Website design with Dark Mode

By Roman Berezhnoi December 14, 2021 376 views

Website design with Dark Mode

Have you ever wondered why some websites that you visit daily have a website design with a dark mode? It’s because when you use a dark theme for your website it conveys a plethora of emotions that your readers can embark on.

Dark mode is basically using dark colors mostly black or grey in a low-light user interface as the ultimate background color. It is contrasting to the default white user interface, which has been used in the common website design. It has been a recent development over the years that dark-themed user interfaces prevent eye strain, specifically at night or in low-light which leads to a work experience and less headaches.

A real dark mode is not only about the application of a reverse color format, to appear more aesthetically pleasing to the users which eventually impacts usability but its application in web design goes far and beyond in the present times. 

Websites can now detect dark mode like apps can 

Some sites offer dark modes today. For example, you can enable dark mode on YouTube, Twitter, or Slack in a few clicks. 

When you enable dark mode on Windows 10, macOS, iOS, or Android, the applications you use all know you’ve enabled dark mode and can automatically enable it. Google Chrome doesn’t even have an easy-to-access dark mode option. Chrome just automatically adjusts itself based on your overall operating system choice.

In the past, there wasn’t a way for websites to automatically implement dark mode. Even if your browser’s interface goes dark, websites will continue using their bright backgrounds. You have to manually enable dark mode or use a browser extension that forces dark mode.

It wasn’t web developers’ fault—they had no way of detecting whether dark mode was enabled on your device. That’s changed with a new cascading style sheets (CSS) feature websites can take advantage of. The answer to this problem is prefers-color-scheme, a CSS feature that websites can use to ask your web browser whether you have dark mode enabled. A web page can use a different theme depending on whether you have dark mode enabled or disabled.

The presentation of web design project on F5 Studio’s Behance profile

Why is the dark mode in web design taking over in all platforms?

It is a general misconception that websites with brighter backgrounds may be more user-friendly or attract a larger audience, but that is not always the case. A dark theme in web design can appear to be the most attractive to users as it is different and while changing the color format, you get an access to a calmer aesthetic. A dark theme also helps users to control how they can use your website and apps. 

The important role that dark mode plays in enhancing your website

Not only, dark mode helps visitors with their vision, but it also saves the battery in their devices. The dark mode saves battery power. There are multiple advantages to using a dark mode theme in web design.

Diminish eye strain and pressure

Do you remember the feeling when you have been working for hours and your head soon starts to feel dizzy while you blink your eyes constantly? It is just one repercussion of the web design with a brighter mode. This symptom is referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome Or CVS which has severe side effects like neck pain, blurry vision, eye-pain and double vision. You must have heard doctors say,

“Don’t stare into the screen of your computer or phone for too long”. It’s due to this reason and here a dark mode web design becomes the savior as it not only helps in reducing eye -strain but also helps you to view charts and graphs more clearly.

Dark mode enhances your website’s accessibility

When it comes to enhancing visibility and making a website appear more accessible, dark mode in web design takes it a step further. If you want your users to get an exclusive experience with your app or website dark mode can just add the right texture which highlights the contrasting color scheme.

Regarding accessibility, color choice and contrast are the main concerns of dark mode. It is recommended that web designers keep in mind to give the users the choice to opt to go dark every time they need as whatever suits their accessibility more. Giving users choices is one of the key factors which can make your website more appealing.

Dark mode makes your website appear more visible

We all have experienced this that while sleeping you get a call and you have a headache looking into the bright screen, trust me it’s not a bright sight for your sore eyes. The same may happen while working in front of a laptop or PC late at night. That’s why you may turn to Dark mode in web design to save the day as it not only helps you focus during those late hours but also helps to see the content in a low light setting.

Web design of a site that sells sigars with black background, a red rose to highlight a luxurystyle
The presentation of web design project on F5 Studio’s portfolio

You can rely on Dark Mode to be your emotional support

Irrespective of being the dark interface or dark mode, dark UI in web design definitely gets us humans. It not only delivers a specific set of emotional and mode tone, it conveys a plethora of emotions comparable to the bright hues of other websites.

If you want to know what is the one thing that describes your clientele, going for a dark mode for the web design is never a bad idea. It’s a living proof that low visibility garners curiosity and emotional tension, a dark mode may be the best solution for your viewers to remember your website by.

While implicating dark mode for website UI design, you should keep in mind the image and the feeling that your brand is particularly trying to portray. Also, all bits and nooks of your website are definitely not going to be black so you can also include these various shades of dark mode into your web design according to the motto that you and your brand believes in. There are various shades of dark mode like, for example, simple, elegant, luxurious, somber, formal, dominant, dramatic, mysterious or modern. You may choose the mode according to the mood that you desire your brand to portray.

Make your business stand out with Dark Mode

If you do not want your brand’s website to be just another website which is easily forgotten, then give the dark mode for your web design a heads up. Websites pertaining to various businesses can go for it as it not only enhances the aesthetic value of the brand but also garners curiosity among the viewers of the website.

Dark theme is simple and minimalistic

If you have one of those websites where you have limited content with a minimalistic web design you should definitely opt for dark mode. If in case the text of your website is predominantly the main content, a dark user interface can make the legibility of the website a problem. Typically, a dark mode often tends to intensify the visual mess, thus making it more problematic.


Now you know why it’s no longer a mystery that dark mode in web design has taken over. They not only provide a superior user experience for the multiple websites and apps but various operating systems have started to integrate this theme by default. You can always appoint a web designer to design a dark mode that suits your brand’s website or web app. Contact F5 Studio’s project managers, if you need a professional website design services.

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