Several facts about WordPress website development

By Roman Berezhnoi January 28, 2020 1.57K views

Several facts about WordPress website development

While WordPress website development services are the most popular, people continue to doubt and to ask questions about this platform. If you have questions, it will be valuable to read this post about WordPress.

WordPress websites look similar

It is a misconception. Custom features require time and money to build. But many people want the cheapest solution. So, they hire non-skilled developers, use free themes, and common web design. That is why many WordPress websites look similar.

The fact is if you use WordPress wisely it can do wonders. The limitation on WordPress website’s personality is not the capacity of WordPress but the capacity of the developer. If the developer only knows how to install themes and has no knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, he won’t be able to show much personality on the website.

An experienced WordPress development team can create personal websites with unique designs and custom functions.

The cost of WordPress website development depends on the complexity of project and cost of themes and plugins.
The key feature of WordPress is it can be used to build simple solutions, or rather complex ones. To optimize cost we recommend you use the approach of what problem you’re trying to solve with a website. Also professional UI/UX design services can help you to create the absolutely unique website that your visitors will love.

WordPress websites are insecure

Usually people say that WordPress websites are more insecure than websites built with other platforms. This misconception makes some people give up WordPress. Other people try to find solutions to improve website security.

Many theories exist. For example, you need to hide the fact your using WordPress or which WordPress version. The next well-known myth is you should hide the /wp-admin or /wp-login URL.

Trying to hide the WordPress version is much harder work than just securing your WordPress website. In other words, you will waste time and money.
Many webmasters think that hackers won’t be interested in their websites, so they do nothing. But the main problem of WordPress website security is lack of knowledge. Hackers use it.

We recommend that you use different ways to protect your WordPress website. You should use a password to protect your website, using .htaccess. Also, you can use a plugin like Limit Login Attempts, which locks out a user after failed logins. The best solution is white-listing your IP, meaning you can log into your website from specific IPs only (e.g., your office IP, developers’ IP, etc.).

You can’t use many plugins on WordPress websites

To add functions to your website, you can use plugins. It is really a powerful feature of WordPress as a platform of websites.

But many people believe that using many plugins slows WordPress websites. That is wrong.

Usually the main problem of using many plugins is the the right plugins. One badly written plugin can negatively affect your site performance more than 50+ well-written plugins.

WordPress plugins on Admin panel

We recommend you ask four questions before you add a plugin.

  • Does it load lots of scripts, styles, or other assets?
  • Does it add extra database queries?
  • Does it perform complex operations?
  • Does it perform remote requests, like to external APIs?

To identify which plugin is slowing the website, use plugins Query Monitor, What’s running, WP Simple Debug, WP Performance Profiler, or alternatives.

Sometimes you can sacrifice performance for functionality. Also, you can hire a WordPress developer, who will create functionality with custom code.

WordPress is search engine optimized out-of-the-box

No, that is not true. You will still need to do SEO work to rank higher. Google don’t prefer any website platform. SEO-friendly platforms don’t equal better ranking. WordPress is SEO friendly.

A similar statement could be made about SEO plugins. These plugins can help you improve SEO, but don’t guarantee top in the SERP.

Use a critical mind when somebody offers you “the best SEO solution.” You first need a strong marketing strategy.

We recommend you draw attention to the theme for SEO purposes. Run a quick quality check on the demo site and see if it is well crafted, is mobile friendly, and loads quickly.

You can use a free theme for your WordPress website. It is a myth that free themes can hurt website SEO.

WordPress isn’t a scalable solution for enterprise projects

You will find a list of enterprise websites that were built with WordPress: Bloomberg, Rolling Stones, BBC America, The Walt Disney Company, Beyonce, SONY Music and any other famous persons and top companies use WordPress.

WordPress is really an easy-to-use and affordable platform, which makes this platform popular with small businesses, bloggers, and start-ups.

Large companies choose WordPress because this platform allows building custom functions. To implement complex solutions, you need a custom WordPress website development company or team. The process of setting up WordPress for high traffic websites require experience.

We recommend you hire an experienced WordPress developer who know how to optimize databases properly.

WordPress is poorly designed

It is true, WordPress isn’t the perfect platform to build a website. Many developers hate WordPress because the platform core can be confusing. For example, some functions are prefixed with wp_,  like the one for inserting post wp_insert_post, but you can get posts with get_post without any prefixes. WordPress is mostly functional, but in some cases object oriented.

WordPress code seems difficult

Much more could, indeed, be written about WordPress. Does it make a bit of sense?
These things are the result of keeping WordPress maintainable and backwards compatible in the long run.

A main feature of WordPress is flexibility in development. You can find ready-for-use plugins, you can write your own plugins, and/or you can write your own hard-coded custom solution. Also, professional web developers can combine modern frameworks with WordPress to get additional benefits. This feature offsets the disadvantages of WordPress design.

So, if you want a flexible, scalable platform with an easy-to-learn interface, use WordPress for your project.

WordPress is an easy and one-size-fits-all solution

WordPress interface is easy to learn and to use. Many web agencies offer WordPress website development as the cheapest solutions for any project.
People oversimplified WordPress website development that then creates a misconception. WordPress isn’t an easy and one-size-fits-all solution. Sometimes it is better to use another platform for project purposes. Also, WordPress isn’t the cheapest solution. The cost of WordPress website development depends on the complexity of project tasks. You need to pay for custom code that can be implemented in other platform.
We recommend that you consult with a WordPress professional developer who can evaluate your project and give you reasonable and proven answer.

Also we recommend you F5 Studio’s packages for business. It is special price model that allows to save time and money. In this way you will get the quality WordPress site at fixed prices.


Hope we answered several questions for you. You can go ahead with WordPress for your website with a clear mind. If you have additional questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to comment. Our experienced WordPress developers will be glad to help. Just contact us.

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