What things make a good corporate design good?

By Roman Berezhnoi August 31, 2021 145 views

What things make a good corporate design good?

Corporate identity is not just graphical in nature (which is a form of visual artistic representation), but also the planning of processes to achieve business goals. A corporate identity is a must in the business that adds uniqueness to that firm. Several aspects determine the corporate identity. Corporate design depends upon the goal, focus, type of services and goods provided, local or international prospects. All these criteria help companies have their brand and make a true identity in the region and the international market. 

Corporate website design plays a crucial role, and thus companies must design the corporate identity in such a manner that it creates a back-story and an aura for the company. Are you looking for effective criteria for developing a good corporate design? 

This article provides a perfect piece of knowledge on the appropriate features that make up a good brand design. The corporate design provides a unique identity to the company or business. 

What is corporate identity?

After hearing “corporate identity,” things that strike in mind are business cards, letterheads, and logos. These are a part of corporate identity but to some extent. According to the experts, there is much more than ensures a good corporate identity. Factors like taglines, the logo’s color, a prime color of the business, fonts, flyers, web design, social media, and stationery determine the corporate identity.

 It also includes the office décor, specific graphics, team member uniforms, company trucks, and cars, if any. Thus the corporate identity is a vast sector than one can imagine. The corporate identity in the international market starts with the corporate website designAs the business website serves as the door to the international market, website design is essential. Corporate design is an identity that defines who you are, your culture, company values and also shows your efficacy in internal and external communications. 

Do you think corporate identity and brand identity are the same? There is a good margin of difference between these. For example, Procter & Gamble is a company that has a corporate identity and logo. It defines their culture, values, and also goals. Under this corporate identity, there are hundreds of brands such as Pampers, Pantene, Gillette with a brand identity. Therefore, the corporate identity serves as an umbrella for the brand identity. 

Elements that develops good corporate design

You already know the factors that play a crucial role in determining a good corporate design from the above section. In this segment, the factors are discussed in detail. Remember that corporate design requires a complete agenda of the company. Designing the corporate identity is not just a graphical aspect but also includes company goals. There must be a proper planning process to obtain specific goals. 

Before discussing the elements, it is important to know that the two main elements for a brand design are further segmented into seven aspects. The two main elements are:

  • Design is an artistic representation, which includes logo, typography, and color.
  • The strategy of designing involves quality, brand, culture, and community. 

Now, explaining the seven important elements that play a major role in corporate identity design.


The logo provides an immediate recognition of the company in the regional and international market that helps identify the company only through the symbol or logo. When you say Apple, McDonald’s, BMW, Mercedes, the logo pops into your mind almost immediately. This is the power of a logo. But remember that logo is not everything when the brand strategy comes forward. It’s only a part of the company’s brand strategy. The main objective of the logo is to create awareness in the market to differentiate the company from its competitors. 

The logo does not have a meaning unless the brand adds value, culture, and meaning to it. A person can easily create a logo by drawing a clean abstract that depicts a company’s name. But unless the company adds value and meaning to the logo, it has no use in the market. Take, for instance, Apple. If the company failed to use technology that is better than others, the logo would be lame; but due to its high performance, value, and uniqueness in the market, the logo has a definite aura.

Anyway, it makes sense to order a professional logo design service

F5 Studio’s project presentation. Brand identity, logo design


The brand font is important, and thus typography plays a crucial role. An appropriate, clear font helps attract customers, creates a difference in the corporate flyer, and ensures a good corporate design and corporate website designOne of the most successful fonts that most of the companies are using to date is Helvetica. Several stats show that this font has been in use for almost 50 years. The font is effective because it provides a simple yet good graphic design. See how colours and fonts influence content and brand.


The definition of a brand depends upon the corporate business. In several cases, the company’s name serves as the brand, and thus it also becomes the logo. One prominent example is SAMSUNG. The way a company perceives the marketplace shows its brand value. It takes several years to create a brand value. Factors like customer support, quality of goods and services, aftermarket support, and communications enhance the brand value. 


After creating a logo, it is essential to fill in the color or develop a unique color combination. Usually, most corporate design prefers colors that are sober but not dull. This helps to attract and also present a good definition of the company in front of the customers. Experts also mention that the colors must also define the line of business and also helps the customers to have prior knowledge of the business from its logo and color. Also, osing right colours allows you to create an attractive business website. You can read more in the article How to use colours in web design.


One of the foremost things that a company must have is quality. All the top-notch brands have one thing in common. It’s the quality of products and services they provide to the customers. The logo, color, and font will only help attract customers, but the quality makes them loyal.Customers are loyal to the business and purchase products even at a high price. 


Most people mistake this factor with a definite community. Culture in the corporate business means knowledge, manners, values the business shares that every community likes. When developing a good corporate designit is important to add a culture that makes the brand unique. It also helps to provide a better identity and platform and thus makes the business successful. 


Remember to formulate the corporate design around the likability of the community. Your website design must not favor any specific community, caste, or region. This makes the business fluid and helps in creating a huge international business. Several renowned companies fail to look into this criteria. 


Are you looking for effective corporate design? Several companies can develop designs for your business. Log in to the internet, and you will have an unending list of companies. Focus on all these elements while designing the logo and logo strategy. If any website designing company provides you with all these factors, hire them immediately. 

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