How to Improve SEO Ranking

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How to Improve SEO Ranking

Are you willing to understand how Search Engine Optimization can help your business or startup? Well, you will get to know interesting practices about tips to enhance SEO.SEO plays an important role in your business promotion on the Internet. Search engine optimization is a process in which your website is optimized to gain relevant traffic from the search engine results. In this article we write about on-page SEO that is the main part of site optimization.
SEO isn’t a rocket science but it is a truly challenging task. A result of search optimization depends on many factors. First, your SEO result depends on over 200 ranking factors which are used by Google. Second, your SEO depends on your marketing. Third, your SEO results depends on UI/UX design of your website. So, before you start SEO you need to sure that your marketing works and your website designed well.

Now that you have known about the definition of Search Engine Optimization here, you will be discussed about the potential ways to improve your website ranking. Read the section carefully to implement these practices to make your website appear on the first page of the search engine for your target audience.

Publishing relevant content

It is imperative to publish relevant content as it is considered to be one of the most driving factors to improve your search engine ranking. Many SEOs recommend to use “quality and unique” content without the clear explanation. In fact, there is no substitute for relevancy of a content, so be careful when you are working with the content of your website. Before providing content to your website, it is necessary that you research well about the topic and fine-tune your writing skills.

You must be well versed in the specific keyword phrase that you are going to use with each page on your website. Placing of a keyword is also a potential factor in determining whether your website would rank well or not. It is not recommended to stuff keywords; rather, the keyword placed in the sentence must look natural and user friendly. In fact, it is a complex task, that is why in some case it is better to get professional SEO copywriting service. It will help you to understand how to create optimized content for your site.

Somebody sees on laptop the realtime report ogn Google Analytics that is showing  data about website visitors at this moment

Focusing on the relevant links

Once you are done with providing relevant content and keywords, it is necessary that you have a worthy interlinking on your site. So focusing on the relevant link within the text is very important here. 

It has often been observed that most of the people write “Click Here” rather than writing out the anchor text. This is a bad practice. 

Make an anchor text more easily understandable by users then usually that also helps search engines to better understand the context of those pages. So “click here” has no such value in determining website ranking. Try to introduce descriptive links on your page by linking keywords. Descriptive links are a great way to improve your Search Engine Optimization. It also adds value to the readers. Try to introduce descriptive links on your page by linking keywords. Descriptive links are a great way to improve your Search Engine Optimization. It also adds value to the readers.

Use the structure of a content

One of the increasingly important components of high-ranking content is its structure. What is content structure? 

Content structure is the meaningful breaking your single content asset into sections and subsections allowing for easier reading and more ranking opportunities.

The main reason to use content structure is to help search engines to determine how people will find, understand, share, and use information on a page.
Structure of content depends on type of a page. So, you should follow common practice when you create a content for blog, product pages, news, etc.

Content structure defines content hierarchies and relationships between sections, types of content (text block, video, image). 

Also you should build relations between pages of your website with internal links and anchors.
Remember about relevancy of content when you build relations between sections or pages.

Beside the structure of content, the most influential parameter is readability of your content. So you don’t forget to use italics, heading tags, and bold whenever possible. But don’t overdo it because it is a bad impression to the readers.

To impress search engines you should implement structured data. Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content. It will help search engines understand a content better. 

Regularly updating your content

Just like it is important to have quality content on the website, the consistency of updating content on your website also plays a crucial role in determining the ranking of your website. 

In our experience, rewriting the article (bringing it up to date and republishing it without changing the URL) can have a dramatic impact on rankings.

Andy Crestodina (Orbit Media)

So if you want site relevancy, then it is necessary that you update your content. It is one of the best indicators that your website is going to be optimized. 
You must ensure that you are keeping fresh with it every time. One of the best tips is auditing your content as per the given schedule, which can be every one month as well and make updated as required.

Use data from Google Search Console to update your content. Real queries is the best way to know how people find your pages and how Google understands your content.

You can see search queries from Google Search Console account of F5 Studio web agency
Search queries

Using Alt Tags

On the website, there will be a lot of images and other visual contents, so you must ensure that you have used the alt tags or the description of the alternative.
Most of the time, people do not pay close attention to these alt tags, but alt tags allow the search engine to understand your page and images. That is why this is essential for improving the ranking of search engines.
Also, alt tags improve the accessibility of your website.


Metadata don’t affect a page ranking but it remains an important part of SEO. When you design your website, you will find that the page containing the space to insert the Meta description in between the head tag. A Meta description is all about the contents present on your page. But one thing you must notice that the Meta description is reviewed properly when your site is changed over time. 

Basically, you will come across two types of metadata; they are title metadata and description metadata. The most important metadata is the title metadata present on your page, which displays the page titles at the top of your browser window.

On the other hand, description, metadata is actually a textual description used by the browser in the search return of your page. Like the description, metadata will display the things that are present in your website in a brief way. A good Meta description comprises two full sentences, and you must ensure that the matter you are providing is not big enough. 

Fixing broken backlinks

The inbound links are the backlinks, and you must ensure to fix broken backlinks that are coming to your website. The broken backlink occurs because either you have deleted or removed a page consisting of backlinks. It can also occur when you make a mistake while linking a site to your webpage. 

So if you have broken link pages to which many websites are linking to, then you are losing referral traffic as well as link equality from the source.

Final words 

If you follow these practices, then you can rank your website on the first page itself. To understand that you make step in the right direction to see are some of the ways in which SEO success is measured:

  • An enhancement in the engagement
  • Qualified leads as per month basis. This is the customers who are suitable for your business and show interest in your product and services.
  • The overall trend in ranking for various keywords themes around your business and the product and service

To get more detailed info you can read How to track and monitor your SEO efforts

If that is increasing targeted traffic, then you are likely to increase the ranking in Google. This is the basic idea that people have about Search Engine Optimization. But to be frank, SEO is not about targeting specific keywords because there are about 3 billion Google searches made every single day. And the best option to rank those words which have never been searched before is by publishing potential content that is helpful surrounding your business aspects.

So that’s all about the tips to improve your SEO ranking. Make sure to follow these steps when you build a website and start providing content to it. Also you can entrust your website SEO specialists because they have more first-hand experience in search engine optimization.
But remember that success of SEO depends on UX design, marketing and other factors. That is why it makes sense to contact a digital agency that provide the full range of services. So, if you need a carefully-crafted solution for your site, you can contact us for web expert advice.

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