4 Credibility Aspects That Ensures Trustworthiness In Web Design

By Roman Berezhnoi February 23, 2021 170 views

4 Credibility Aspects That Ensures Trustworthiness In Web Design

Every website must prove its credibility being the face of the company to convert visitors into customers.

You can’t be surprised, a specific study on the difference of how Western and Asian cultures evaluate their website, it was noticed that besides various cultural differences between them, the factors that determined trustworthiness were somewhat the same for both. Those were: 

  1. Design Quality
  2. Upfront Closure
  3. Comprehensive And The Cultural Content 
  4. Connectivity To The Rest Of the Web

It has been noticed and proved that these factors have been influencing the users for years. Though the fact that the design patterns, technologies and UX trends have evolved to a greater extent and will keep growing with time, the people’s priorities in judging the trustworthiness of the website remains the same as it was years ago. The quality of a website design might have undergone an enormous change, but the factor influencing determining the perception of quality will never change. 

Let us discuss the essential four factors that communicate trustworthiness and their application in today’s world!

The Nature Of Design Quality

Needless to mention, when a visitor visits your website, it is the appearance of the website that creates the first impression. The website must look professional, appear worthy and legitimate to the users. The use of color should be appropriate; a single bold color is enough, whereas both the landing page along the main navigation must be very well organized so that the users do not face any issue handling the site. What else is there?

Proper Website Organisation 

A website should be very much user-friendly. Navigation turns out to be a big issue that dissatisfies users if not easily available; using proper navigation elements helps the users understand that they are valued, and their needs are understood. Make sure not to use terminology that is difficult for users to understand, and they end up guessing if the relevant context is present on the site. Make use of links that direct the user in the right direction; they feel comfortable and confident. Also good internal links are crucial to your SEO. SEO professionals can increase relevant traffic by 50-150% using only internal links.

Visual Design 

The visual design norm keeps changing based on the trends. Generally, flat visual design was considered to be more professional. A young business person can more like flat designs than people who are a bit old. Now, both styles, material design and flat design, look boring. So, it is better to experiment with design styles. F5 Studio’s web designers used Neumorphism for an ecommerce site

Using Neumorphism in hero section of ecommerce site
Using Neumorphism in hero section of ecommerce site. See the full presentation

It is the color scheme of the website that determines the brand of an organization. This means choosing the right color has a lot to do with tagging a website as corporate or luxury. Thus, the color should align and match the type of service provided by the company; for example, a cleaning company uses the color green and a lot of white space to their visual design as it makes it look clean, natural, and fresh. Companies that are not putting any particular color based on their nature of service should consider choosing color more strategically to represent the company’s exact tone. Remember to check on little mistakes like typos or broken links that degrade the credibility of the website. This happens due to a lack of attention to detail. Perfection should always be attained. 

Upfront Disclosure 

Transparency is always appreciated and trusted. No one will trust or like a website that hides important information. In other words, users will appreciate it if your site displays all required information instantly without much hassle. Proper navigation, prominently available all contact information and various other information regarding the products, the base rate, the extra charges, and prominently displaying the shipping charges, highlighting the guarantee policies make a website look authentic and genuine. 

The research speaks that a user spends hardly 30-40 seconds on a website, which determines if he/she is willing to buy any product or service from the company. However, information may exceed depending on the type of service. In case of choosing courier service, users will look for expected delivery information along with pricing. The same is in grocery stores; the customers would be willing to get an appropriate time on how quickly the purchased products can be delivered. The use of login walls or gated content does not make a website upfront to its users. For example, people visiting a grocery site would immediately leave the site if there are very many signs up formalities to get an overview of the products on the site. 

F5Studio UI/UX designers created unique design for a Moodja company
Moodja is a 3pl service provider (third-party logistics). See the full presentation

Use Of Comprehensive, Current, and Essentially Correct Content  

A website with detailed information represents expertise and authority. If sites have relevant information and content, it is trusted and appreciated by the users as the user finds that the company is committed to helping its customers. Additionally, the use of images matters to a huge extent; when it comes to proper images, for example, a cleaning company putting up photos of cleanrooms is not only enough. Displaying the entire process of clean through pictures gives trust and proves the quality work of the company. This is because users want to get a complete understanding of how the entire process is executed. They might take pictures of the cleanroom as mere fake and ignore them. 

On the other hand, framing or content should be done strategically. Just putting up flowery words won’t help in getting customers. Complete structured information on the service or the company’s product is essential, or else a customer might not find what’s relevant for them. Proper pictures with testimonials from customers enhance the credibility of the website. For example, if the cleaning service website only keeps pictures of large apartments and corporate places, people may think that the company does not work for small houses. 

Connected To The Rest Of The Web: 

Creating a website with proper information is not enough for earning customers. With the growing dependency of people on social media and other unbiased platforms, customers look for reviews on various sites before considering a company. A website that is isolated and is not found in third party reviews or news outlets is considered to hide something, and users become skeptical. 

People mostly trust external sources more than the website content. Third-party testimonials are preferred, whereas; people prefer products of companies referred by their friends or relatives. Maintaining a proper link to those outside sources stands essential when it comes to online business. 

These four factors are extremely important and have been the stable determining elements for a perfect website for years. Also it’d be best to order professional UI UX design services. If you want a steady profit from your online business, consider all these factors while making your company website

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