How to design and develop digital marketing-oriented websites?

By Roman Berezhnoi May 27, 2021 129 views

How to design and develop digital marketing-oriented websites?

Every website is built to serve a purpose and it is the purpose that shapes the development and structure of every website. The way you develop an online portfolio is different from the way you design a blog. For the purpose of digital marketing, the same principles also apply and the website is also tailored to serve digital marketing purposes. In details, below are the steps on how to design and develop digital marketing oriented websites

Identify your Target Audience

This factor always comes first in the design or development of any website. The question of “who will the website serve” is very important. If you are selling a product or service, you should be considering who you are planning to reach. With the knowledge of your target audience in mind, you have taken the first step to designing or developing your website for digital marketing purposes.

Use a Supportive Platform

The platform you use in designing or developing your website is of utmost importance. Some web designing and web development platforms can be limited in the features they offer. Besides the features they offer, website development and designing platforms can also limit the amount of features you can support. It is best to select a web development or designing platform that offers the necessary internal features and supports the necessary external features you want from your website.

Choose a Related Domain Name

The domain name of your website should reflect your business. Considering that you are building a website for digital marketing related purposes, your domain name should be purposeful, not fancy. It should tell your target audience about your brand. Besides your brand, your domain name can also include your niche. This feature is only important for smaller brands who are yet to establish a commanding online presence. For example, your brand name is “Sigma Signals” and you want to create a domain name. Instead of using Sigma Signals as your domain name, you can use Sigma Signal Digital Marketing.

Consider the Necessary Features

With the knowledge of your target audience in mind, the next thing to consider is how to serve them. Will you be selling products? Will you be offering SaaS? What will the call-to-action be? You need to sincerely answer these questions because they are the factors that will shape the features you will incorporate into your website.

With a supportive website building platform, you can then include these features as you build your digital marketing oriented website. With a supportive web design platform, you can add the Woocommerce SMS Notification plugins to help you manage your product catalogue. Without a supportive website building platform, you may not be able to add the Woocommerce smart coupons feature to your digital marketing oriented website.

Outline the Various Webpages

With the features necessary for your website in place, you can proceed to outlining the different webpages that will house these features. From your home page, contact us, about us and down to every landing page, you should outline which webpage should house which feature. Considering that the website is digital marketing oriented, it will contain multiple landing pages. You should also identify which landing page should contain which product or service.

Test run your Website

Most modern day website development platforms allow you to develop or design your website in real time. This makes it far easier to preview your website. It is important you use this feature to the fullest. If possible, preview your website after every significant step you make. This will help you to quickly identify issues and resolve them. Waiting till you have completed the design or development of your website can make test running your website cumbersome. You will take even more time trying to figure out where the error is from.

Perform Audits and Make Necessary Adjustments

Digital marketing practices are changing every day and you need to stay atop the trend to remain in the competition. The same goes for your digital marketing oriented website. You have to keep doing audits to identify areas that need correction and make the necessary corrections. Different features and different plugins may become outdated or no longer necessary. Without website audits, you will not be able to identify and correct these areas.

The aim of a digital marketing oriented website is to serve a certain aspect of the populace. It can be either B2B or B2C. However, the same set of rules apply. With the following guidelines, you have the necessary rules to guide you.

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