How to start your own online cosmetics business?

By Roman Berezhnoi November 19, 2020 186 views

How to start your own online cosmetics business?

The beauty market is hardly in crisis because even in times of recession, care of appearance is never left aside. So, you have a good chance of business success. But it depends on several factors, such as your effort to grow the business. However, if you intend to open a virtual store, your chances of success are even more significant. It is a niche dominated by women but increasingly exploited by men. 

But as we mentioned, it takes a lot of organization, a lot of persistence, and a lot of focus for your business to bear good fruit. This article will see the best tips to have your online store and be successful in selling cosmetics online. Keep an eye on the ends.

Market research 

Are you going to sell cosmetics online? But you don’t know what types? The more you segment your online store’s performance, the less you tend to suffer from competition. The beauty industry has evolved many, and big brands and companies are betting on the diversity of products. You can find lines dedicated to beauty care for women, men, and children, also advertised as natural, organic, conventional, vegan, herbal, and Ayurvedic.

You can also choose to work only with feminine products and choose a line of goods, such as makeup or hair products. Opening an online cosmetics store for the male audience can be considered, as this is a market that has been growing in recent years.

Target audience research

Before starting your cosmetics store, you need to define a target audience. There are products for all tastes and budgets. Every business needs to recognize the segment of audience to be successful. The previous step is favored when observed in practice, which offers the best opportunities for your virtual cosmetics store. In this effort, it is worth analyzing the competition and its rules and avoiding investing in products and forms of service that do not fit the public profile.

Identifying the target audience’s needs, desires, and interests increase the chances of getting the items you offer right and how you do it. Anyway, several segments can be explored in an online cosmetics store. To define which one is the best to be studied, do a survey to identify the market’s needs.

Remember, you will be one of many online cosmetics stores. So, it is vital to differ from your competitors. You have to offer your customers some ideas and to explain why they need to buy from you. It can be a unique brand, fair price, specific ingredients or extraordinary design.

A women presents cosmetic products her friends to provide target audience research
Identify the target audience’s needs, desires, and interests

Select the right website platform 

Having a virtual cosmetics store does not necessarily mean that you need to set up your website. Of course, this is the best option. However, at the beginning of the business, you can choose other ways to sell your products. Social networks and marketplaces are excellent options for those just starting. If you don’t know what a marketplace is, it is a platform designed to sell products over the internet. Of course, if you have the money to create your website, it will be the most acceptable option.

But, regardless of which option is chosen, the platform for online stores must be of quality. The website design must be adapted for all types of devices: computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. The website must offer good navigability, which facilitates the user’s life. The pages should be light so that they load quickly on all devices, especially on cell phones. 

Our specialists, who provide ecommerce website development service recommend starting from WordPress+Woocommerce. It is the optimal solution for ecommerce startups in many cases. You can read a little bit more about ecommerce platforms because it is very important to choose the right solution for your business.

Have an identity

Having a company means making the legal sale of cosmetics. Having a brand represents a living memory in the consumer’s mind. It is based on the logo, the colors used, the typography, and everything that contributes to shaping the cosmetics store’s identity. A logo is more than just a digital image, but your identity. Invest in the logo design service now to get a professional logo for your brand. Also, the website’s layout, the domain was chosen for it, and the name of the company are aspects that need to be planned.

It is with your brand that you will position yourself in the market. What impression would you like the public to have on your store? In order not to get lost in the middle of so much information, try to establish a schedule, giving priority to the most important and urgent actions to get the store off the ground. Your homework is to study the audience to find out what works for them. It will allow you to deliver the right brand message, with the right language, and on the channel, your potential customer is.

Promo-page Belissimo e-store
Bellissimo is the excellent example of F5 Studio’s approach to ecommerce sites development

Define a marketing strategy 

“Marketing is the soul of business.” If you want an online cosmetics store that sells a lot every month, you will need to invest in marketing campaigns because your target audience needs to know your products and your company. Attracting customers to the virtual cosmetics store requires a good marketing strategy. There are different approaches, such as content marketing (blog articles, texts, classifieds, etc.), a product catalog, and videos on social networks.  

It is worth investing in social networks and sponsored link campaigns. The blog can address makeup, color combinations, hairstyle tips, looks, and skincare. Besides helping with sales, content marketing strategies help the company achieve authority on the internet and become a reference in the activity segment. It is necessary to create a plan and define the budget for marketing campaigns. Start with a value not too high and gradually increase the investment. Besides well-thought marketing strategies, it is also essential to have an SEO friendly eCommerce website. It is highly recommended to hire the professional website design agency having experience in e-commerce sites.

