Our case. Web design for ordinary businesses

By Roman Berezhnoi February 6, 2020 1.29K views

Our case. Web design for ordinary businesses

Web design and UI UX design are much easier when you’re selling the hottest new technology or the most fashionable products. But most businesses are traditional. For example, we created websites for collision repair business, and for door-to-door auto shipping services, commercial construction company and others. 

In other words corporate website building doesn’t mean “boring.” Honestly, it is both a difficult and interesting task. That is why our UI/UX designers love to create a design of corporate websites. It allows them to prove himself, to create something unique and creative that will work for the business.

There is our work for a company that sells rental of agricultural machinery and groundwork services.

As a website development agency we are happy to share our experience in web design. We hope that helps you.

The main difficulty of web design for the ordinary business

The main difficulty is to find a balance. On one hand, it is vital to create modern web design that will cause your website to differ from those of competitors. On the other hand, web designers need to keep a conservative functional approach.

This is an example of improper balance.

The home page of a company that specialized in the rental of agricultural machinery and the contracts of groundwork.

There are several mistakes:

  • a bad logo
  • a terrible burger menu
  • icons of social media on the top of page
  • a bad color contrast for the grey background
  • a color scheme with many colors

The desire to keep a “corporate approach” in web design makes the website design look too busy. This approach makes a website unclear.

In reality, it is a very good company that provides truly good services.
Too creative an approach is no better than a “boring” approach.

How did our designer find a balance?

What was our solution?

In this case, the F5 Studio web designer focused on colors.

Agricultural machines are too bright as well as is the landscape. The web designer used black and white colors for a background that allowed avoiding many mistakes.Screenshot of home page of De Deelen, the company that specialized in the rental of agricultural machinery and the contracts of groundwork.

This approach allowed creating a balanced web design:

  • a good contrast between text and background
  • a modern, professional personality of the brand
  • photos that don’t distract, look more interesting, and delight the eye

The web designer added few details. Small details can make great sense.

As you can see, few fonts were used.

Yellow color became the element differing from the traditional approach, but it looks too natural for this industry.

Also, the web designer kept a “corporate approach” in web design. So, our client got a modern, clear website that attracts more customers.
You can see the presentation of the project on our Behance and on Our works page

Final thoughts

Unfortunately, good website design is a temporary solution because some web design trends will become obsolete.

So, you need to upgrade your website design from time to time to be on top. But if you order professional web design services it save your money and grow your business. Because professional web design based on your customers needs, your business goals and specifics, not on trends only.

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