Web Design Trends 2019

By Roman Berezhnoi May 17, 2019 2.08K views

Web Design Trends 2019

Web designers often perceive trends with suspicion as no one wants to follow the crowd. The very idea of creativity is to do things differently from others. Even a small business website design must be effective for business goals. However, trying to move in the opposite direction can at times create the undesired effect.

So the main reason why we need to follow the trend and find out what happens in the web design world is to develop our critical thinking online or develop new ideas for our web projects. The main thing is to be aware of what happens and keep pace with it.

3D illustration

We expect the Web Design trend in 2019 to be a combination of 3D graphics with the already familiar 2D. Looking at how rapidly the technologies of augmented reality are developing, we will definitely see interesting ideas in this area.

3D illustration - web design trends 2019

From playful trademarks to serious logos

Logotypes - web design trends 2019

In 2018, many large brands decided to abandon their eccentric identities in favour of sans-serif options. Most likely, none of them individually thought that in the end, everyone would come to the time-tested version. For example, MailChimp has updated the font but still manages to look pretty playful. In all other cases, this trend looks like a return to a stable option that will not fail.

Outline Font

There is something attractive in this “elusive” trend. Outlined fonts definitely attract attention and make you read the entire text. However, In a world ruled by a “sans serif” design, outline fonts look new and traditional at the same time.

Outline Font - web design trends 2019

The question is: Should all brands be designed in an outlined style?


Web brutalism is a trend in Web Design that appeared back in 2016 but continues to gain popularity. It features the creation of deliberately complex and “ugly” websites.

Brutalism has replaced the minimalist style that has prevailed in the network in recent years and has become a kind of challenge to society. The punk musicians’ website is the perfect illustration of brutalism.

Brutalism - web design trends 2019

Comparing brutalism with punk movement is no coincidence. As time has shown, the attributes inherent in a particular subculture can be easily adapted to the mass consumer. So it began with punk, then grunge, and a bit later hipsters joined the movement.

The largest library of examples of this style can be found here.

Inclusive Design

This is another trend in Web Design that suggests designing products so that they can be used by as many people as possible without the need for special adaptation. In other words, the goal of inclusive design is to take into account the features of all users and create equal conditions of use for them.

Inclusive Design - web design trends 2019

The term “Inclusive Design” came to us from the UK. In the US, this concept is called “Universal Design”.

A universal approach in 2019 is the principle of non-averaging. In other words, it is impossible to reduce everything to a common denominator. One way or the other, all of us, according to certain parameters, cannot fall into the category of “average”. And “average” does not mean “suitable for all.” Therefore, designers will increasingly begin to lean towards developing solutions that would be suitable for users at the far ends of the spectrum.

Bold Font

Bold Font - web design trends 2019

Yes, bold. For some reason, this font appears in many similar trend lists. As a web Design trend,  Bold has been relevant since 1440 when the very art of typography appeared. The only exception was the short period in 2013 when Apple introduced the fashion Helvetica Neue Ultra Light.


Adding animated elements to websites is not a new website design trend in 2019. Animation can be very pleasing and useful for the users and we expect to see some nice ideas or interesting decisions in the course of this year.

Anyway, it is important to keep in mind that excessive use of animations can be detrimental to the website.

Massive text

Experts and Copywriters in the IT field have been suggesting that when working on the design for a website, content should be put in the first place. Having good content on websites is important as it is one of the Search Engine ranking criteria. However, some designers tend to focus on massive text insert.

Massive text - web design trends 2019

Some inserts are so large that sentences have to be divided into small fragments. Theoretically, this forces users to focus a little more on content sites.

Transferring brand identity through illustrations

The illustration is used as an element of distinction because it culturally reminds us of the exceptional nature of art. In the heyday of illustrations in the high-tech industry, we have examples from Slack,  Airbnb,  Mailchimp,  Dropbox and WeTransfer, demonstrating how to make the waiting process more pleasant for the user and convey emotions and brand values.

Transferring brand identity through illustrations - web design trends 2019

Collaboration with well-known illustrators is now commonplace. Illustrations are often used in design systems as an additional expressive way to send messages, as we see in the cases of Slack and Glitch.

Layouts based on typography

Typography has always been a fundamental discipline of design (before, it was limited to technology), but now we have a high level of freedom, expression and experimentation, so typography takes a worthy place. Now it dominates, as if in compensation for the long years of suffering at the dawn of web design due to lack of fonts and problems with readability and compatibility.

Today, fonts with great individuality represent the trend. However,  it’s not so much about choosing fonts or their combinations, but about using “words” as the main elements of aesthetics, as well as semantics. Now words are a structural design element around which the rest of the composition is located.

It’s not so much the choice of fonts or their combinations, but the use of “words” as the main element of aesthetics and semantics.

One technique of typography for text selection is the addition of graphic elements, as capital letters, the use of deformations, effects and animation. The combination of different styles and weights is also quite popular. Therefore, bold, underlined, chopped font, serif font and outline font can fit together in a single paragraph.

Layouts based on typography - web design trends 2019

Variable fonts

Currently, variable fonts do not have sufficient support in browsers but should be on the list of skills to learn. Variable fonts are an evolution of the OpenType font specification. A single font file may contain several options. Using CSS allows you to access these options and animate transitions between styles.

In this example, we see a variable font for which we can change the weight and serif parameters, which allows us to create not only animations but also several font options.

Variable fonts - web design trends 2019

We can generally animate the font axes in CSS by compressing or expanding it, but its other properties (those related to its morphology) will be determined by the font designer. A good example is Decovar  – a multi-level decorative variable font from David Burlow, designed to parameterize several properties.

Decorated, enlarged and large paragraphs

Paragraphs are no longer governed by simple column distributions or wrap around geometric shapes. Now the paragraphs are larger, full of emoji, images, style changes, micro-interactions and strange distributions.

Their size has increased significantly, and we are not shy when it comes to the combination of fonts and decorative styles. Large paragraphs are one of the key trends.

Large menus

As in the case of paragraphs, the menu also increased significantly in size. Remember these tiny pixel menus in 2005? It is incredible that in a few years everything was the opposite. Fashion is so fickle!

In this case, the size of the menu is also influenced by mobile patterns. In mobile interface designs, the use of fullscreen overlay menus is widespread, as the interfaces are touch-based and it will be more difficult for users to click on small items than on larger ones.

However, following in the footsteps of paragraphs, it is not only about size but also about decorative elements and all sorts of micro-interactions and effects.

Non-standard block arrangement

The era of card design has taught us to clear the groupings of visual elements on websites. But this is not the only way to tie them together. So, in recent years, many designers have fallen in love with asymmetry, because it does not limit their creativity. This has led to an increase in the popularity of “broken” markup, which allows you to create very interesting designs that are difficult to forget. And we believe that this trend in the web design field will see some new some improvements.

Non-standard block arrangement - web design trends 2019

To date, a lot has been done for web design and in 2019, designers will not stop at what has been accomplished. Modern technology allows us to fully reveal our inner potential and creativity. The only exception is when the customer restrains the Web Designers by not allowing them to reveal the essence of the products. I create designs that blow the mind and make my customers proud. Design is not a job, but a way of life.

(C) Dana Konoplya. Lead designer in F5 STUDIO


Perhaps you can say with all fairness that the flat design is losing ground, giving way to bold experiments. Of course, it would have been impossible to list all the tendencies, because there was probably no such freedom, which came to designers in 2019. So, if you did not find your idea in the above list, do not be intimidated. It is possible that it will become a trend in the web design field next year.

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