You can read more about digital marketing to grow your business online. On the other hand you can hire professionals to get digital marketing services. It seems expensive, because you need to spend money, But in this way you avoid mistakes and to get faster results.

Select an attractive cosmetic product mix 

There is no point in having a good business plan, choosing a specific niche, having money to invest, and creating a super attractive website if you don’t offer a range of right quality products. Regardless of the segment you choose to work in, it is essential to maintain a good variety of goods. If your online store sells makeup, you need to keep a variety of colors and shades.

When offering hair products, have shampoos, conditioners, and masks available for all hair types. If you provide enamels, the store should affect different colors. The variety of brands is also essential so that the customer has a choice and does not need to visit another store. If the store does not offer an exciting product mix, it will surely lose customers, and soon the business will start to decline.

Ensure customer focus 

Selling cosmetics in the online medium has particularities. The customer cannot touch the product, unveil its packaging, experience its texture, nor feel its aroma. But that does not mean that you should abandon the idea of ​​encouraging feelings and promoting experiences. The shopping experience in an online cosmetics store is different than in a physical store. Photographs must be taken in a location with good lighting to see the product being sold well. The quality of photos in e-commerce has the same power as a well-organized store window. It is that image that will arouse the desire to purchase the product. Give as many details as possible. By doing this, you find an essential competitive advantage. 

Have a logistics plan 

The significant advantage of e-commerce has the opportunity to sell without borders. However, delivery logistics can be a tricky point if it is not well-planned. It is a process often neglected by small entrepreneurs. So, it is good to keep a good logistics plan. We are talking about the delivery and data, such as the customer’s purchase made on the website, the credit card information, the payment slips that were paid, and the delivery address. Another point to be taken into account is the value of the freight.

Good inventory management 

More important than always having products in stock is to create sound management for your company’s sector. Products must be well organized. Since cosmetics are smaller products and often even look alike, it is straightforward to confuse them. Products with a longer shelf life can be purchased in large quantities, but it is necessary to pay attention to the expiration date. Inventory turnover is paramount for your cosmetics store to operate smoothly. At first, you may have difficulty with this process, as it is a little complicated. However, with good organization and patience, you can keep your stock in order.

Create differentiated promotions 

People love promotion, and a differentiated cosmetics store should offer advantages to their customers. Several options can be explored to attract new consumers and retain current ones. If you’re starting, you can give customers a bonus to friends and buy from your store. Creating combos with different products for an additional price is also a good strategy. Promotions for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other dates should even not be forgotten.

Also you can use other marketing techniques to attract buyers, for example FOMO marketing.

The presentation of the cosmetic eshop on the desctop and laptop
3D Mascara is another example of the ecommerce project that was created by F5 Studio

Establish a business plan 

Without organization and planning, there is no way to set up a virtual cosmetics store. The tip here is to gather all the information you learned in the previous steps, listing the actions you need to take to make your idea operational. The stage comprises answers to questions such as:

  • Who will be the suppliers?
  • What should be the stock of each product?
  • What is the need for working capital?
  • How to advertise the store and attract customers?
  • What are the forms of payment offered?
  • Who will develop the site?
  • How to get photos of the products?
  • Which shipping method to choose for the delivery of the items?

A business plan is a document that contains all the characteristics of your company, restricting from programs that can guarantee the success of your venture to actions that can hinder the growth of your virtual store. There is no way for a business to thrive without adequate planning, even if your virtual store is small.

Allocate the right budget for creation of your ecommerce site. This article help you to understand how much it really costs How to choose right budget for an e-commerce site

Conclusion: Prizes for good service

Service is the key to the success of your e-commerce business. If you think that having an online cosmetics store is about putting products on display, setting prices, and giving promotions, you’re wrong. Provide communication tools that facilitate the contact of your consumers with the company. If your store has its website, an online chat is a beneficial relationship channel to establish your potential consumers’ connection. However, you must develop opening hours and have someone available when the conversation is open for assistance.

The website must have a telephone number and an email address that is easily located so that the customer has no difficulty finding the store’s contacts. Doubts and complaints must be resolved immediately. Otherwise, the customer may perceive the delay as a lack of commitment from the company. It is worth remembering that the current consumer is not willing to wait days for an answer. Establish a policy of quick exchange, and that does not generate costs for the consumer.

Of course it is difficult to answer all questions in the article. So, if you decide to start your business, you can contact our team to get help. Also, you can comment on this article to ask questions or use our pages in social media. Our web specialists often answer questions about marketing, SEO, web design and web development on F5 Studio’s social media pages (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit).

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