience, as it grabs user attention. 

So, UX designer can boost your site and your business, if the designer use focused and systematic approach. F5 Studio’s process of the UX design centres on business goals and an understanding of client’s customers, their needs. You can read more about our approach on UI/UX design service page.

Use internal linking

Internal links establish the information hierarchy for your website and help Google to understand the content of your website deeply, hence they are important for your website. If you use the internal links properly, you can significantly boost your Google ranking.

Optimize URLs

To keep the URL structure straight and simple. Try and use URLs that are readable by humans and should not belong to ID numbers. Use short URLs as they tend to outperform long URLs, and remove unnecessary stop words to make it look clean and succinct. 

Get more relevant backlinks for your website

Google considers backlinks to be the one of key ranking signals, as it recognizes backlinks as votes of confidence. If your webpages have quality backlinks, your chance of ranking higher increases, therefore, focuses on building strong backlinks for your website. Some backlinks boost your ranking while some derail your rankings. Hence it is better to prioritize authoritative backlinks over the using of bad linkbuilding tactics

There are over 40 ways to get relevant backlinks on your website But the choice of linkbuilding tactics depends on many factors such as industry, business model, location. If you want to avoid issues and increase your profit margins significantly, it is better for you to consult with off-page SEO specialists of F5 Studio. 

Generally, our approach differ from common practices which look more like the “spam”. Our specialists use “white hat” SEO methods which really works for the improvement of site ranking. 

Publish long-form content

We can’t say that there is a direct relationship between the content length and the search performance of your website. The experts claim long-form contents rank higher on Google rankings it. In fact it depends on certain factors. So, publish long-form content can help in specific cases.

Long-form contents are those contents that have word counts of more than 700 words. The reason behind the working of long-form content is the better answer the user’s search intent. 

Long-form content allows you to use different types of keywords. So, you will get more traffic.

Additional benefits are your readers spend more time on your website to read longer content. If your content is engaging and meets the readers’ demand, it is sure to boost the ranking. 

But you should pay attention that short content Is not low quality content. In other words short content not worse than long content for some pages of your site. That is why you should consult with experienced SEO copywriters. 

Final words

A good start is what we all need is to push our websites rank high on the Google search engine. You can deploy n number of tools, but you won’t get high rankings. 
SEO is a complex task that is a part of your marketing. So, you need to craft SEO techniques to your business specifics.
Also don’t outlook the importance of SEO practices and include them to design a website that meets all the users’ requirements. 
You can either do everything on your own or take an expert assistance to do SEO professionally, in cost-effective way, and to avoid some troubles. 
Whatever it is, just do it for your customers.

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